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CagePotato Roundtable #23: What Is Your Favorite (Non-Rocky) Fight Movie of All Time?

(Because if Rocky movies were fair game, this column would just be all of us agreeing that Rocky IV was the greatest movie ever made.)

Since we already made a list of what we consider to be the best fight movies of all time, today we’re here to talk about our personal favorites. Just one small rule: In an attempt to keep this column from quickly degrading into a list of Rocky movies, we agreed that none of them would be eligible for inclusion. What we ended up with is a list containing a few legitimate classics, a few cult favorites, and the formula for a damn good movie night with your fellow fight fans this weekend. At least for those of you who won’t be streaming War MMA’s inaugural event on Saturday night, obviously. Read on for our picks, and please continue to send your ideas for future Roundtable topics to

Ben Goldstein – who is making his triumphant return to the CagePotato Roundtable.

(Rather than pick just one memorable scene, we’ve included the whole documentary.)

John Hyams’s 2002 documentary The Smashing Machine is mainly remembered as a cautionary tale — a hard look at a hard sport, full of broken bodies, drug abuse, and predatory behavior of the physical and emotional varieties. And make no mistake, it should be remembered for all of that. It’s absolutely gut-wrenching to watch the downfall of an incredible talent like Mark Kerr, an alpha male who was utterly chewed up by professional fighting.


Amazing Documentary Alert: Frank Dux Biography ‘Put Up Your Dux’

(Video courtesy of YouTube/frankduxfan)

If you’re a fan of martial arts movies from the 80s, chances are you know who Frank Dux is. For those of you who thought he was just a fictional character played by Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport, think again. He’s real and he’s a dangerous mofo.

Did you know he can punch through bullet proof glass?

How about the fact that he was in the CIA and a Navy Seal?


Ailton Barbosa Wins 60-Man Kumite, Kills Bull to Join Bellator

Effective Fight Picture Tip #28: A little blood goes a long way.


Remember a few weeks ago when we told you that Bellator was holding open tryouts in Florida, and pro fighters could go possibly snag a slot on a Bellator card? No? Well, we did. We left it right here on the front page for you, and we don’t want to hear any more about it.

As Bellator’s own website points out, many of their tournament fighters have been guys from tough local scenes that put together a couple of wins and got promoted to the brackets: Kenny Foster, Tyler Stinson, Anthony Lapsley, and Jose Vega among them.

Well, the open tryouts went down June 18th, just like we told you, and MMAJunkie reports that there was one winner out of a field of sixty. While we cannot confirm that Florida ATT prospect Ailton Barbosa fought and defeated 59 men in open combat, we kind of want to believe it. Barbosa is a grappling ace, judging by all of his Facebook pictures of him in his pajamas, so we assume that he subbed most of them, probably with sweet flying guillotines and cool stuff like that.

We’re also told that he went on to kill a raging bull barehanded with a single strike, then flew away under his own power. That’s right, people: Ailton Barbosa has the deadly knowledge of Dim Mak. And he can fly.

Our condolences to the family of whoever he fights at Bellator 50 in September.



God Damn It: Those Hollywood Sons-of-Bitches Are Remaking ‘Bloodsport’

Bloodsport Jean Claude Van Damme Ray Jackson Frank Dux
(Oh no. They’re going to cast Will Ferrell and Steve Carell, aren’t they.)

Maybe this is a little off-topic, but considering we previously named Bloodsport the #3 fight movie of all time — and the underground “Kumite” tournament depicted in the flick is basically the spiritual godfather of the UFC — you might be interested to know that the 1988 Van Damme classic is being remade for modern times. According to ScreenDaily (via ScreenJunkies), veteran producer Ed Pressman has closed a deal to remake the flick, and has tapped Phillip Noyce (Clear and Present Danger, The Bone Collector, Salt) to direct and Robert Mark Kamen (The Karate Kid, Lethal Weapon 3, The Transporter) to write the screenplay.


The 10 Greatest Fight Movies of All Time

Story of Riki Riki-Oh head crush exploding MMA gifs funny movies
(Just one of the reasons why you should rent “The Story of Ricky” immediately.)

Long before we became obsessed with MMA, martial arts flicks satisfied our thirst for blood. We now pay tribute to the best of the best — and the kickass fight scenes and iconic stars that made these movies so essential. Click the links for video clips, and let us know how you feel in the comments section…


Kickboxer movie poster Jean Claude Van Damme greatest fight movies

10. Kickboxer (1989)

Say what you will about Kickboxer, but it delivers what it promises. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Kurt Sloane, the European-accented brother to an American kickboxing champion (?) who travels to Thailand only to be paralyzed by the vicious Tong Po. It isn’t until Sloane seeks out the wisdom and awesomely unorthodox training of Xian Chow that he is ready to seek revenge in a brutal underground match that features no shortage of broken glass-encrusted fists and long, drawn-out screams.

Best Ass-Kicking: How do you prepare for the fight of your life? By getting drunk and beating up bar patrons while dancing horribly in pleated pants. How else?

Classic Quote: “I tell them you say they no good fighters… and that their mothers have sex with mules.” (Xian Chow)

9. The Legend of Drunken Master aka Drunken Master II (1994)