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New York MMA Legalization Bill Passes Through Another Hoop; May Be For Naught

(“Mr. Reilly, how long will it take for you to produce these documents? It’s been five days already.”)

The bill to regulate MMA in New York State, A04146A, was passed by a margin of 16-3 by a Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development committee vote today and will be passed along for voting by various other departments before a final decision on the matter is made by State Assembly.

Unfortunately for MMA fans in the Empire state, the bill will likely not be pushed through in time for a vote before the current session ends in seven days, meaning it will be back to the drawing board next session.


Bob Reilly Confident Voting On MMA Legislation Won’t Happen This Year in New York


In spite of the passing of a Senate bill last month to lift New York ban of mixed martial arts, the state’s biggest douchebag most vocal opponent Bob Reilly says he’s pretty sure that an Assembly vote on the matter won’t happen until at least 2012.

The bill, which was approved by a 48-12 margin last month by the lower tier of government is expected to pass it’s next vote June 7, pushing it on to state Assembly voting. If it passes another vote after that, the sport could be legalized following a mandatory 90-day waiting period, however that’s a big if, considering it sounds like Reilly is planning on dragging out the process into next year.


New York Senate Votes 42-18 in Favor of Sanctioning Mixed Martial Arts; State Assembly Vote is Now Last Hurdle to Legalization

(“Reach into my back pocket there and take out that envelope marked, ‘Housewarming gift for Senator Robach.’”)

State senators voted 42-18 today in favor of passing a bill that could lead to mixed martial arts being  sanctioned in New York. The bill will now go to the New York State Assembly where a final vote on the matter will be cast by members of the group that includes opposition stalwart Bob Reilly.


Logic Taps Out: Politicians Seek To Ban MMA In Watertown, South Dakota

“30-27, Leonard Garcia”

The latest political maneuverings straight from the Bob Reilly MMA Cock-Blocking For Dummies handbook are coming courtesy of the sleepy town of Watertown, South Dakota. Once again, a knee jerk reaction to emotional appeal has triumphed over common sense to help ban our sport from another city’s stage. While a serious, tragic event has shaped the decision in this case, the actions of Mayor Gary Williams and Watertown City Council are not just an affront to MMA, but to logic itself.

What we know is this: Late in the evening on March 13th, local MMA trainer Jerrin Stulken was involved in a street fight with Justin Jaton. Both men had been drinking in “uptown” Waterford. Jalton was severely injured in the fight, and this past Thursday he died as a result of those injuries. Stulken now faces charges of either second-degree murder or first-degree manslaughter. What we also know, but can’t at all understand, is that entire sport of Mixed Martial Arts has now been put on trial and found guilty by the city’s local government, which has banned promotions from staging events at the city’s event centers while it pursues full-scale prohibition. As you can imagine, we respectfully disagree with their decision.


West Virginia to Regulate MMA

(Watch your back, Bob Reilly. Your evil empire is crumbling before your eyes.)

It looks like just three of the last four hold-out states reluctant to sanction mixed martial arts are left standing with their arms interlocked in protest against the sport. West Virginia has now given in and agreed that MMA is a legitimate sport if regulated properly by a competent commission under the Unified Rules.

With West Virginia now on board, the only three states dragging their collective heels are Connecticut, Vermont and New York, but progress is being made in at least one of those centers. The New York Senate Standing Committee on Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation  passed New York Senate Bill S01707A on March 15 and its expected that the bill will go directly to full Senate as vote, which could mean that the sport could be greenlit in the Empire State before the end of the year.


Bob Reilly’s Opponent for New York State Assembly Close to Conceding Defeat as Mail-In Ballots are Tallied Today

(Video courtesy WNYT-NBC New York)

The vote gap between staunch MMA opponent New York Democrat Assemblyman Bob Reilly and his opponent Jennifer Whalen is widening as State officials total the absentee ballots from last week’s midterm election today.

According to a report, with 44 of the 60 voting districts counted today Reilly’s lead has increased by 91 votes to 522 over his Republican opponent.

Although she hasn’t completely given up hope, Whalen doesn’t seem optimistic that she can recover from such a large hole with only 16 districts left to count.

"I don’t know if I can make up the ground. I’m not going to give up until everything is opened and counted," she said. "I can’t be happier with the fact I’m a newcomer and I almost unseated an incumbent."

Hopefuly Zuffa’s campaign donations to newly-elected Governor Andrew Cuomo weren’t as big of a waste of money as Tito Ortiz’s latest obscene UFC deal.


Oblivious Bob Reilly Retains NY Assembly Seat and Will Try to Cock-Block MMA for at Least Two More Years

(At least we can take comfort in the fact that Vader will eventually throw him overboard off the Death Star.)

It looks like MMA legalization in New York is still going to require a fight to make it a reality. Asshole Democrat Bob Reilly retained his New York State Assembly seat last night by defeating Republican opponent Jennifer Whalen 53.56% to 46.39%.

As you can hear in the interview we conducted with the vehement MMA opposer yesterday, he hasn’t got a fucking clue about MMA or even reality for that matter, so getting him to soften his stance on sanctioning will likely be an uphill battle.

Somebody needs to get ahold of some photos of Bob screwing a goat so we can expedite his resignation.


Bob Reilly is Using His MMA Opposition in NY as His Main Platform for Re-Election

("My war against MMA is more important than the war on drugs and the war on illegal guns.")

New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly once again proved that he is an idiot with a personal agenda against MMA during a debate this week with opposing candidate Jennifer Whalen he participated in yesterday.

While Whalen outlined her priorities for her potential term as assemblywoman which included overhauling the legislature’s ethics policies, reducing unemployment and constructing a small business relief program, Reilly pointed out that his main priority is cock-blocking MMA in the state, explaining that it has become his personal crusade and that he has spent the most time and effort on — even more so than much needed tax relief for the state that his opponent says he has ignored in favor of the axe he is grinding against MMA.

"On a personal level, because what happens in the legislature — you have to shepherd certain bills through, I will be working, as I’ve said, twice already — my forfeeiture of pension bill. I will also be working on the bill — although it is not a bill — I will be working against the bill that would put Ultimate Fighting into this state," Reilly explained, hardly unable to contain his excitement. "Those are a personal effort where I am the lead legislator on those two efforts."

A personal effort, huh? No kidding?


Video: New York MMA Documentary

(Another of NY’s many aspiring criminals)

With states like New York refusing to regulate mixed martial arts, MMA gyms have basically become modern day speakeasies.

It’s in those establishments where fighters not only hone their skills, they also compete in smokers and unsanctioned underground fights which are a by-product of archaic lawmakers who refuse to legitimize the sport.

MMA opponents like Bob Reilly likely look at MMA gyms in the same light as his counterparts in Washington look at Al-Qaeda training camps.

The irony that fighters can legally train to break the law and trainers can supply them with the tools to commit such "crimes" in these locales is head-shakingly ludicrous, yet in 2010 we continue to fight for ordinance of a sport that is in essence, the oldest and purest form of competition known to man.

Our boy, KahL-One, has put together an incredible series of mini-documentaries about the thriving fight community in New York.

Check out episode one after the jump.


Now Bob Reilly’s Just Trying to Piss Everybody Off

(Video courtesy HDNet/InsideMMA)

On tonight’s episode of HDNet’s Inside MMA, the guest panel is shown an inflammatory clip from New York Assemblyman, Bob Reilly, in which the oblivious councillor compares "Ultimate Fighting" to dogfighting and prostitution, and let’s just say the guests are not impressed.

Before we get to that, here’s what Reilly’s latest bout of verbal diarrhea contained:

"Wait! Let’s have dogfighting and make money. We could make money off of dogfighting. We might make more money off of dogfighting than we could make out of human fighting. We certainly could make money off of prostitution as they do in Nevada. We don’t want prostitution here and we don’t want dogfighting here and we don’t want Ultimate Fighting here."