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BodogFight May Be Going Tits Up

(Will the Bodog Girls have to go back to their IT jobs?)

MMAPayout passes along the rumor that BodogFight is on its last legs, after losing a reported $38 million last year:

Most of the company’s employees have been let go, there are no events planned (although they are sponsoring some smaller events), there is no new TV deal, and a recently proposed small budget (with the idea of slowly rebuilding) by Jeff Osborne was turned down.

Does it seem suspicious to you that every fight club Fedor Emelianenko has been involved in has gone out of business? Think about it…

RINGS — dead!
PRIDE — dead!
M-1 Global — dead!
Bodog — dead! (maybe!)

Dear lord, the man destroys everything he touches! Although to be fair, the fact that BodogFight couldn’t hold events in the U.S., maintain a regular events schedule, land a deal with a big-name cable channel, or maintain good relationships with its fighters could have also contributed to its fate. Anyway, we doubt that many of you are huge BF fans, so this isn’t much of a tragedy. But hey, those Bodog Girls are somethin’, am I right?