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Congratulations, Cain Velasquez, You’ve Ruined the Heavyweight Division!

(Cain Velasquez may not kick like Anderson Silva, but his dominance over heavyweight will parallel Silva’s period of dominance over middleweight. / Photo via Getty)

By Matt Saccaro

After the events of UFC 166, the heavyweight division is now the UFC’s least thrilling.

Heavyweight is the new middleweight. That is to say that the heavyweight division under Cain Velasquez‘s brutal, face-rearranging reign will resemble the middleweight division under Anderson Silva during his peak — a boring division where no fighter is a threat to the champ. A division where everybody says, “Meh, who cares about who’s challenging for the heavyweight title? Cain is going to destroy him anyway.”

The only fighter to ever humble Cain Velasquez was Junior Dos Santos. But Dos Santos couldn’t repeat his success. Velasquez wrought terrible vengeance on the Brazilian in the rematch at UFC 155, and then again in the rubber match at UFC 166.

Earlier this year, I predicted that the UFC heavyweight division would become stagnant and dull:

Both men are insanely talented. But that’s the problem — they’re both so talented that the rest of the fighters in the division aren’t a match for them. The only challenge to Velasquez is Dos Santos. The only challenge to Dos Santos is Velasquez.

I was right and wrong.


Boring But Important: Magic Drinks and Teenage Girls


A lot of notable stuff happening this afternoon — none of which is interesting enough to warrant an entire post. Onward…

— HDNet Fights has formed a broadcast partnership with Canadian MMA outfit Hardcore Championship Fighting, and will air three of its events this year, starting with a February 22nd card featuring UFC vet Pete Spratt (17-10) against Ryan Ford (4-0).

— Zuffa has gone to some very shady lengths to rescue Xyience from bankruptcy. As Adam Swift reports on Sherdog, Xyience has stiffed fighters like Matt Serra and Rich Franklin to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, yet Zuffa remains its third-biggest share-holder (through a made-up company named “Bevanda Magica” — Italian for “magic drink”) and its biggest creditor (through another made-up company called “Zyen,” which gave the floundering company an additional $1 million loan last week). Are the Fertittas allowing an inexplicable personal loyalty come in the way of good business? Don’t ask me!

— MMA Agent/M-1 Global exec Monte Cox has convinced Jeremy Horn to use a cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” — sung by a 17-year-old girl — as his entrance music on Saturday. In other words, Horn’s dignity has a price, and Cox was able to match or exceed it.

— MMA Fever has the Fight Science: MMA episode in its entirety.

Nick “The Goat” Thompson has revealed that he’s close to signing with World Victory Road and HCF (see above). He would sign with the UFC, if not for two things: 1) The UFC pays dick. 2) Georges St. Pierre would kick his ass.

— We’re just going to close our eyes for like 15 minutes. Wake us up if we start snoring.


Sugar Gives the Count His Lumps (ZING!!!): UFC 78 Quick Results


[Lightweights] Frankie Edgar def. Spencer Fisher via unanimous decision

[Middleweights] Ed Herman def. Joe Doerksen via K.O. (punch, third round)

[Welterweights] Karo Parisyan def. Ryo Chonan via unanimous decision

[Light heavyweights] Thiago Silva def. Houston Alexander via TKO (punches, first round)

[Light heavyweights, main event] Rashad Evans def. Michael Bisping via split decision

Full report to come tomorrow, but here’s a sneak preview: This was the dullest and most disappointing UFC event I’ve ever seen. And that’s not just sour grapes because my prediction* turned out to be inaccurate. Name me one UFC card in the AF era that was worse than this one.

* If my dream wasn’t a foretelling, what do you think it meant? (There’s no “MMA” entry in my dream dictionary.) I’m open to all (most) suggestions.