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Send Us Your Questions for Dan Henderson’s Edition of Breakfast With a Champion

(The only person who doesn’t like Dan spits at cornermen and says Americans are cocky.)

Since our first offering of Breakfast With a Champion with Strikeforce and K-1 champ Alistair Overeem was such a success, we have set the wheels in motion for subsequent editions of the series, starting with our next one with Strikeforce light heavyweight kingpin Dan Henderson.

Just like last time, we’re asking for your input on what questions you want answered as well as any suggestions for future guests for the column. The only criteria be that they be current or retired champions. Again, we ask that you keep your questions for Hendo respectful, but really, how would they not be?

In the meantime, check out some highlights featuring the man himself courtesy of MachineMen after the jump for inspiration.


Breakfast With a Champion, Featuring Alistair Overeem

(“You kick one little girl at a birthday party and nobody ever lets you live it down.”)

In an effort to constantly increase and improve our interactive offerings to the Potato Nation, we’ve come up with a new concept for a series of ongoing articles that will give our readers the opportunity to interact with some of MMA’s biggest stars.

We dubbed the series, “Breakfast With a Champion,” because we will be posting them early in the morning for you to read and because the concept is that you send us your questions for various titleholders and we forward them and post the replies here when we get them back.

The beauty of it is that you get to ask questions that typically don’t get asked by journalists and you get to contribute to the content you want to read in one of two ways: By posting questions for future guests and by suggesting which champs you want to take your questions.

We’ll do our best to get in touch with as many of them as we can and to answer as many of your questions as possible. All we ask is that you keep your questions respectful and that you spread the word about the series.

So without further adieu, check the first instalment of Breakfast With a Champion, featuring Alistair Overeem after the jump.