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Brett Rogers Will Be In Court Today to Try to Prove That His Wife, Neighbor and Kids Are All Lying About Him Being a Piece of Sh*t

(If you didn’t hit her, explain what happened to her eyebrows then, smart guy.)

Brett Rogers will appear in Dakota County District court today in Minnesota where he will attempt to explain to the jury in the case that everyone who saw him drunkenly beating the shit out of his wife is full of BS.

You may recall that “The Grim” was picked up at his Apple Valley home and charged with multiple domestic assault-related  felonies back in July after a neighbor called police after witnessing the heavy-handed former Strikeforce heavyweight using his wife’s face as a focus mitt.

According to the police report, the witness stated that he looked out his window and saw Rogers standing over top of his wife in their backyard punching her in the head repeatedly. After the attack, the neighbor says he saw the victim get up and that she was bleeding and missing a tooth. Rogers nine and 10-year-old daughters told another neightbor and officers who attended the scene that they witnessed the assault, which they said wasn’t a one-time occurrence, and their account of the attack matched the other witness’. When officers located Mrs. Rogers a short time later she denied the attack at first, but soon admitted what had happened.


MMA Video Tribute: Alistair Overeem’s 10 Greatest Knockouts

(Don’t feel bad, Todd — that’s still 18 more seconds than we would have lasted.)

After four years of whipping heavyweights around the world, Alistair Overeem has finally signed with the UFC, and will fight Brock Lesnar on December 30th. (*Pause for happy-dance*) Though Overeem has more submission victories on his MMA record than knockouts (19 compared to 14), the Demolition Man has become infamous for the destructive power of his fists and knees — which he’s also showcased to brutal effect during his parallel career in K-1. So in honor of his new gig as a UFC fighter, we decided to rank our ten favorite Alistair Overeem knockouts of all time. Enjoy, and let us know your personal favorite in the comments section…

#10: Alistair Overeem vs. Lee Tae-Hyun
DREAM.4, 6/15/08

Overeem got an easy draw for his DREAM debut — South Korean ssireum wrestler Lee Tae-Hyun, who came into the fight with a 1-1 MMA record. Thirty-six seconds later, Tae-Hyun had a 1-2 record and a fresh concussion.

#9: Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers
Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery, 5/15/10

In his first Strikeforce heavyweight title defense in two-and-a-half years, Overeem completely outclassed the Grim, ragdolling him just part the one-minute mark, then smashing Rogers with ground-and-pound until the challenger crumbled.


Brett Rogers Speaks Out on Arrest and Announces His Next Bout

(Video courtesy of Zombie Prophet)

Two months after his arrest following a domestic disturbance in his home, Brett Rogers is ready to face the public. On last night’s episode of Inside MMA, “The Grim” sat down with Ron Kruck to discuss the case and announce his upcoming bout. Rogers will step into a Dakota County District Court on September 13th to face felony charges of third degree assault, terroristic threats, and harassment and stalking. The now-happy couple seems ready to move on with their lives.

Brett Rogers: “I was told not to go in to details. The situation that occurred, it happened, and it was more of a misunderstanding when I look at it. The papers can write whatever [ed. note: Awesome! Thanks, Brett]. But we still are going through the legal process.”

Tiuana Rogers: “We’d just rather move forward and be positive.”

In keeping with the ‘staying positive’ them, Rogers’ attorney likes their chances as they head into court.


Brett Rogers’ Domestic Assault Case Could Be Settled Before Set September 13 Trial Date

(“This? Oh, this isn’t assault; it’s a show of affection where I come from.”)

In spite of the fact that a jury trial date been set for former Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers for 8:30 a.m. on September 13 in Dakota County District Court where he will answer to charges of beating his wife in front of their two children, it’s possible that the case could be settled next month.


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And Now He’s Fired and Nobody is Complaining…Brett Rogers

(“What do you mean this is the judge and jury?)

Well, it didn’t take long for the other shoe to drop for Brett Rogers.

Hours after being arrested on multiple felonious domestic assault-related charges, former tire-changer Brett Rogers may have to go back to Sam’s Club to beg for his job back after he gets out of jail as Zuffa has terminated his Strikeforce contract.

According to MMAJunkie, UFC president Dana White announced the firing following today’s UFC 132 press conference. Usually when charges like this are laid, we wait to pass judgment until the facts of the case come out, but considering the fact that Rogers kids have told police that he hit them as well and that they witnessed the entire assault on their mother, knowing that young children rarely lie to authority figures to GET their parents into trouble, the case seems pretty cut and dry.


Brett Rogers Charged With Multiple Felonies After Alleged Wife-Beating Incident [UPDATED]

Brett Rogers arrested mugshot mug shot front MMA arrests domestic assault Strikeforce photosBrett Rogers arrested mugshot mug shot side MMA arrests domestic assault Strikeforce photos
(Click mugshots for larger versions.)

The losing streak continues for Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers. Less than two weeks after being choked out by Josh Barnett at “Overeem vs. Werdum”, the Grim was arrested yesterday for allegedly beating the crap out of his wife in front of their daughter. (via CagePotato reader Jerry T.) has the report…

DAKOTA COUNTY, Minn. – Major-league Mixed Martial Artist and Apple Valley, Minn. resident Brett Rogers was arrested and jailed in connection with assaulting his wife Wednesday in their south metro home. She was reportedly strangled, punched repeatedly in the head and face and lost a tooth in the struggle.

Brett Charles Rogers, 30, has been charged with assault in the third degree, domestic assault by strangulation and pattern of stalking conduct — all felonies — in Dakota County. He was also charged with endangerment of a child, a gross misdameanor.


Werdum Says Overeem Didn’t Beat Him, He Beat Himself

(Clash of styles = boring fight)

Fabricio Werdum has finally responded to Alistair Overeem’s claims that he should be ashamed of his performance on Saturday night in their Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix quarterfinal match-up. According to Vai Cavalo, Overeem didn’t beat him; he lost the bout on his own by not listening to his corner and instead attempting time and time again to coax “The Demolition Man” into his guard.

“I don’t believe he won, I lost to myself. I could’ve won. The feeling I’m having now is worse than if he has smashed me up and if he was way better than me on the three rounds, winning with a large advantage,” he told TATAME today. “The guys is good, alright, so I’d have to keep my head down and train more. But it wasn’t like that and that made me choked. It was a [mediocre] bout, the fans expected much more, but he didn’t want to the ground at any cost.”


Josh Barnett Considers His Performance Against Rogers ‘Perfect’, All Things Considered

(Props: Ariel Helwani)

You know what, it was not the most exciting, but in terms of from where I was at, it was perfect. Basically, I put him on ground, and after I started feeling him out, feeling his energy underneath me, I knew that he had a lot of umph, he had a lot of guts, he had a lot of gusto, so any opening, any transition, any big movement, it was going to be met by a lot of explosive force.

We could then end up in some scrambles, spend energy I don’t want to, it’s unnecessary, so instead, get him bucking, get him using that energy. And I have quite heavy hips, which is a very common staple of catch-as-catch-can [wrestling], wearing people out — not just with strikes or submissions or holds — but with your overall body positioning.


‘Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum’ Aftermath — All We Know Is That We Don’t Know

Yeah, we were praying for something to happen in that fight, too.

Heading into last night’s Strikeforce card, there were a lot of potential storylines. There was Werdum continuing to clean out Strikeforce’s heavyweight division. There was Overeem avenging his loss to Werdum five years ago in devastating fashion. There were the returns to relevance of Josh Barnett and Jeff Monson, the rise of Daniel Cormier and “Othereem” getting the fans to learn his name. Yet after the event was over, the most compelling thing we can take from it is that Dallas has some educated MMA fans. While your average Affliction clad meathead was booing from the start of Cormier vs. Monson until the end of the night, Dallas fans only booed during Overeem vs. Werdum.

Normally I hate when fans boo fighters, but to say Overeem vs. Werdum was boo-worthy doesn’t begin to capture what a disappointment the main event was. We expected fireworks, and instead were given an even less relevant version of Silva vs. Leites (at least that fight was for a title). If that fight was under the UFC banner, Dana White would have immediately issued an apology to the fans and a threat to fire Werdum over another performance like that. To say the least, Werdum’s chances of getting back into the UFC were more than likely squashed by that fight three round Thales Leites impression.