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What Have You Done to Bud Light, Brock Lesnar?

Brock Lesnar Bud Light UFC 100
(Well done, Fightlinker.)

Last night a friend of mine sent me this disturbing report about a downward trend in sales for Bud Light, suggesting that the company might post its first annual sales decline in its 27-year history.  The authors of this article seem to think it’s the wordsmiths behind the “Drinkability” campaign that are responsible, but we know better.  Obviously this is the work of Brock Lesnar.  His anti-Bud Light tirade at UFC 100 (and subsequent pseudo-apology) has clearly turned the American consumer against the brewer, despite Barack Obama’s best efforts.

Hope you’re happy, Lesnar.  With great power comes great responsibility, no matter how effective your choice of chest tattoo is at letting people know that you are not to be viewed as a role model under any circumstances.  Though we should probably just be glad that he didn’t go off on a rant about Condom Depot.  The last thing we need during a recession is an outbreak of Chlamydia and babies.