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Cutting Through The Bullsh*t: UFC 182 Edition

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After an abundance of trash talk, a pre-fight press conference brawl, asking pussies if they’re still there, technical breakdowns, and moving betting lines, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier duked it out for five rounds in an early “Fight of the Year” candidate, which went exactly how most of us thought it would. The main card of UFC 182, however, was pretty putrid.

Our excitement was at an all-time high, which is rare nowadays when it comes to MMA in general. This truly felt like 2008 all over again, but sometimes, we rely on nostalgia to compare upcoming fight cards that may or may not be worth viewing live.

Nevertheless, Jones vs. Cormier lived up to the billing, as both light heavyweights engaged in a dogfight at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV., this past Saturday night.


Travis Browne vs. Brendan Schaub Added to UFC 181 in December

(I just went on Schaub’s twitter page to grab a recent photo of him. What I found…changed everything.)

UFC 181 (December 6th, Las Vegas) is already slated to feature Chris Weidman‘s middleweight title defense against Vitor Belfort, and a lightweight title fight between Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez. If the UFC didn’t add a single other fight to this card, we would still begrudgingly hand over our money. (Don’t get any ideas, guys.) But luckily, a supporting bout between heavyweights Travis Browne and Brendan Schaub was just added today.

Browne most recently got his ass handed to him by Fabricio Werdum, who outstruck “Hapa” to a clear-cut unanimous decision victory at UFC on FOX 11 back in April. The loss snapped a streak of three consecutive first-round knockout wins for Browne, which he earned against Gabriel Gonzaga, Alistair Overeem, and Josh Barnett.

Schaub is coming off his own decision loss to Andrei Arlovski at UFC 174 in June — a fight so boring that they both should have lost. Before the Arlovski defeat, Schaub became the first UFC heavyweight to finish a fight by D’Arce choke, when he submitted Matt Mitrione at UFC 165.


VIDEO: Bruce Buffer Introduces Michael Bisping and His Wife at Their Wedding, As Only Bruce Buffer Can

(Props: Rick J. Lee)

UFC veteran Michael Bisping married his longtime girlfriend Rebecca Sidwick in California last weekend and got Veteran Voice of the Octagon™ Bruce Buffer to introduce the couple after the ceremony. True to form, Buffer sells the hell out of the script. (“…entering the true fighting arena of champions called MARRIAGE”…”as they walk down the AISLE of LOVE, FOREVERRRR…”)

Your move, Jill and Kevin.


Michael Buffer and Bruce Buffer Profiled on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ [Video Preview]

(“There was a writer that did a story, and he said ‘Michael’s like a fine bottle of Bordeaux, and Bruce is like a shot of Jack Daniels.’ And I love that.” Props: HBO Sports)

Tomorrow’s episode of Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel will include a segment on the two most recognizable voices in combat sports — who just happen to be half-brothers. Boxing announcer Michael Buffer and the UFC’s “Veteran Voice of the Octagon” Bruce Buffer didn’t meet each other until adulthood, but went on to develop a very unique and successful business partnership. Check out a preview of Tuesday’s Real Sports feature above, and tune in tomorrow if you can about that sort of thing.


Fear the Fighter Caption Contest #2: And the Winner Is…

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Thanks to everybody who entered last week’s Buff-tacular Fear the Fighter caption contest! Before we reveal who won a Combat Line t-shirt of his/her choice courtesy of Fear the Fighter, check out a few honorable mentions that almost made the cut, from Thursday’s post and the Facebook thread

El Drizzle: Bruce Buffer: the original “Uncle Creepy.”

Jenn Baird: At least this one acknowledges that I even exist.

Brad White: So that’s the guy who bought my T-shirt!

Rudy Rosado: IT’S TIME!!!!!! . . . . . for a threesome.

Scott Butler: Joke’s on Arianny. I am wearing Brittney Palmer underwear.

And the winner is…


Fear the Fighter Caption Contest #2: Bruce Buffer, Dangerously Obsessed Fan

(FTF’s Wrestling tee. Check out the rest of their Combat Line shirts here.)

As promised, we’re giving you another chance to win a Combat Line t-shirt from our good friends at Fear the Fighter. Want to tell the world that your style is the strongest? Then listen up…

After the jump, you’ll find a picture of Veteran Voice of the Octagon™ Bruce Buffer, making it clear where he stands in the Arianny vs. Brittney debate. Submit a clever photo-caption to the comments section of this post by Sunday night at midnight PT. We’ll select one winner on Monday, who will receive a Combat Line shirt of his/her choice. Any questions, let us know in the comments section. Good luck.


UFC on FX 8 Fight-Picking Contest: And the Winners Are…

Thanks to everybody who entered our UFC on FX 8 fight-picking contest, brought to you by It’s Time! My 360° View of the UFC. Though nobody specifically predicted that Belfort vs. Rockhold would be decided by a spinning hook kick halfway through the first round, there were a bunch of CP fight-pickers who correctly guessed that Vitor Belfort would make short work of the the former Strikeforce champ. The two closest entries were…

fulltimekilla: Belfort via TKO at 3:12 of Round 1 (40 seconds away from actual time of stoppage)
kuckleup101.2: Belfort def. Rockhold via TKO, 3:31 of round 1 (59 seconds away from actual time of stoppage)

If your name has been called, please send your real names and mailing addresses to, and we’ll send out your autographed copies of Bruce Buffer’s new book right away. As for the rest of you, feel free to actually buy a copy of the book right here.

And hey, we also have some other contest business to discuss. Last week, we promised a t-shirt to the person who could come up with the best fake rule for Nick Diaz’s new MMA promotion. The competition was fast and furious, and after sifting through the entries, we’ve decided to hand out CagePotato t-shirts to three winners. They are…


Alpha Male on the Mic: Bruce Buffer’s Autobiography ‘It’s Time’ Tells the Story of ‘Big Cheers and No Fears’

(Why there’s no Hallmark card-esque recording of Buffer shouting his trademarked catchphrase when you open the front cover is beyond me.)

By Jason Moles

From prologue to epilogue, It’s Time! My 360° View of the UFC is a highly entertaining story of BSC: Balls, Skill, and Confidence. From his early childhood in Pennsylvania to his global fame as “The Veteran Voice of the Octagon,” Bruce Buffer‘s success is a direct result of those three things. Without that braggadocious trifecta, I can’t imagine we’d enjoy the same high-octane fighter introductions we do now. Between the hardback covers, you’re treated to an inside look at how Buffer was first introduced to the UFC, what happened when he realized he had a long, lost half-brother who turned out to be famed boxing announcer Michael Buffer, and the brawls that happened outside of the Octagon.

Most fight fans will pick up a copy of this book for one of two reasons, either because they’re a huge Bruce Buffer fan, or they have a particular fondness for any and all backstage dirt and behind-the-scenes access they can get, such as the time Bruce threatened to “beat the living hell” out of a fan. (That’s on page 183, by the way.) If you happen to fit into both categories, boy are you in luck. Buffer’s storytelling style, combined with the fact that you can’t help but read every word in his famous voice, is reminiscent of throwing back a few cold ones with an old friend as you catch up on the highlights of life since you last saw one another.

Of the two dozen chapters, five are dedicated to fighters, one to UFC President Dana White, and one to all the girls he’s loved before. The rest of the autobiography covers his family, early career, what it’s like to be the VVotO™ in general. While I can appreciate Buffer’s desire to communicate his deep love for his family and close friends, I was more excited to hear about the infamous brawl involving Tito Ortiz and Lee Murray and what it was like to find kickboxer Pat Smith “on his knees, tearing up and making sounds like a wounded banshee” after being cold-cocked upon exiting the elevator by one of Tank Abbott’s goons cornermen.


Serious Question: Would Any of You Actually Read Bruce Buffer’s Autobiography?

(Already, Bruce? But you have so much more living to do…)

From Chuck Liddell to Matt Hughes to Forrest Griffin, we’ve seen plenty of UFC legends share their life stories in published autobiographies. But for the first time, one of the UFC’s peripheral characters is releasing a tell-all. Unfortunately, it’s not Joe Rogan, who definitely should write an autobiography someday, or Burt Watson, who probably knows more inside-dirt than anybody. No, it’s actually Veteran Voice of the Octagon™ Bruce Buffer, whose book — It’s Time!: My 360-Degree View of the UFC — will be released on May 14th. So, is anyone interested in hearing the rags-to-riches story of the guy who introduces UFC fights? Allow Bruce to give you the hard sell (book description via

If you’re reading these words, chances are that you, like me, are a fan of the great sport we call MMA.*

And if you’re a fan, then you probably recognize my face.

Yeah, that’s right — I’m that guy you see at every UFC match, spinning around and roaring into the microphone and getting up in fighters’ grills.

Okay, so I might not be the most subtle or refined announcer in the business. But I hope I communicate my passion for the sport in a way no other announcer does.

I’ll say it again: Passion. Because that’s what this book is about.


Corn Nuts Are the Official Corn ‘Nut Sack’ of the UFC, According to Bruce Buffer [VIDEO]

(Sadly, this was the only interesting moment of the Lawlor vs. Carmont fight. Props: ybrekyert via Reddit MMA)

Even the suavest sons-of-bitches occasionally make mistakes. UFC cage-announcer Bruce Buffer — the sharply-dressed Trigg-abusing card-shark who has long showcased his golden throat and trademarked catchphrases as the “Veteran Voice of the Octagon” — made quite a verbal boner during the main card of UFC 154 on Saturday. Honestly, it’s not his fault. When your product slogan includes the phrase “nut snack,” you’re setting yourself up for unfortunate accidents.

Prediction: Following his triumphant performance as the ShockmasterTom Lawlor will show up to his next UFC weigh-in appearance as a corn nut-sack.