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The Trailer For the Next Great MMA Movie, Brutal, Features WWE-Style Clotheslines, Eye-Gouging, and Exposed Bones


Let’s face it, there will probably never be a truly great “MMA” movie. Quote unquote “movie-going audiences” (and therefore, the studios that fund these films) don’t give two shits about accurately representing the sport, nor do they care to explore any aspect of MMA other than the fighting itself. To these people, MMA is a spectacle in need of exploiting: take your Karate Kid premise, switch out Ralph Macchio for a couple greased up Abercrombie models, and throw in as many Superman punches as humanly possible. Cut. Print. Never Back Down

Whether its because the filmmakers involved in these movies simply lack any understanding of what mixed martial arts actually is, or because the sport has a tendency to attract the type of dude-bro, mouth-breathing clods that helped make Transformers 4 a success, MMA in film is all but destined to a life of insultingly misrepresentative, focus-grouped tripe like Here Comes the Boom and Hector Echavarria straight-to-DVDs starring actual mixed martial artists. I honestly don’t know which is worse. 

And then, there’s Brutal, an upcoming MMA movie that appears to be equal parts Shutter Island and a wet fart (Sharter Island?). If the trailer you’re about to witness is any indication, Brutal should set MMA back 15 years at the minimum.


Brutal KO of the Day: Major Overall Destroys Bruno Pucci via Soccer Kick at OneFC 16 [GIF]

(Props: @ZombieProphet)

This little bit of savagery just went down at OneFC 16: Honor and Glory in Singapore, where a featherweight prospect named Major “Majee” Overall knocked out Bruno Pucci ice-cold with a soccer-kick to the face. PRIDE-style soccer kicks have been legal in OneFC since September 2012, following the controversial outcome of Andrei Arlovski vs. Tim Sylvia 4.

Note: Ben Askren will be making his promotional debut in the main event of today’s OneFC card, which is still going on at the time of this writing. Askren is fighting a guy named Bakhtiyar Abbasov. We’ll update this post if anything GIF-worthy happens. UPDATE: Askren subbed that dude with an arm-triangle choke in the first round.


Knockout of the Day: The Falling Tree/Matrix Hybrid of Doom

(Anyone got some chalk?) 

We’ve been watching people get knocked out for a long time, Potato Nation. So long, in fact, that it’s gotten to the point where we’ve begun to categorize these knockouts according to the manner in which a fighter’s lifeless body crumbles to the canvas. Is it insensitive, wrong, and perhaps a little too dark? Sure, but if you were worried about sensitivity and other womanly issues, you probably wouldn’t be here. And that’s why we love you as much as two heterosexual sadists can possibly love one another.

But be warned, the knockout that occurred last weekend at Stichting MMA Nederland, in a fight between Wiebe Brouwer and Nick Gorissen, is perhaps the oddest physical reaction to a knockout that we have ever seen, combining the falling tree knockout with Stefan Struve’s Matrix-esque routine against Travis Browne at UFC 130. It will forever change your outlook on the game (?) of limbo, and may cause simultaneous bouts of hysterical laughter and horrified nausea. It did for the CP interns we forced to watch it on a 24 hour loop, anyway.

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