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FoodPotato: The 16 Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces and Their UFC Fighter Equivalents

(Believe it or not, this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s just one of those things that happens when it’s a slow news week and you’re desperate.)

By Ben Goldstein

If you’re a UFC fan who doesn’t live in a densely-populated urban area with multiple sports-bar options within walking distance, chances are you’ve spent some time in a Buffalo Wild Wings, since it’s one of the only chain restaurants that reliably shows UFC events. The food is almost beside the point, though BWW is known for its wings (obviously) and the 16 signature sauces you can put on them.

So as a tribute to everyone who’s ever waited an hour-and-a-half for a table at B-Dubs because you’re too cheap to order a pay-per-view at home, I humbly present one of the dumbest list ideas I’ve ever come up with. Ladies and gentlemen, here are the 16 Buffalo Wild Wings wing sauces and their UFC fighter equivalents. Just be grateful I didn’t arrange this in slideshow format.

Sweet BBQ
BWW description: “Traditional BBQ sauce: Satisfyingly sweet.”
UFC fighter equivalent: Non-threatening and vaguely Southern? I’m gonna go with Jessamyn Duke — but only because Bubba McDaniel isn’t on the UFC roster anymore.

BWW description: “Terrifically tasty Teriyaki sauce.”
UFC fighter equivalent: Takeya Mizugaki. He’s Japanese, he’s consistently good, but he’s not going to blow anybody’s mind, flavor-wise.

BWW description: “Classic wing sauce: High flavor, low heat.”
UFC fighter equivalent: Gleison Tibau, a guy who never made a major impact in the UFC and yet is tied for the most victories in UFC lightweight history. How the hell did that happen? Like mild sauce, he’s just always been around.


Now This Looks Like a Fun Friday Night

Don’t even front like you wouldn’t want to hang out at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Orlando with Matt Hughes and Matt Lindland, because you would.  There’s no better place to be this Friday night to eat some wings, drink a couple brews, and talk about the current state of the Republican party.  You could even tell Lindland and Hughes what time you woke up that morning, just so they could both assure you that they’d already been up for hours by then, getting shit done.

Hughes says on his blog that he’s running down to Florida to do this quick little promotional joint, then he has to “hurry up and come home so I can watch my buddy Chuck fight.”  Hughes’ own long-awaited grudge match with Matt Serra is just a little over a month away and he says he’s been pushing himself hard in training.  At the moment oddsmakers have him pegged as a heavy favorite at around -250, depending on the source.  That seems just a little high considering he’s coming off two straight losses, but Serra has only fought twice in the last two years, so he’s either really rested or really rusty.

After the jump, Hughes shows us what they do for fun in his neck of the woods.