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Video: Andrei Arlovski Is The Best Bully Beater Ever

I think if I was “Big Nasty” and I had agreed to go on “Bully Beatdown,” I might allow myself a solemn moment of self-pity when they announced that I’d be facing Andrei Arlovski.  If he saw season one of the show, this bully was probably expecting some mediocre heavyweight, maybe someone with a record barely above .500.  He certainly could not have been expecting a former UFC heavyweight champ, but dammit, Arlovski heard those victims’ tales of bullying woe, and he came to help.

If you’re wondering how authentic this stuff is, you should check out the October issue of Fight Magazine, where editor Donovan Craig goes behind the scenes of this show and watches the Arlovski beatdown live.  After getting KO’d in a little over thirty seconds, this bully seemed, shall we say, humbled.  As the doctors checked him out backstage and the show’s producers questioned him about his experience, he summed it up thusly:

“Ya’ll are mean, dawg. …When I heard them say Andrei Arlovski…I thought it was a joke. …That was fucked up.”

Yes, Big Nasty.  From your perspective, it must have seemed so.  From ours, it was quality entertainment.