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[VIDEO] So Chris Weidman’s Older Brother Sounds Like a Really Nice Guy

(Props: Bobby Razak via r/MMA.)

Chris Weidman and I have a lot in common. We’re both the second of three children, we’re both from New York…OK, so maybe we don’t have a lot in common, but as middle children, we’re both prone to feelings of neglect, isolation, and underappreciation from those closest to us.

They call it Middle Child Syndrome, and it ranks right up there with Restless Leg Syndrome on the list of completely made up afflictions. But where I was lucky enough to grow up with an older brother who would only kick my ass when I rightfully deserved it (Christmas, birthday, bar mitzvah, etc.), it seems that Weidman’s older brother was less a neglectful-yet-guiding figure in his upbringing and more a bitter, sociopathic sicko hell bent on ensuring his misery.

Listening to Weidman recount some of the more horrific beatings he endured at the hands of his brother — which included having a weight thrown at his head, being dropped from a tree and getting stomped by his brother’s friends on “Freshman Friday” — is sickening to say the least. Perhaps even sadder than the fact that many of these beatings ended in Weidman being hospitalized, however, was the following admission:

My brother definitely had a history of beating me up and abusing me. He was a badass dude…If he had your back, you didn’t have to worry about a thing…unfortunately for me, he didn’t have my back a lot growing up. I guess he didn’t like me that much, so he’d beat the crap out of me and made other people beat me up. 


Old and Busted: Bully Beatdown, New Hotness: Punk Payback?

By Jason Moles

To paraphrase a bit of legendary cinema, Bas Rutten’s new TV show is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever seen. At no point in the rambling, incoherent episode was El Guapo even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who tuned in is now dumber for having watched it. I award this show no points, and may God have mercy on Bas’s soul.

Former UFC heavyweight champion turned TV show host, Bas Rutten, has a new show out on Fuel TV titled Punk Payback, which is somewhat odd considering none of the law-breaking punks actually get their comeuppance like they do on Bully Beatdown. So that’s strike one, right there: blatant false advertising.


Your Daily Dose of Awesome: New Trailer for Bas Rutten’s “Punk Payback”

(Props to IronForgesIron.) 

For those of you who heard about Bas Rutten’s new series launching on FUELTV and thought it was some sort of Bully Beatdown rip off, then this new teaser trailer should ease you worries. Described as a “comedic, street fight survival series,” Punk Payback premiers Nov 2nd and from what I gathered is entirely devoted to continuing the awesomeness that we have been devoid of since “El Guapo” released his series of self defense videos. It’s safe to say that nothing has made me want a 3D television more than the possibility of seeing Mr. Rutten kick some 17 year old kid in the balls.

Check out an extended preview of the show after the jump.


Video: Watch Jeremy Horn Give a Bully Named ‘Truck’ a Beatdown

(Video courtesy YouTube/ClashofMyAssinYaMind/MTV)

I admit that I haven’t  watched many episodes of Bully Beatdown, mostly because the first episode I caught during the first season that saw the bully beat the regional fighter he squared off against. It ruined it for me. It was a misnomer consdidering the bully didn’t get beat down, kind of like Dancing with the Stars which doesn’t feature anyone most peope would consider a star and what they’re doing on the show doesn’t really resemble dancing. False advertising, in my opinion.

Well, I happened to be flipping through the channels on my satellite receiver on Thursday when I stumbled across the episode above featuring Jeremy Horn, so I left it on MTV and watched the show all the way through.

I wasn’t disappointed.


Hot Potato: ‘Bully Beatdown’ Ring Girl Kathleen Tesori

Kathleen Tesori fitness model Bully Beatdown MMA ring girl MTV photo gallery photos

Kathleen Tesori fitness model Bully Beatdown ring girl MTV photo gallery photos Kathleen Tesori fitness model Bully Beatdown ring girl MTV photo gallery photos ass Kathleen Tesori fitness model Bully Beatdown ring girl MTV photo gallery photos bikini Kathleen Tesori fitness model Bully Beatdown ring girl MTV photo gallery photos

Props to our buddies at TheCageDoctors for turning us on to Kathleen Tesori, a fitness competitor and spokesmodel from Salt Lake City who can currently be seen as a ring girl on MTV’s Bully Beatdown. Get to know Kathleen better on her website, and follow her updates on Twitter. And if you really want to be a pal, you can vote for her in the 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel search.

After the jump: More hot photos, and a Muscle and Fitness video shoot that gives us a workout just watching it…


Jason Miller’s Next Fight Is…Tonight on ‘Bully Beatdown’

As Jason "Mayhem" Miller so loudly reminded us last week, the third season of MTV’s Bully Beatdown premieres November 4th. That’s tonight, guys. And they’re bringing out the big guns early — for the first time in the series, Miller will actually be fighting one of the bullies himself. (No, it’s not Nick Diaz.) As he told MMAGospel: "November 4 is the episode I fight. This wasn’t the plan originally but it came out so good that MTV decided to have it as the premiere episode. It’s on at 11pm EST. [Fans are] gonna see the biggest douche ever get beat the hell up by the coolest fighter ever."

Wait…so is Mayhem the "coolest fighter" or the "biggest douche"? I guess we’ll have to tune in and find out! As for the rest of the season, guest fighters include Eddie Alvarez, Tyron Woodley, Jeremy Horn, Nick "Afrozilla" Gaston, and Michelle "The Karate Hottie" Waterson. You can catch glimpses of them in the video trailer above. We can’t wait for the season finale, in which a chubby male nurse enlists the help of Georges St. Pierre to get revenge on the dye-jobbed asshole who’s been harassing him at work. It gets better, Brad!


Exclusive Interview: Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Calls Nick Diaz a Bitch, Discusses ‘Bully Beatdown’ and Brock Lesnar

Ruben Vera catches up with Jason Mayhem Miller – Watch more Funny Videos

CagePotato’s West Coast Correspondent Ruben Vera recently got some time with Strikeforce/DREAM star Jason Miller, and if there’s one thing you should take away from this interview, it’s that BULLY BEATDOWN RETURNS NOVEMBER 4TH!!! Okay, now that the shameless plug is out of the way, we can get down to business. Mayhem is rather upset that Nick Diaz has the gall to talk shit and throw water bottles at him backstage after Strikeforce events, but won’t step up to fight him in front of a paying audience. He also runs down his DREAM.16 fight against Kazushi Sakuraba, his recent trip to Brazil, bringing MMA to a new audience with Bully Beatdown, and UFC 121‘s marquee matchups. Some highlights…

On Nick Diaz: "Man, this guy’s a paper champion, get out of here with this. What the hell? So he beat up a 155-pound KJ Noons, and ‘ohhh, you gotta come down to 170, bro.’ Get out of here! Like, okay, what exactly does that mean? The only fight anyone wants to see is me and Nick Diaz. Outside of the UFC, that’s the only fight that people are talking about, here in America. I’m sorry, that’s how it is. You broke it off, you jumped me. You did it, you asked for it, you talked about, for years, guys with painted hair who bark at themselves. Who are you talking about? You didn’t call out names. I’m calling out names! Nick Diaz is a bitch…he wants it, but he doesn’t. ‘Oh, come to my gym and fight me.’ Come to your gym and fight you? Really? That’s what you’re saying now? Get out of here, man. Step in the cage and fight me, you know? It’s ridiculous."


Exclusive: Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Discusses Tim Stout, Competing With King Mo’s Entrance + More

LayzieTheSavage with Jason Mayhem Miller – Watch more Funny Videos

When news came out yesterday that Jason "Mayhem" Miller was booked to fight a local banger named Tim Stout at Strikeforce: Nashville on less than two weeks notice, we wondered how the outspoken middleweight felt about it. So, we sent our video editor friend LayzieTheSavage out to Reign Training Center in Orange County to ask him a few questions. In this exclusive video interview, Miller gives his thoughts on his "country boy" opponent, and why he’ll enjoy smashing Stout in the dude’s hometown. He also discusses the challenge of being on the same card as Muhammed Lawal, and what it’ll take to outdo King Mo’s ring entrance. Plus, he tells us a little about the upcoming third season of Bully Beatdown, which he describes as "the most long-lasting show on MTV." So we’re not even going to pretend that The Real World exists anymore, huh?


Exclusive: Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Talks Twitter, Video Games, and Beating the Piss Out of Jake Shields

Jason Miller Bully Beatdown MTV MMA
(Don’t look him in the eyes unless you want two handfuls of poop thrown at you. Photo courtesy of MTV.)

A year ago, Jason Miller was just another fighter with colorful hair and ridiculous ring entrances. Now, he’s the host of a hit MTV series, a video game character, a budding actor, and a frequent target of loose women. We chatted with Mayhem yesterday about his vida loca, as well as his (possibly) upcoming fight with Jake Shields in Strikeforce. As usual, Mayhem did not disappoint…


CAGEPOTATO.COM: Hey Jason, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me. What have you been up to this week?
MILLER: Come on man, check my Twitter, what’s wrong with you! I’ve been at EA Sports in Orlando getting bitmapped into their machine so that I appear as myself in their video game, doing the moves that I do and making the sounds that I make when I get hit, which was really funny.

Why do you love Twitter so much? You seem to be obsessed with it.
Yeah, Twitter kicks ass because it gives me an outlet for all the crazy thoughts that constantly pop into my head, and if I can share those and get the rest of America on my wavelength, then I guess I’m doing my part.

Bully Beatdown is now in its second season. I love the show, but do you ever want to say to these bullied people, “Hey, grow a pair, and learn to defend yourself instead of going to a reality show to solve your problems”?
You want me to bully the victims into getting tougher? Some of these people just aren’t tough. It’s just the way of the world, and they have a right to not be bullied and picked on constantly. I’m happy to entertain the masses with the fact that there’s always somebody out there who’s tougher than you, and can kick your ass.


Scandal of the Day: ‘Bully Beatdown’ May Be Totally Staged

(Remember him?)

Shocking allegations from MMATKO (via TheGarv) that could shake the foundations of an American television institution:

I knew from the beginning that the show advertised for tough guys to apply and they would be chosen based on some sort of bully mentality towards their friends. I did not find out until a few days ago that not one of the bullies had in fact, ever bullied the actors that have played the part of the victims.
I spoke with a friend that helped with the production of the show and was told that most of the bully/victim combo had never even met prior to the taping of each episode.
Take bully Jon from the last episode with Jake Shields. Last year he was on the Fox TV show Battle of the Bods where Jonathan proclaimed to be a professional stuntman as he judged the bodies of young women.
Even though Bully Beatdown is filled with actors the fights are mostly real. The stuntmen do try to fight back against the Pro MMA fighters but their payday comes not from the 10,000 prize money offered up but from the money guaranteed on the contract they signed going into the fight.

Look, I know you have to suspend disbelief to some extent whenever you’re watching a "reality television" show — we know that none of those women are really there for the love of Ray J , and Heidi and Spencer are actually cousins in real life — but was it too much to ask that real bullies would get their comeuppance on Bully Beatdown? How you gonna do us like that, Mayhem?