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‘Locked Down’ Caption Contest: The Winners!

Urijah Faber Takeya Mizugaki Josh Rosenthal WEC 52Locked Down DVD Vinne Jones Kimbo Slice Rashad Evans MMA
(Images courtesy of AllElbows/VersusLionsgate.)

After wading through 178 entries for Friday’s caption contest, one thing is certain: You guys really love The Human Centipede. Not sure what’s up with that. Anyway, we’re psyched to give away some DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs for the new beat-’em-up flick Locked Down — a film that thankfully does not feature three people who have their gastrointestinal tracts sewn together by an insane German doctor. But first, we feel obligated to print a few captions that just fell short of the glory. Y’know, just to ratchet up the suspense…


Caption Contest: Win a ‘Locked Down’ DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack!

(Image courtesy of LionsGate)

As we mentioned in last week’s Most Bizarre Submissions list, the prison-MMA flick Locked Down was just released on DVD and Blu-Ray, and we’d like to give away some copies. (Full disclosure: I haven’t seen the movie yet, but there’s already Oscar buzz around Rashad Evans’s performance. Plus, Kimbo Slice threatens to smush somebody’s shit in at one point.)

Speaking of "locked down," Takeya Mizugaki got LOCKED, THE EFF, DOWN last night at WEC 52 when Urijah Faber caught him in a rear-naked choke, putting him to sleep for an uncomfortably long period of time. A killer photo from the stoppage is after the jump, courtesy of AllElbows/Versus. Come up with a clever caption to the photo, and post it in the comments section below by Sunday night at midnight ET. We’ll post our four favorites on Monday; the winners will receive a Locked Down DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack. Props to LionsGate for making this possible, and good luck to all of you…


Six Deuce Hipporiffic Caption Contest: The Winners!

Alistair Overeem hippo funny mma photosSix Deuce t-shirt MMA Black Fall SevenSix Deuce t-shirt MMA Muay Thai Arena
(Shirt images courtesy of

After two days and 350+ submissions, we’re proud to announce the three winners of this week’s caption contest, who will be picking up some kickass new t-shirts from Six Deuce! Was your entry worthy of recognition? Find out after the jump. But first, some honorable mentions…


Caption Contest: Win Two New T-Shirts From Six Deuce!

MMA t-shirts Six Deuce Fall SevenSix Deuce MMA t-shirts Thai Arena
(Images courtesy of Click to see larger.)

Our dear friends at Six Deuce have come out with two eye-catching new t-shirt designs that we thought you should be aware of. On the left is the "Fall Seven," which pays tribute to a famous Japanese proverb. On the right is the "Muay Thai Arena" shirt, which is basically just two guys fighting. You want ‘em? Well, you came to the right place.

After the jump, you’ll find a photo of Alistair Overeem meeting a river horse at some sort of broke-ass Dutch petting zoo. Submit a clever caption to the pic in the comments section by this Wednesday at noon ET; we’ll pick our three favorites and post ‘em later that day. First place gets both new Six Deuce shirts plus a pair of their satin MMA fight shorts. Second and third place get their choice of one of the new shirts shown above. Sound good? Now go earn it. And check out the rest of Six Deuce’s MMA clothing and equipment at!


Tokyo Five Caption Contest: There Can Be Only One Champion

Chael Sonnen UFC Fox News
Tokyo Five duffel bag

After frantically skimming through the 473 (!) entries that came in for this week’s caption contest, we’re happy to announce a winner. So who will pick up the duffel bag stuffed full of gear from Tokyo Five? We can’t tell you that just yet. First, the honorable mentions:


Caption Contest: Win a Duffel Bag Full of Gear From Tokyo Five!

Matt Serra Tokyo Five UFC MMA

(Images courtesy of

This Saturday at UFC 119, former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra will step back into the Octagon against old buddy Chris Lytle, who he defeated back in 2006 to win TUF 4‘s welterweight trophy. Serra is coming off his first-round KO of Frank Trigg at UFC 109 and hopes to make it two in a row against The Bonus Collector, who most recently subbed out Matt Brown at UFC 116. To commemorate the occasion, our friends at Tokyo Five want to give one of you a Muteki duffel bag stuffed to the gills with T5 gear. (Check out Tokyo Five’s denim, tops, and athletics selection to get a better idea of what you stand to gain here.)

You know what this means. Glory for one, heartbreak for many — it’s caption contest time. Check out the photo after the jump, and post a clever caption in the comments section below by Thursday at midnight ET. We’ll pick out our favorite and post it on Friday. First place gets the haul from Tokyo Five, runners-up will get CagePotato t-shirts. Simple as that. Now go take what’s yours…


‘The Ground Game’ Caption Contest: And the Winners Are…

Don Frye Hooters girls Texas funny MMA photos
(Images courtesy of Esther Lin/Shark Fights, Victory Belt)

Thanks to everybody who entered this week’s caption contest — even those of you who referred to "General Custer" as "General Custard." After sifting through 280 of your entries, we’ve pulled out the two that we think are most worthy of winning a signed copy of Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts: The Ground Game, in stores now. As usual, there are a bunch of captions that were almost good enough. Let’s take a look at those first… 


Caption Contest: Win a Signed Copy of Greg Jackson’s ‘The Ground Game’!

Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts The Ground Game Greg Kelly Crigger MMA book

A year after the release of their essential MMA striking-and-strategy manual The Stand Up Game, Greg Jackson and Kelly Crigger have teamed up again for Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts: The Ground Game, a brand-new primer on ground fighting that was released on Friday. The book breaks down all the common grappling positions found in MMA (as well as Greg’s own cage-proven variations), helpfully illustrated with full-color photos, and even includes a section on nutrition contributed by P.R. Cole.  You can currently purchase the book for the bargain price of $23.07 on Amazon — or, you can win one of the two signed copies we have in our possession. You’re damn right it’s time for a caption contest.

After the jump, you’ll find a photo of Shark Fights off-color-man Don Frye sampling some of Amarillo’s local flavor. Come up with a clever caption and post it in the comments section below by Thursday morning at 8 a.m. ET. We’ll choose our two favorites and post the winners later that day. Good luck, folks. And thanks to Victory Belt for making this possible!


‘Beatdown’ Caption Contest, Part 2 — The Winners!

Rich Franklin Michael Jackson impersonator funny MMA photo

Thanks to everybody who submitted captions for our second Beatdown caption contest we had more entries for this one in the first hour than our entire Boston Fan Expo Lackey contest, which is both telling and hurtful.

Serously, who wouldn’t want to hang with Ben and ReX13 for a weekend in beantown? Rex might have even shared some of his sweet dance moves with you.

So who will get to enjoy Beatdown in the privacy of their own home? First some honorable mentions…

"I always knew fighting would get me chicks, but god damn! an orgy with 4 girls!? LUCKY ME!" -Professor MMA

"Only after one of the girls asks Rich exactly what a BJ-J is, Does he realize he signed up for the wrong seminar and it clicks why MJ is the instructor." -El Supreme Nacho

"Photographic proof that Michael Jackson is indeed in hell." -Beelzebuddy

"…Rich wakes up with a throbbing headache. He’s in a motel room he doesn’t recognise. He can’t seem to remember how he got there. He swears he only had the one drink. There’s a photo of him and three chicks with a Michael Jackson impersonator on a camera by the bed. "Weird", he thinks aloud. He hears a shower running. He’s starting to think he might have taken the girls back here for a night of "Rich creamy love", as he calls it. He hears high-pitched giggling from the bathroom, a smile spreads across his face.
Then he sees it, a white sequined glove on the bedside table…"
-Rear Naked Poke who painted such a vivid picture it was somewhat disturbing.

And now the winners…


‘Beatdown’ Caption Contest #2: Franklin vs. Jackson

Beatdown movie cover Bisping Lashley Youngblood Trejo

As promised, we’re giving you another opportunity to win a copy of the MMA flick Beatdown, out now on DVD and Blu-Ray. The rules are simple: Check out the photo after the jump of Rich Franklin and his buddies, and post a clever caption in the comments section below by tonight at midnight PT. We’ll announce our four favorites tomorrow, and you’ll bitch about how you thought yours was funnier. Now let’s get it…