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Caption Contest: Win a Signed Copy of Rachelle Leah’s Playboy Issue!

Rachelle Leah Playboy
(The November issue of Playboy, on newsstands now. To get a digital version of the entire issue, click here.)

I promised you all a sexy caption contest this week, and I’m a man of my word. Dig this — the lovely and talented Rachelle Leah has given two signed copies of her Playboy issue to, and we’re giving them away to the two readers who provide the funniest captions to the photo after the jump. Feel free to enter more than once, but please get all your captions in to the comments section by 6 p.m. ET on Thursday. Good luck, and be brilliant…


‘Fighter’ Caption Contest: The Winners

Kenny Florian Fighter
(Kenny is sooooo happy for you!)

Aleksander Emelianenko Vladimir Putin Jean Claude Van Damme

This week’s Fighter caption contest — which centered on a chance encounter between The Grim Reaper, Pooty-Poot, and the Muscles from Brussels — was an overwhelming success, hauling in 440-ish entries, nearly all of which revolved around some combination of hepatitis and homoeroticism. Three of them were good enough to earn copies of Fighter, courtesy of Viking and Coach. But first, some honorable mentions:

crookshark: In spite of his fighting skills, Aleksander Emelianenko proved to be terrible at musical chairs.

Destro: Jean-Claude breathed a sigh of relief…finally, someone who was even more underdressed than he was.

Horror Fighter: Frank Dux stopped smiling when Aleks reached into his shorts and pulled out Jackson’s Harley-Davidson bandana.

Dangada Dang: Jean Claude recovering from what will go down in history as THE most awkward boner.
*previous record held by….Jean Claude Van Damme

And the winners are…


Caption Contest: Win a Copy of ‘Fighter’

Forrest Griffin Fighter UFC MMA
Fighter book coverQuinton Rampage JacksonKenny Florian UFC
(Sample images courtesy of Viking Studio. Click thumbnails for larger versions.)

This month marks the release of Fighter: The Fighters of the UFC, a collection of black-and-white portraits of over 100 UFC fighters, shot by acclaimed photographer/Coach president Reed Krakoff. The book features a foreword by Sam Sheridan, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. According to the press release, “The striking images are juxtaposed with quotes from each fighter, whose candor will be surprising to even die-hard UFC fans.” And the best part is, we’re giving away three copies to you, our loyal readers. Just provide a clever caption to the photo that’s after the jump, and we’ll pick our favorites on Friday. Feel free to enter more than once; good luck…


The Amir/Verne Caption Contest: Are You a Big Winner?

Amir Sadollah Verne TroyerMatt Serra UFC Hall of Fame

Jesus Christ, you guys must really want that t-shirt. With nearly 300 entries, our latest caption contest was our most popular to date. Here are the five readers who are getting their very own “Hall of Fame” tees:

Vrax: Dana White takes a rare break from his mech-suit.

Shawn: The UFC 88 after party featured many stars of the MMA world. Pictured here is Amir Sadollah, TUF7 winner, alongside Verne Troyer, future EliteXC headliner.

joe joe: Slightly above Elvis Sinosic as far as first opponents for TUF winners.

Archer0545: (Goldbergs Voice) “Amir is 64 inches taller and enjoys a 36 inch reach advantage, everything else is virtually identical.”

Sam: “that’s not how you make a fist you retard.”

Bonus: I’d also like to give shirts to two more readers who posted brilliant comments recently. They are…

Ted Nutmeg on Antonio Silva Is Seriously Fighting That Steroid Charge: In a related story, following his victory at UFC Fight Night 15 Nate Diaz tested positive for 200 times the normal concentration of realness, motherfucker.

Reckless on “Jenna Jameson to Have Two of Tito Ortiz’s Babies, Consecutively”: Those kids are gonna walk out of that vagina. then eat a right hook from chuck.

If your name has been called, please e-mail with your address and size, and we’ll get those shirts out to you ASAP. As for the rest of you, great work with the captions, but you ain’t gettin’ shit. So please go here to buy a “Hall of Fame” shirt for $12. More brilliant CagePotato t-shirt designs will come in the future if this one does well, so help us out, eh?


Caption Contest: Too Tiny to Armbar?

Amir Sadollah Verne Troyer
(For more photos from this event, click here.)

We recently came across this Combat Lifestyle picture of TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah and Verne Troyer hanging out at Privé, and needless to say, it moved us. I think it’s caption contest time, folks. And what’s on the line? See for yourself after the jump.


‘Title Shot’ Caption Contest: The Winners!

Title Shot Kelly Crigger MMA

Since it’s Labor Day and I’ve already spent too much time going through your submissions for our latest caption contest — fine work, by the way — we’re just going to do this old-school style, where I pick two winners and then you bitch about them mightily in the comments section. But first, the honorable mentions:

mayhem420: Wait…didn’t Kendall Grove say that guns were for white people?

ruckus: Sean Sherk, you’re dead.

adam: Following months of hardcore training in Brazil, BJ Penn thinks he has found a weakness in Machida’s defense.

The Truth: Quick, what’s Hawaiian for “one-legged French Canadian”?

Aptninja: Um, okay, so…where is the carb?

jakey: The Penn is mightier than the sword

Cankly Carano: “Upon seeing this photo, Jim Lampley exclaimed, ‘See, I told you these barbarian ultimate fighters take knives and guns into their cages. Pathetic. No skill compared to the sweet science! …now where’s that bitch wife of mine? She needs a good smack across the face.’”

Horror Fighter: BJ Penn prepares a response for all CagePotato readers who consistently complain about “caption contest” winners.

And now the winners…


‘Title Shot’ Caption Contest: BJ and a Gun


After arranging a visit by BJ Penn to his Army unit at Fort Lewis, MMA writer Kelly Crigger was inspired to dig deeper into the subculture of mixed martial arts, and find out what would compel a person to sacrifice all worldly comforts for the opportunity to beat up a stranger in a cage. Over the next year, he visited leading MMA camps including Team Quest, American Top Team, and Sityodtong, and interviewed fighters at every level of the game. The result is Title Shot: Into the Shark Tank of Mixed Martial Arts, which, no bullshit, is probably the most insightful and essential exploration of the MMA lifestyle that you’ll ever read. We highly suggest that you buy it, but you also have a chance to win a signed copy right here.

Check out the photo above — one of thousands that Crigger took during the preparation of his book — which shows The Prodigy at the Fort Lewis shooting range. (As Crigger explains: “We took him out to bust some caps, but he couldn’t learn to hold the weapon for shit.”) The two readers who provide the best captions in the comments section below will win a signed copy of Title Shot. Contest ends Sunday night at midnight ET; feel free to enter multiple times. Good luck…

Title Shot book cover MMA Crigger


These Gloves Belong to ‘Markdog’ Now

Tapout gloves MMA
(TapouT MMA Cage Style Gloves, courtesy of GroundAndPound.)

Somehow, our Rampage caption contest became a fierce two-way horse race between “I bet you my next fight don’t go to no decision. I bet my whole purse, and this big dude on it!” and “disgruntled postal worker on a Rampage? Total cliche.” But in the end, Markdog’s TUF 7 reference picked up a full 43% of your votes, which means MARKDOG IS OUR BIG WINNER!

So Markdog: Please send your mailing address to (with size preference: regular or large) and we’ll get those TapouT cage gloves right out to you. Apologies to Charles Fuller — we know how bad you wanted them. Special thanks to for providing the gloves, and thanks to everyone who wasn’t an insufferable prick during this contest. I’ve disabled comments on this one because, frankly, I’m tired of your bullshit.


Rampage Caption Contest: The Finalists

Quinton Rampage Jackson Randy Couture UFC MMA

Only 196 entries, guys? Seriously? It would have killed you to break 200?

On the real, though, the response to this one was mind-blowing. There’s no way we can just pick one winner, so we’ll call out our 10 favorites, and leave it up to you. Here are the finalists:

devilmonkey: We all have our cross to bear.

Ouch! That hurts: “and God, why in my time of troubles were there only one set of footprints in the Chili’s?”

Horror Fighter: “Lethal Weapon 5: This Time It’s Different Because the White Guy’s the Old One and the Black Guy’s the Crazy One.” (Ed. note: I chopped off the first half of this entry in the interest of brevity. You understand.)

Matt Herpes: This is what happens when you don’t put Rampage’s dressing on the side.

Savalas: 20 minutes later, the man that Rampage body-slammed tragically lost his food-baby.

baba: After his twelfth Awesome Blossom, Rampage has trouble distinguishing between his steel chain necklace and the waitstaff.

killa: okay…you can have the booth

Dollar Hot Dogs: disgruntled postal worker on a Rampage? Total cliche.

Markdog: “I bet you my next fight don’t go to no decision. I bet my whole purse, and this big dude on it!”

Charles Fuller: man i want those gloves. (Ed note: If you don’t think any of the above finalists are funny, feel free to vote for this one as a form of protest.)

Do your voting in the poll over there on the right, and we’ll announce the winner of those badass TapouT cage gloves (courtesy of this time tomorrow.


Caption Contest: Win a Pair of TapouT Cage Gloves!

Quinton Rampage Jackson UFC King of Queens

Tapout MMA gloves
(TapouT MMA Cage Style Gloves, courtesy of GroundAndPound.)

Here’s your chance to own a piece of the TapouT lifestyle without the dirty feeling of knowing you’re lining these guys‘ pockets. has provided us with a pair of the MMA gloves shown above — and all you have to do to get them is provide the funniest caption to that picture of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson kicking ass at what appears to be a Chili’s. Contest ends Tuesday at midnight (ET). Feel free to enter multiple times, and please check out GroundAndPound for all your MMA gear needs. Good luck out there…