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Caption Contest Results: Heavy E and the Boyz

Triumph United Fuck You t-shirt MMA
(“FU2,” available only at Triumph United.)

Fedor Aleks Emelianenko MMA Japanese children

Good goddamn work, people: With over 150 entries, this week’s caption contest was our most popular ever, and so many of them were LOLworthy. I must say I was surprised by how many of you referenced Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile — I’m not judging, I was just a little taken aback, that’s all. Thanks again to Triumph United for making this possible. Now onto the honorable mentions…

MMA-hole: It was at that point that Fedor began to wonder…were his wife and Sakuraba more than just “friends”?

Brad: Fedor and Aleks stop by the Affliction sweat shop to thank the tailors.

Toner Breath: SPUTNIPS!! [Ed. note: I racked my brain trying to think of a good one-word pun for this picture. Toner Breath's is kind of horrible, but I give him mad props for trying. And judging from the exclamation points, he was also pretty psyched that he thought of it.]

Mike: It’s cheaper than a graphing calculator.

Erick: “Phuk An’ Run is the little-known Chinese martial art of having a kid and making your opponent raise them.”

Kimbo’s Lice: “…The stars signify that I’ll never be brought to my knees. This spiderweb on my elbow signifies that I’ve committed murder in service to the brotherhood of thieves. The grim reaper and baby on my back…you know what, I probably shouldn’t be telling you kids all this.”

And the winners are…


Triumph United CAPTION Contest: Fedor, Aleks, and Some Asian Kids

Fedor Emelianenko and Aleks Emelianenko

Here’s the thing about those Triumph United comment contests we’ve been running: Finding/deciding on the finalists was a pain in the ass, and then all you people would do is bitch about our lame sense of humor. So we’re going to switch it up this week with a good old-fashioned caption contest. The two readers who submit the funniest captions to the above picture by 4 p.m. ET on Friday will each get a Triumph United t-shirt of their choice. And seriously? Only those who enter will be allowed to complain later. You’re on my last good nerve right now…

Triumph United MMA Union
(“Union,” only available at TU.)


‘Iceman’ Caption Contest: Le Gran Finale


Well, some of you sons-of-bitches are going to be pissed after this one. With the last signed copy of Iceman: My Fighting Life up for grabs, over 150 captions were submitted, and you guys were throwing straight fire. Unfortunately, less prizes + more entries = disappointment. Will you agree with our choice? Probably not. But with so many awesome captions, we had to pick the one that gave us the most unexpected laugh. Check out the honorable mentions below, and the winner after the jump. Special bro-grabs to Dutton Books for making this whole thing possible!

Frank: GSP taking the bitches out for a walk

Dudeman: Josh Koscheck…The Ultimate Pooper Scooper

BG75: The odd couple 2: Napoleon and Sisqo

dleacock: Ultimate Fancy Championship

SikSik6: No really Josh, seriously, your gameplan against GSP was a good one……for me to poop on.


John-01: Matt Serra never saw his dog again….

The BOOG: Anything less.. would be uncircumcised.

Wyatt: F*cking French Canadians…


‘Iceman’ Caption Contest: Final Conflict Absolute

So far, we’ve given away nine autographed copies of Chuck Liddell’s Iceman: My Fighting Life, and we’re going to put this thing to bed with one last caption contest. And here’s a curveball — Chuck’s not even in the pic this time. But I just came across this breathtaking photo of Josh Koscheck and GSP dressed to the nines and walking their dog, and the CagePotato reader who can provide the best caption in the comments section gets the last book. There will be no multiple winners this time, so bring your A-game, and feel free to enter more than once. The winner will be announced Friday, as is the custom.

(Photo props: Maxim)


‘Iceman’ Caption Contest II: Big Winners!!!


For the second week in a row, you’ve proven your dedication to the noble cause of winning free shit. Last week’s Chuck Liddell caption contest took in 100 entries. This week: 102. Progress! Before we name the four (!) people who won signed copies of Iceman: My Fighting Life, let’s take a moment to recognize the runners-up:

SikSik6: In today’s press release, Liddell announced that he will be changing his nickname from “The Iceman” to “The Douche Magnet.”

darylo: Chuck n Cheesy
[Ed. note: Great. Now I have a craving for ball-pits.]

totaldb: The Liddelerline’s first night out
[Ed. note: Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like TomKat or Bennifer, does it?]


K-fed: ay dawg its some fine ass breezies round hurr put it in the browntown from downtown
Chuck: *snorts a line,nods*
[Ed. note: We're suckers for stage-directions.]

And now the winners…


Chuck Liddell Caption Contest #1: Results Are In!


It’s hard to express the love we have for you all right now. When we posted our first Chuck Liddell caption contest on Monday, we thought we’d be lucky if we got a couple dozen entries. Well, you guys must really want those signed Iceman: My Fighting Life books, because the contest brought in 100 captions before today’s deadline, and almost all of them were LOL-funny. Seriously, you guys kicked ass, and we had a great time reading your one-liners. In fact, we’re going to give out three autographed books today instead of the two we were originally planning on parting with. This was a very difficult decision, but…

Than: “Yeah, my buddy Tim is outside, he’s down for a gang bang, but be warned his championship belt is gonna bruise you.”
[Ed. note: Oh! It's so topical!]

Colin G: “Hey baby, did you read my book? …… Me neither”
[Ed. note: Good pickup line...great ghost-writer. Jokes aside, our contact at Dutton has assured us that Chuck has read every page of his book — and he loves it!]

Brad: “People say that I don’t train hard anymore, but they have no idea how hard you have to work to get laid with this haircut”
[Ed. note: ...and in just 25 words, Brad has summarized the entire essence of Chuck Liddell.]

Toolman: Chuck: Man…uhhh i tellya’s eh um. yeah dude…for real. i was like… know whut i’m sayin.
[Ed. note: That probably comes closest to what Chuck was actually saying at the time.]

KLovick Says: What has one thumb and wants to replace your cigarette with his dick?………
[Ed. note: Clever.]

MMA-hole: “Nikki — my Range Rover, 15 minutes. Andre — the bathroom, now.”
[Ed. note: The idea of a pansexual Chuck Liddell terrifies us.]

natureboy: Ultimate Fighter Chuck Liddell attempts to recruit a camera operator for a “3 Girls, 1 Chuck” internet video.
[Ed. note: We love "3 Girls, 1 Chuck." But shouldn't she be a co-star? I don't know if I'd relegate her to the crew...]

beast: Would you mind putting out the cigarette, maam? This is a no smoking area.
[Ed. note: "Plus, my tiny bald friend says you've been using his head as an ashtray."]

RawDawg: “Then I said ‘careful my thumb might be a little cold,’ then POW! Right in the pooper! — Oh hey babe.”
[Ed. note: "...I was just telling my friend about the time I stuck my thumb up your ass."]

Roark: “Sorry lady, I thought that was the belt Rampage took from me!”
[Ed. note: Damn, that is a big belt.]

sean: Iceman Brakes The Ice By Braking a Midgit.
[Ed. note: Lame pun + misspelling "break" twice and "midget" once = quadruple failure points.]

Than, Colin G, and Brad: Please drop a line to with your addresses and we’ll get the books out to you as soon as we can. As for the rest of you — we still have seven more autographed Iceman copies left to give away, so come back Monday and we’ll do this aaaaaaall over again.


Caption Contest: Win a Signed Copy of Chuck Liddell’s ‘Iceman: My Fighting Life’!

Great news, Potato Nation: The generous and attractive people at Dutton Books are hooking us up with ten autographed copies of Chuck Liddell’s intense new memoir, Iceman: My Fighting Life, and rather than keep them all to ourselves, we’ve decided to give them away in a weekly caption contest. Check out the photo below — the two CagePotato readers who come up with the best/funniest captions will each get a book. Submit your entries in the comments section and check back on Friday to see who won. Then swing by next Monday as we do it all over again…


UPDATE: The results are in!


We Haz a Winnur!


Many thanks to everyone who entered our first caption contest. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner:

“Mmm..screw the belt I want this nice piece of sushi right here.”

See, we knew most of you would pick up on the prison-rape vibe of this one, but referring to Sato as a “piece of sushi”? Well played, sir. So, CagePotato reader who goes by the name of “D Biggles,” shoot us an e-mail with your address and we’ll drop that Ultimate Knockouts DVD in the mail as soon as we get around to it.

As for the runner-up, we should also give recognition to “Jeremy,” for this insightful caption:

“I shaved my balls for this?”

Unfortunately, Jeremy loses points for plagiarizing a t-shirt, but just as “Christ, what an asshole” is a viable caption for every New Yorker cartoon ever drawn, “ISMBFT?” is always a solid option for photo caption contests.

Good work, Potato Nation. We’ll do this again the next time a publicist makes the mistake of sending me a free DVD.