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Chael Sonnen Weighs in on Caption Fiasco [VIDEO]

(Props: MMAInsideTheCageTV. The quote in question comes around the 6:20 mark.)

Our buds at MMA Inside the Cage caught up with #1 UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen following his pre-UFC 145 Q&A in Atlanta last week, and got his take on a number of hot topics, including the ongoing Alistair Overeem saga and his upcoming fight with Anderson Silva. Because Cyrus Fees is a thorough and incisive journalist, he asked the Voice of Reason author to weigh in on the recent CagePotato caption that completely blew up in our faces. As Chael put it:

These guys, in my belief, meant it as a joke. What was in their heart, only they know. I believe they meant that as a joke. HOWEVER…you’ve gotta understand that the headquarters is in Las Vegas, which is the gambling capital of the world. The owners of the UFC own casinos, this is extremely against the rules to do something like that, and you just can’t even joke about it. So for Dana to get really upset — you really need to understand the history that’s involved, and once you do that, I think the guys should have just laid down and said ‘we screwed up.’ I think their apology was a little bit weak, and Dana’s only human. You give him a good solid response, no matter how wrong you are, you give him a good solid, ‘man I screwed this one up’, that’s the end of it. But if you start shufflin’ around, and you start getting squirmy, you’re gonna have problems with him.”

Is it any surprise that Sonnen’s answer was fair and balanced?

After the jump: The latest episode of MMA Inside the Cage (“#91: Atlanta Aftermath”), which includes recaps and exclusive interviews from last weekend’s UFC and Bellator shows, a batch of ugly knockouts, and a wild scrap from EFC Africa.


Oh, For F*ck’s Sake: Rashad Evans’s Camp Actually Believed Dana White Was Betting Against Him

(Nope. Not even gonna go there. / Photo via Zimbio.)

After all the unexpected drama on Tuesday, I was really hoping we could put “caption-gate” behind us. Oh, if only. Following up their first report on the UFC’s demand for retraction, USA Today did a second piece with UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta which further explains why the promotion was so furious with this website. Here are some choice quotes from Fertitta:

These fighters are already paranoid enough. Dana had to talk to Rashad on the phone for 30 minutes to calm him down, to tell him, ‘Are you crazy? There’s no way I would ever bet on a fight or bet against you.’…You’ve got to understand, Rashad’s entire team — his entire camp — was in his ear telling him they read this online and that Dana bet half a million dollars against him.”

[CagePotato] flatout lied. They just made up a story and lied. Somebody who doesn’t know what our policies are and what we do, they could look at it in a very negative light…These guys go out and do this reckless reporting — it’s not even reporting — make these reckless statements and they end up causing us fallout and having to deal with issues. Why should we even have to deal with this stuff? They made this up and lied and put it online.”

It didn’t read like a joke at all. If you look at the article, when you first read that, it sounds like that they were in a room with Dana, talking to him, and he says, ‘Oh,’ and he kind of made a mistake and said something, and said ‘Don’t print that.’…if I read an article like that, I would seriously believe that that actually happened and that went down.”


Fighters Only Caption Contest: The Fedorable Winners!

Fedor Emelianenko MMA Sambo celebration
Fighters Only U.S. version Lorenzo Fertitta UFC Fighters Only Canada version Georges St. Pierre MMA UFC

After a sort of pathetic whopping 550 votes were cast by CP readers in our latest caption contest, we’re calling an end to the action at 2:38 p.m. of 3/25. The lucky winners, who are all receiving subscriptions to either the U.S. or Canadian versions of Fighters Only magazine, are as follows:

1st place, with 35% of the vote — Batman: After Fedor’s circumcision, the Russian Team celebrates because they now have enough meat to eat for a year.

2nd place, with 21% of the vote — philaxler: Fedor returning from his glorious arm bar victory over God.

3rd place, with 13% of the vote — SiDeBuRnZ: In mother Russia, sky go youdiving.

4th place, with 11% of the vote — mayhem420: 3 cheers for Emelianenko!?
Hep hep hooray?
hep hep hooray
?hep …..oh sorry that’s the other Emelianenko!

5th place, squeaking by with 7% of the vote — danomite: Everyone was happy til someone told Fedor that Nicoli forgot the ice cream. A mass funeral service will be held tomorrow at 2 pm.

If you’re one of the Big Five, send your name and address to and we’ll get you hooked up; though be patient, because it’ll take a while for your first issue to arrive. And Batman, we’ll also send you a CP t-shirt for being so awesome, if you don’t have one already. Sound good? Man, I love it when a plan comes together.