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Knockout of the Day: A Capoeira Cartwheel Kick KO, Just Two Weeks After the Last One

(Props: Apollo Reed via MiddleEasy)

It’s safe to say that the capoeira-style cartwheel kick has officially entered mainstream consciousness in the MMA fight game. At first, the technique only appeared in the arsenals of capoeira die-hards and crazy-ass white-people. Now, we’ve got a Morrocan welterweight rookie named Anas Siraj Mounir landing it at a UK event on Saturday, just two weeks after hot featherweight prospect Julio Cesar Neves stuck the move in Brazil. So if you’re an MMA fighter and you were thinking about trying a cartwheel kick in a fight, do it now, before everybody starts preparing for it. I’ve already said too much.

After the jump: A different angle of the kick. You’ll have to provide your own audio.


Video Evidence: Brian Ebersole Gives You Two Reasons to Be Cautious in Thailand

If we learned anything about Brian Ebersole during his UFC debut, it’s that he’s a wild dude with a penchant for cartwheel kicks. You might think it’s something he just does on a whim, but as we learn in the video above it’s a maneuver that requires thorough training.

Ebersole’s preparation for tonight’s fight against Dennis Hallman took him all the way to Phuket, Thailand, where he sharpened up his “eight limbed attack”. But it wasn’t all take and no give for “The White Anderson Silva”. He took time from his training to teach the men, women, and…everyone else at Tiger Muay Thai a lesson in his trademark kick. Could we have just caught a glimpse of Strikeforce’s next Women’s Middleweight Champion?