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Authentic Brands Group Lays the Smackdown on Cancer Non-Profit Over ‘Tapout’ Usage

(Pic props: Tapout Cancer via

Apparently Dana White isn’t the only person in the MMA community who keeps a cease and desist in their back pocket, eagerly awaiting to ruin someone’s fun. is reporting that Authentic Brands Group, owner of MMA brands Sinister, Silverstar and Tapout, has officially served notice to the non-profit cancer awareness company Tap Out Cancer over the use of a federally trademarked word ‘tapout’.

All I can think about is Mask rolling over in his grave right now. First the “bro deals” went out the window and now this. I understand the business logic behind the decision. However, I feel it’s a missed opportunity for the most recognizable MMA apparel company to have a positive impact in the lives of others while gaining the hearts of media everywhere. What do you guys think?


Zuffa Serves Google With Cease and Desist Letter

(Dana wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to shut down the Internet.)

As part of  its ongoing effort to snuff out the unauthorized and illegal use of its intellectual property, the UFC’s parent company, Zuffa LLC. has issued a cease and desist letter to popular web search portal, ordering that it stop linking to websites that offer illegal UFC pay-per-view streams and archived fight footage.

The move however could backfire on the UFC for at least the time being while Google’s legal team decides what to do, as the letter lists all of the sites that host the streams and videos, providing potential pirates with the means to steal from the company. 

The question is, what steps will Zuffa’s legal department take next?

According to sources I’ve spoken to, the company has recently begun issuing similar letters to websites that use unlicensed copies of Getty Image photos from the UFC website, regardless of whether or not attribution is given. A likely next step could be to order Google to stop linking to sites guilty of the infraction.

I’m not a proponent of piracy in any way shape or form, but if Zuffa takes legal action against Google and the search engine counters by removing all search terms relating to the UFC and it’s fighters, it wouldn’t be great for the company.

The letter, courtesy of, is after the jump: