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MMA Photo Tribute: Fighters and Random-Ass Celebrities

Chuck Liddell Taboo Black Eyed Peas
(Chuck Liddell poses with ‘Taboo’, co-host of Our Time.)

We have no idea how most of these encounters came about — but we’re sure they were all fairly awkward. Here are 21 of our favorite photos of MMA fighters rubbing shoulders with reality show stars, B-list actors, and aging rock royalty. Ah, the perks of fame…

Carrot Top Cain Velasquez Cris Angel UFC celebs
(Cain Velasquez: The meat in a douche sandwich.)


Omarosa Is a Despicable Bitch; Tiffany Fallon Is Fired First on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’


90% of my interest in watching NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice was dashed last night, thanks to the conniving, under-the-bus-throwing ways of Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, the most awful person ever featured on network television.

The season premiere involved a hot dog-selling contest, where the celebs (divided by gender) did battle to raise the most money for charity. Manigault-Stallworth quickly established herself as the biggest, dumbest asshole in room, demanding to be team leader and crafting a plan that involved pushing the hot dogs rather than their celebrity star power. Obviously, the guys dominated, and OMS scrambled to find a fall girl.

She found her mark in poor, sweet Tiffany, who was blamed for not fully exploiting her sex appeal or hitting up Hugh Hefner for money. The former Playmate of the Year was given the show’s first pink slip, thus reducing the show’s remaining eye-candy to Carol Alt (too old) and Jennie Finch (too softball player-ish).

Tito Ortiz (who represented the remaining 10% of my interest in this show) got a small amount of screen time in the episode, sparring with Lennox Lewis to draw interest in his team’s hot dog stand, and posing with girlfriend Jenna Jameson as she stopped by to suck down some meat for charity. “Anything for my man,” she said — quite a woman, that Jenna.

Also, Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama won something or other last night, but I wasn’t really paying attention.


“School” = Drugs


One thing we weren’t aware of when we were posting that story about ex-UFC champ Ricco Rodriguez auctioning off his championship belt is that Rodriguez will reportedly be appearing in a new VH1 series called Celebrity Rehab, in which Loveline host and addiction medicine specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky guides a group of down-and-out ex-celebrities (and the term is being used very loosely here, even for VH1′s standards) through an arduous recovery process. Ricco Rodriguez, who was suspended by the CSAC in 2006 for testing positive for cocaine and marijuana following a local MMA event in Bakersfield, will be appearing alongside actor Daniel Baldwin, former pro wrestler Joanie “Chyna” Lauer, porn star and one-time gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey, actress and Flavor Flav-paramour Brigitte Nielsen, and five other faded pop culture figures; the show debuts on January 10th.

So, first off, we’d like to take back what we said about Rodriguez’s situation not being as sad as when Corey Haim tried to auction off his teeth and hair; this is possibly sadder. Haim can get a wig and dentures to replace his hair and teeth (and hopefully he has by now), but Rodriguez will never get another championship belt. Plus, the fact that he’s an addict sheds some doubt on this claim that he’ll be using the money to open up a new MMA school. If you’ve ever watched Intervention (or, you know, dealt with addicts in real life), you’d know that any monetary windfalls usually wind up feeding the monkey, no matter how many promises are made otherwise.

We’d also like to say that Dr. Drew is a God among men and we cannot fucking wait for this show to start. It’s everything that Celebrity Apprentice should be!

UPDATE: With four days left in the auction, there are still no bids for Rodriguez’s belt.


Premiere Date, Contestants Announced for Celebrity “Apprentice”


As reported here last month, the next season of NBC’s awful-behavior competition The Apprentice will be a celebrity edition featuring UFC star Tito Ortiz. The Associated Press has now reported that the season premiere is set for January 3rd, and the full cast of contestants has been officially announced. They are (in order of my own personal interest):

Tito Ortiz — UFC light-heavyweight with the super-heavyweight head
Gene Simmons — Kiss bassist/singer known for shameless branding, disturbingly long tongue
Lennox Lewis — Retired heavyweight boxing champion
Vincent Pastore — Big Pussy!
Stephen Baldwin — Born-again Christian, founder of Breakthrough Ministries, co-star of Bio-Dome
Tiffany Fallon — 2005 Playboy Playmate of the Year
Trace Adkins — Musical genius behind “Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk”
Nadia Comaneci — Romanian gymnast best-known for her perfect-10 pwnage of the uneven bars at the 1976 Olympics
Carol Alt — Model/actress/raw foodie
Jennie Finch — Sort-of-cute Olympic softball gold medalist
Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth — The ball-buster from season 1 of The Apprentice
Marilu Henner — Actress, diet shiller, host of America’s Ballroom Challenge
Piers Morgan — Poor man’s Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent
Nely Galan — TV producer and Telemundo executive, and the only contestrant you’ve literally never heard of

The 14 celebs will compete in business-oriented tasks around New York City, and their performance will be judged by Donald and his Lil’ VeePees, Ivanka and Donald Jr. The grand prize won’t be a job with Donald Trump, but instead a $250,000 bonus to donate to their favorite charity. I know what you’re thinking — charity, right? — but at least it’ll be some good exposure for Kiss Kaskets.