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Dana White Says Anderson May Move Up to Light Heavyweight if He Gets Past Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

(Video courtesy MMAWeekly)

During a Q&A session at this weekend’s UFC Fan Expo UFC president Dana White revealed that his promotion’s middleweight champion, Anderson Silva may be moving up a weight class sooner than anticipated.

Although he has only fought twice at that heavier weight, the way that he defeated, or rather destroyed both of his opponents is why White’s interest in having him move up is so high. In between title defenses, Silva packed on considerable muscle to move up and knock out James Irvin at UFN 14 and Forrest Griffin at UFC 101.

“I think Anderson is here today, and many of you will see what a huge guy this guy is. He’s huge. And not only has he dominated the 185-pound division, he’s done very well going up to 205," explained White. "I actually honestly can see him going up to 205 and mixing it up, up there. I don’t know. We’ll see. Anything can happen and things change all the time in this sport, but that’s the direction I see him going.”


Demian Maia Thinks Sonnen Could Beat Silva; Says He is Indeed Likely Fighting Belcher Next

(Grudge? What Grudge?)

In a new interview with TATAME, Demian Maia takes the high road in discussing his fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 112 in April, saying that he would prefer to talk about the future and not dwell on the past, no matter how douchebag-like Silva acted during their bout.

He did say that he truly believes that Chael Sonnen has a legitimate chance at beating the usually dominant champion and that he feels the only way to stop the Team Quest fighter from controlling the fight would be for Anderson to dedicate a large portion of his training to both his defensive and offensive jiu-jitsu games.

"I sure do [think Chael can beat Anderson]. He has a really tough game and it’s hard for anyone to beat him. He has a good takedown, has a good ground game, he’s very big and strong in comparison with the other athletes of the division. It’s a hard fight for everyone because he brings you down and is a hell of a hitter. You have to have a great guard to fight him, otherwise it becomes very hard fight for you. Let’s see what will happen."


Is Sonnen in Silva’s Head?

(Video courtesy YouTube/ProMMARadio) 

Apparently Anderson Silva is fed up with Chael Sonnen’s pre-fight posturing and he wants his Team Quest opponent to lay off.

In the above interview with Pro MMA Radio, Sonnen recalls a tense situation that occurred at this weekend’s UFC Fan Expo in which Silva approached him to tell him to "relax."

Sonnen said that he told the UFC middleweight champ, who seemed frustrated by the amount of autographs he had to sign for fans at the event, that "in two months, he wouldn’t have to sign any more because nobody will care about him again." Apparently Sonnen’s remark was lost in translation at the time, but when one of Anderson’s entourage later informed the Brazilian fighter what was actually said, he decided to seek Chael out and tell him to lay off.

It’s starting to seem like Chael is getting inside Anderson’s head, possibly exposing a chink in his seemingly impenetrable armor, which is likely his plan since "The Spider" has never shown any mental weakness in the past.
He’s never faced a master of verbal warfare like Sonnen, either, so it should be interesting to see what happens on August 7 at UFC 117 when the pair finally lock horns.


CagePotato Comments of the Week

Quinton Jackson t-shirt Rampage video game
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It’s Friday afternoon, which means it’s time to give away some subscriptions to everybody’s favorite monthly MMA rag, Fight! Magazine. (By the way, the cover interview with Chael Sonnen in the May issue is worth the price of admission, so pick it up.) Three brave members of Potato Nation went above the call of duty this week…

Almost North on "Jake Shields Doesn’t Remember Most of First Round Against Hendo": 
So he missed the good part of the fight?

MoTropolis on "‘UFC Primetime: Rampage vs. Evans’ — Episode 3 Video": 
"I got him a snuggie since after I beat him retarded he is gonna be putting his clothes on backwards anyway."


Heads-Up: Voting on FLO TV T-Shirt Design Contest Begins Next Week!

Caol Uno MMA t-shirt
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We’ve reached the mid-way point in our fighter t-shirt design contest, and the submissions are rolling in nicely; many thanks to everybody who sent in designs. To re-ignite your competitive fires, we’ve posted some of our current favorites, which continue after the jump. Please send your entries to by Sunday, 5/30, at midnight ET. Voting on the finalists will begin the next day, and the top vote-getter will score that FLO TV Personal Television, with access to the pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 115. So get crackin’…
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Chael Sonnen Completes First Step to Becoming President of the United States

 Chael Sonnen Nate Marquardt UFC 109
(Sonnen vows to "bring taxes down, and lay on top of them until my term ends.")

While some fighters can’t even be bothered to show up for practice more than four times in a given week, Chael Sonnen is trying to secure a spot in the Oregon House of Representatives, in the same year that he’s preparing for the biggest fight of his life. On Tuesday, the UFC’s #1 middleweight contender claimed a "landslide" victory in the Republican Party primaries for Oregon’s 37th District, picking up 99.13% of the vote. We should probably mention that Sonnen ran unopposed, and the remaining 0.87% percent of the vote was made up of write-in ballots, most of which probably went to Anderson Silva. But still, Chael’s got momentum on his side. You can learn more about his platform at, where he’s described as a "successful realtor and vice president of Caged Promotions, a sports and music promotion and production company." Sonnen’s main gig as one of MMA’s most insane heels is mentioned nowhere on the site.


CagePotato Comments of the Week

Fight Magazine May 2010 Chael Sonnen cover
(The cover of Fight!’s May 2010 issue, on newsstands now.)

Thank God as you understand Him it’s Friday, right guys? I remembered to actually look at a few of your comments this week, which means it’s time to give away one-year Fight! Magazine subscriptions to three lucky bastards. And those bastards are… 

steampunk22 on "Filho Blames Bellator for Visa Issues; Says Organization Was Scared Because They Heard He Was in Shape":
Ariel Helwani demonstrates what six weeks of the "Overeem Horsemeat Diet" can accomplish. Plaid shirts will never look the same again.


Videos: Silva vs. Sonnen Fan-Made Promo, The Buffer Lunge

(Props: nicktheface via Fightlinker)

Will Chael Sonnen‘s over-the-top trash-talk infuriate Anderson Silva into engaging with him? Will Sonnen make good on his promise to come straight at the Spider and force him to fight? Would Dana White really cut his middleweight champion after a win? Has Sonnen signed his own death warrant, or bought a ticket to a 25-minute dance contest? All these questions will be answered on August 7th, when Silva and Sonnen meet at UFC 117 in Oakland, California. Speaking of #117, the event will reportedly host the welterweight rematch between Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch, which was originally scheduled for UFC 115 in June, but has been pushed back to give Alves more time to recover from brain surgery.

After the jump: A behind-the-scenes video of Bruce Buffer at UFC 102, which reveals Buffer’s warm-up technique and a dramatic fighter-introduction maneuver we’ll call the "Buffer Lunge"


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

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Video: Dana White Tells Jim Rome He Will Cut Anderson Silva If He Pulls This Crap Again

Just how bad was Anderson Silva‘s UFC 112 performance in Dana White’s eyes?  So bad that DW hasn’t even seen anything worse in all his years watching boxing.  That’s right.  Boxing, playa.  That’s why White tells ESPN‘s Jim Rome that he’s had enough of these embarrassing antics from his middleweight champ, and if he ever sees it again he will cut his ass. 

Just take a second and let that sink in.  Imagine Silva going and doing to Chael Sonnen (who, White confirms, he will face next) what he did to Demian Maia.  Imagine him jumping around the cage in between fits of face-smashing, shouting things at Sonnen in Portuguese and imitating Chuck Norris’ fighting style.  Then imagine him waking up the next morning, still the UFC 185-pound champ, but suddenly a free agent.

If that’s the situation that goes down, whose interests will have been served?