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Fight-Related Controversy of the Day: Dirty Move or Misunderstanding at Champions of Champions 2?

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

Remember that big kickboxing card in Jamaica that we alerted you to on Friday?  Well, it happened, but not without some controversy.  In a much-anticipated (at least among kickboxing fans) bout, Nathan Corbett dropped Nathan Spong with a sweet little right hook.  Though Spong managed to get up, the ref took a long look at him and decided he was done. 

Here’s where it gets tricky, though.  The referee, as you see in the replay from the above video, steps back as if to recommence the fight, but instead he waves it off.  That’s when Corbett charges in to finish Spong off before the ref can stop him.  Seems like a miscommunication, right?  Only because of this miscommunication the result of the bout is changed to a ‘No Contest,’ which we learn when Cedric the Entertainer (seriously) gets on the mic.