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Video: Countdown to UFC 137

(Video courtesy of IronForgesIron)

Our friend ZombieProphet from always comes through with videos of shows and events we forgot about and the UFC 137 countdown show that aired last night is no exception.

Cesar Gracie has some interesting observations about BJ Penn and he refers to the former UFC lightweight and welterweight champ as “Superman,” but says that his protegee Nick Diaz is the Hawaiian scrapper’s kryptonite.

I don’t know about you guys, but this fight gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

Check out part two after the jump so you can hear MMA JayT mancrush, Cheick Kongo talk about how he wasn’t out in his last fight with Pat Barry, in spite of his trainer’s assertion that he lost consciousness at least once in the bout.


Not This Sh*t Again: ‘MMA JayT’ is Back And He’s Hugging Cheick Kongo’s Nuts Pretty Tight

(Video courtesy of YouTube/JayT 1976)

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you may recall this dude JayT, who was making a push to become the third man on the UFC broadcast team. Well, apparently MMA’s version of Antoine Dodson realized that Zuffa wasn’t returning his calls for a reason and that his chances of becoming a legit MMA reporter were about as slim as Kenny Florian’s chances of becoming a UFC reporter, so instead “Hotsauce” decided he would head up the Tito Ortiz/Team Punishment fan club. It makes sense, when you think about it since there likely wasn’t a line-up of people wanting the gig.

Anyway, the self-proclaimed Toronto night club pioneer, who says he has “deep roots” in MMA, which, as far as we can muster means he makes his own hats and travels on his own dime to support fighters he likes, is now predicting that our old pal Cheick Kongo will one day be UFC heavyweight champion. He also has some harsh words for Matt Mitrione, who insulted Tito’s (ex?) girlfriend Jenna Jameson. We won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say that “Meathead” better hope that he doesn’t run into Jay-T this weekend. And Ben better hope that he doesn’t run into JT “Jiggly Titties” Warsh or “Cup ” Cheick Kongo any time soon, or else his baby-making days may be numbered, nawmsayin?

Check out more from this trainwreck, including an MMA fight challenge he issues to a member of Jersey Shore after the jump.


Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 137 Edition

 ufc 137
(Not yet………………………………..getting warmer…….)

UFC 137 is just around the bend, and since the lineup has made more changes than a MTV awards show host, we figured we’d lay out the current odds before something else horrible happens. So, courtesy of, check out the sweetest lines available, along with our time tested advice below.

PPV Main Card
B.J. Penn (-115) vs. Nick Diaz (-105)
Matt Mitrione (-135) vs. Cheick Kongo (+115)
Roy Nelson (-290) vs. Mirko Filipovic (+245)
Hatsu Hioki (-330) vs. George Roop (+270)
There is no line yet available for the recently bumped up Tavares/Jacoby fight.

Spike TV Prelims
Donald Cerrone (-225) vs. Dennis Siver (+185)
Tyson Griffin (-290) vs. Bart Palaszewski (+245)

The undercard odds have yet to be released as well, but we only bet big here, so forgeddaboutit!

The Main Event:


Check Out the Extended Preview for UFC 137

UFC 137 is just over two weeks away, so to get your blood pumping, check out the recently released extended trailer, which features not only a look into the upcoming welterweight title fight between Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit, but a welterweight clash between B.J. Penn and Nick Diaz and the heavyweight slug fest between Cheick Kongo and Matt Mitrione. Featuring 12 fights including Mirko Cro Cop vs. Roy Nelson, Donald Cerrone vs. Dennis Siver, and Scott Jorgensen vs. Jeff Curran, UFC 137 is looking like on hell of a card, barring any last minute injuries.

A few notes:


Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit: Head to Head

It’s pretty appropriate that UFC 137 is transpiring Halloween weekend. Not only will Mirko Cro Cop and Brandon Vera attempt to bring their respective careers back from the dead, but the card also features a cowboy, a French zombie, and a Hawaiian vampire. The main event pits Nick Diaz Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit against long reigning champion George St. Pierre in what should be his toughest test to date (seriously this time). So, to determine exactly how well each fighter will do, we’ve compiled a list of empirical and infallible data that would make Gil Grissom blush with envy. Of course, if you feel the fight will end differently, be sure to let us know in the comments section.

Condit: 6’1″
GSP: 5’10″
Advantage: Condit


End of an Era: Honoring the Greatest Moments From UFC on Versus

By Jason Moles

Over the last 18 months, we’ve been lucky enough to get six live fight cards on Versus, completely free of charge. This past Saturday marked the end of Versus’s run as the “home away from home” for the UFC on basic cable. Not to worry, though: More free, live fights will be coming your way soon on FOX, FX, and Fuel TV. We thought we’d take a look back at the best of the best from the “UFC Live” series, but first, here’s how those sixty-five fights were decided: 24 (T)KOs, 15 Submissions, 23 Judges Decision, 2 Doctor Stoppages, and 1 No Contest.

Now let’s hand out some hardware, shall we?

Biggest Upset: Charlie Brenneman Beating Rick Story


Matt Mitrione Says He Would Definitely Fight Good Friend Pat Barry for the Right Price

By CagePotato guest contributor Mike Schmitz

(Meathead says he and HD will throw down if it makes dollars and cents.)

Matt Mitrione and Pat Barry are a one-of-a-kind duo. The former training partners turned close friends are two of UFC’s most likable fighters, as goofy as can be while still possessing lethal knockout power.

They enjoy their jobs, carry a demeanor unlike most into the Octagon and definitely have fun outside of the UFC (maybe Barry more than Meathead, see Barry underwear pic).

“Pat and I really sincerely enjoy our positions,” Mitrione pointed out in an exclusive interview he did with TapouT’s Virtual Training Center on behalf of recently. “We understand that it’s a job, it’s a very, very tough boat. You get in, you earn your money or you get your ass cut and we understand that so we both respect the grind, we respect the sport, but I feel that as a result of that we enjoy it.”


Mitrione to Face Toughest Test In Kongo

By CagePotato Guest Contributor Mike Schmitz

For over a year and a half, Matt Mitrione has been all smiles.

After debuting against Marcus Jones at the Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale on December 5, 2009, he has racked up five wins – with four knockouts – while becoming a fan-favorite along the way. Despite the football mileage on his 32-year-old once injury-riddled body, Meathead is on the rise in the world of mixed martial arts. Mitrione will finally face his first big test at UFC 137 where he’ll take on 6-foot-4, 230-pound juggernaut Cheick Kongo.

Like Meathead, Kongo is coming off of a knockout victory at UFC on Versus 4 where he pulled off one of the most stunning comebacks in UFC history by knocking out Mitrione’s training partner Pat Barry. Although both fighters won their last respective bouts and will be riding the momentum into their match-up, Mitrione isn’t nearly as experienced or tested as Kongo, which could play a factor.


Report: Matt Mitrione vs. Cheick Kongo Added to UFC 137

Cheick Kongo Matt Mitrione UFC on Versus 4
(Cheick Kongo: Dangerous even when he’s counting baguettes in Le Dreamland.)

As first reported by ESPN, a heavyweight meeting between undefeated rising star Matt Mitrione and veteran striker Cheick Kongo has been slated for UFC 137: St. Pierre vs. Diaz. Both fighters are coming off of KO victories at UFC on Versus 4 on June 26th; Mitrione dominated Christian Morecraft for two rounds before ending the bout with a stunning walkoff knockout, while Kongo pulled off one of the greatest comeback wins in MMA history against Pat Barry, surviving two knockdowns before landing a Hail Mary shot that turned Barry’s light out.

Mitrione vs. Kongo is a booking that immediately made sense in the aftermath of that night. Mitrione deserves a step up from the kind of entry-level competition he’s been getting so far in his UFC career — and the fact that Mitrione and Pat Barry are training partners at Roufusport gives the Meathead/Kongo matchup a nice little revenge hook. So who takes this one: The rapidly-improving rookie, or the resilient veteran?


UFC Live on Versus 4: 5 Things to Take Away

Seems like you should be able to predict the fight based on the shorts alone. PicProps: MMAJunkie

It happens everytime. You write off a UFC card as uninteresting and decide to paint along with Bob Ross (or whatever it is you do with your personal time), and the fighters get wind of it and take your lack of interest personally.

They get in to the Octagon and perform stupifying acts of athleticism and heartitude, Dana White gets a huge boner at the press conference, and now you have to read recaps and watch GIFs to catch up on the action. Sucks to be you, we guess.

Frankly, you need to be making better choices in your life — you cannot paint those happy little clouds and friendly little mountains like Bob Ross — no one can. Frodog himself couldn’t even paint like that; all of Bob Ross’s shows were actually produced by Industrial Light and Magic. There, the secret is out, and we can die in peace.

For those dedicated souls that tuned in, hey wow, how about that show, huh? Like you, we had some thoughts during the fights, and unlike you, we wrote some of these thoughts down during and after the fights. Come on in and let us tell you how you’re feeling right now.

All hail Zombie Prophet!