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Rampage Caption Contest: The Finalists

Quinton Rampage Jackson Randy Couture UFC MMA

Only 196 entries, guys? Seriously? It would have killed you to break 200?

On the real, though, the response to this one was mind-blowing. There’s no way we can just pick one winner, so we’ll call out our 10 favorites, and leave it up to you. Here are the finalists:

devilmonkey: We all have our cross to bear.

Ouch! That hurts: “and God, why in my time of troubles were there only one set of footprints in the Chili’s?”

Horror Fighter: “Lethal Weapon 5: This Time It’s Different Because the White Guy’s the Old One and the Black Guy’s the Crazy One.” (Ed. note: I chopped off the first half of this entry in the interest of brevity. You understand.)

Matt Herpes: This is what happens when you don’t put Rampage’s dressing on the side.

Savalas: 20 minutes later, the man that Rampage body-slammed tragically lost his food-baby.

baba: After his twelfth Awesome Blossom, Rampage has trouble distinguishing between his steel chain necklace and the waitstaff.

killa: okay…you can have the booth

Dollar Hot Dogs: disgruntled postal worker on a Rampage? Total cliche.

Markdog: “I bet you my next fight don’t go to no decision. I bet my whole purse, and this big dude on it!”

Charles Fuller: man i want those gloves. (Ed note: If you don’t think any of the above finalists are funny, feel free to vote for this one as a form of protest.)

Do your voting in the poll over there on the right, and we’ll announce the winner of those badass TapouT cage gloves (courtesy of this time tomorrow.