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Bellator 180: James Gallagher Looks To Best Veteran Karate Master Chinzo Machida

It’s getting to be something when the most anticipated mixed martial arts card of the week is a Bellator event. It’s saying even more when there is a UFC just the very next day. Times are changing indeed and while Bellator has put on fight cards before, the level of competition on Bellator 180 is truly impressive. While I won’t cover every single bout on the fight card, one of the more intriguing match ups pits Conor McGregor’s protege James Gallagher against veteran karate fighter and MMA convert Chinzo Machida.


Watch Lyoto Machida’s Brother Nearly Separate a Fighter’s Head From His Body With a Brutal Knee [Video]


During the furor of Bellator’s final season nine fight card, Lyoto Machida’s brother Chinzo Machida pulled off what Pat Miletich said the nastiest knee-inflicted KO he’d ever seen in his life—and it’s the nastiest we’ve ever seen in our lives too.

It was a flying knee to the head of one Brian Wood, who unfortunately shot right into Machida’s kneecap as it approached his face at 100 miles per hour. Wood was on the ground for several minutes after the fight stopped and left in a stretcher. In case you don’t have access to video, here’s the GIF courtesy of @ZProphet_MMA.

The victory was Chinzo Machida’s first since his MMA debut back in 2005 . He fought again in 2006, lost, and then took a furlough from the sport until 2010 but lost that fight too. At a disappointing 1-2, it seemed like Chinzo Machida was fated to be a Lance Evans or a Jason Guida—a Luigi to one of MMA’s many Marios. Maybe now he’ll be able to carve out his own name in the sport, but he better work fast: He’s already 36 years old.

There are also other highlights from the RFA 11 card on the video, enjoy.


Chinzo Machida Falls Short in MMA Return

Chinzo Machida Lyoto WFE Platinum
(Chinzo being cornered by his brothers Lyoto and Take. Photos and text courtesy of Brian D’Souza.)

Chinzo Machida didn’t prove the effectiveness of Machida Karate last night, losing a decision to Leonardo Laiola at WFE Platinum in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. His brothers Lyoto and Take cornered him, shouting encouragement to no avail, as he wasn’t active enough to grind out a win. The first round saw Chinzo fighting off a rear naked choke attempt in the final seconds. The last round was devoid of action, with extensive clinching and just a handful of strikes thrown. According to his brother Take postfight, Chinzo broke his hand in the first round and was taken to the hospital immediately after the bout. Machida’s MMA record drops to 1-2, while Laiola’s increases to 3-0.

Full event results (and a couple more photos) are after the jump:


Exclusive: Lyoto Machida Discusses Brother’s MMA Return, Loss to Rampage, and Anderson Silva’s Preparation

Lyoto Machida interview – Watch more Funny Videos

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida was in attendance at yesterday’s weigh-ins for WFE Platinum, a Brazilian promotion that’s hosting an event tonight at the Fiesta Bahia Hotel in Salvador. Lyoto was there to support his brother, Shinzo Machida (1-1), who returns to MMA after a four-year absence. The Dragon spoke with Brian D’Souza about his brother, his controversial fight with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, and Anderson Silva’s prospects against Vitor Belfort.

Official weights (in kilos) and match-ups for the WFE show are after the jump…