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Hot Potatoes: Ring Girls Chrissy Blair and Vanessa Hanson Return to the UFC at TUF 17 Finale [GALLERY]

After making their debuts as guest Octagon girls in 2011 ā€” see here and here ā€” models Chrissy Blair (the blonde one) and Vanessa Hanson (the brunette) moved to Strikeforce, where they held round cards until that promotion’s collapse. Luckily, we haven’t seen the last of them. The UFC announced yesterday that Chrissy and Vanessa have been added to the UFC’s ring girl rotation, and will be in action at the TUF 17 Finale, April 13th in Las Vegas.

In honor of this fantastic news, we’ve collected 30 of our all-time favorite photos of Chrissy and Vanessa, which we’ve arranged in the gallery after the jump. Enjoy, and follow the girls on twitter @chrissy_blair and @vanessa_hanson!


Hot Potato: 12 Photos of Strikeforce Ring Girl Chrissy Blair

We first met model/ring-girl Chrissy Blair when she landed a guest-spot as an Octagon Girl for UFC 133 last August. This year, the 23-year-old Floridian has been handling round-card duties for Strikeforce alongside Vanessa Hanson, and put in a gutsy performance this weekend at Barnett vs. Cormier. Check out a few more of our favorite Chrissy Blair photos in the gallery after the jump, and visit Chrissy’sĀ Facebook fan page and twitter page for her latest updates…


Hot Potato Gallery: Chrissy Hubbard, UFC 133′s OFFICIAL Guest Ring Girl

Chrissy Hubbard Blair photos photo gallery model MMA ring girl girls models Orlando Florida UFC Octagon Girl
(Click for larger version.)

When it comes to reports of guest UFC ring girls, we’ve become the boys who cry wolf. But you can trust us this time, because the UFC announced it themselves. Chrissy Hubbard (aka Chrissy Blair) has earned a shot as a guest Octagon Girl at UFC 133, after winning the annual Miss TransWorld Motocross modeling search.

The 22-year-old hails from Orlando, Florida, and recently graduated college with a degree in graphic design. She describes herself as a “laid back, friendly and goofy person.” Oh man, we have so much in common! (Except for the laid back and friendly part, and the part about graduating college.)

Get to know Chrissy Blair/Chrissy Hubbard better on her official website, tumblr page, and Facebook page, and check out some more great photos of the professional hot chick in the gallery after the jump…