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No Shirt, No Problem: Chuck Liddell Came to Party, Bitches!

Chuck Liddell
(Props: CP reader Ryan.)

Over at Barstool Sports a reader sent them an email in a misguided effort to show off how hard they’re partying at the bar where he spins country music as “DJ Big Boband" — seriously.  One of the pictures accompanying that email appears to show a shirtless Chuck Liddell bro-ing down with some enthusiastic patrons.  It’s no secret that Liddell loves to party, and he’s even been known to take his shirt off when the spirit comes over him, but it seems like when we saw a version of this same picture in the past it always involved a multitude of skanks.  Is this what happens in the twilight of your career?  Suddenly the skanks turn into one skank, then the one skank turns into a bunch of dudes, then the bunch of dudes turn into a couple of dudes who don’t even really want to be in the picture but are trying to be polite?  Guess you can’t blame a guy for wanting to hold on to the glory days for as long as possible.  Retirement is far too gay.