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MMA Photo Tribute: The Thrill of Victory

Anderson Silva Forrest Griffin MMA photos victory celebration

Winning — it feels good, man. Lots more fighters enjoying the moment, after the jump.

Chuck Liddell MMA photos victory celebration


Ryan Bader Calls Out Tito Ortiz While Tito Ortiz is Busy Calling Out Forrest Griffin

(In his next fight, Bader would like to face someone of great historical significance. Anybody got Kimo’s number? Pic: MMA Convert.)

Contrary to popular belief, the UFC middleweight division has not quite cornered the market on making strategically advantageous call-outs. While the world’s 185-pound fighters are lining up to let everybody know how much they’d all love to fight Michael Bisping – which is like so 2010 – their light heavyweight brethren are also making requests of UFC matchmaker Joe Silva. It seems that at least a couple of 205-pounders have been spending some time on the “Fighters” page over at and thinking to themselves, “Let’s see here, who can I beat?”

Ryan Bader, for one, emerged this week from whatever dark room he’s been huddled in, rocking back and forth since UFC 126 to tell he’d very much like to fight Tito Ortiz. Cuz, why not? Sure, just a withered shell of his former self, Ortiz hasn’t won a fight since 2006, is barely clinging to his career and seemingly can’t make it to the cage without a serious back injury, cracked skull or giant laceration over his eye, but still … fighting him would mean A LOT to Bader. You know, on a personal level.


Photos: Chuck Liddell Celebrates Packers Super Bowl Win With Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews

Chuck Liddell Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl Packers MMA photos
Chuck Liddell Clay Matthews Super Bowl Packers MMA photos
(Photos courtesy of DayLife via worldfightfan)

No, that’s not just some drunken Cheesehead with a green mohawk — it’s none other than UFC Hall of Famer/VP of Business Development Chuck Liddell, who rushed the field following Super Bowl XLV last night in order to fist-pose with victorious Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and whoop it up with a dumbfounded Clay Matthews. More pics of Chuck’s Super Bowl adventure can be found here. If you’re a fan of the Pack, feel free to gloat in the comments section.


The 6 Greatest Pick-Up Artists in MMA

Chicks dig fighters — even the ones who talk funny. But even with the natural advantages that come with muscles, scars, and fame, we’re still occasionally surprised by the lady-killing ability of some mixed martial artists. Of all the MMA PUA‘s, these six are the most accomplished…

Dean Lister Flavia Mazoni Brazilian model MMA
Dean Lister Flavia Mazoni photos gallery MMA model Milena Roucka Dean Lister WWE UFC MMA photos Milena Roucka Rosa Mendes WWE UFC MMA photos photos gallery
Notable conquests:
WWE star Milena Roucka (aka ‘Rosa Mendes’), model Flavia Mazoni
Notes: ‘The Boogeyman’ is semi-retired from the sport these days, choosing instead to spend his time training hopeless cases. But in his prime, Dean Lister was just as notable for his ability to attract exotic beauties as he was for his in-cage exploits. Grappling ability plus a cartoonishly strong-looking jawline is a combination that women can’t resist, apparently.

Matt Hamill bikini model Wendy Foster girlfriend photos
Wendy Foster model Hooters bikini girl Matt Hamill Matt Hamill former fiance UFC MMA photos Brittany Houck Matt Hamill's ex fiance MMA UFC gallery
Notable conquests:
Bikini model Wendy Foster, a super-hot former fiance named Brittany, an old girlfriend that was apparently down for whatever.
Notes: Snagging a Hooters Girl of the Year would be an accomplishment for any man. But to do it without the use of one of your five senses? Bro, that’s legendary. (Then again, deafness is probably an asset when you’re pretending to be interested in your girlfriend’s stories.) Matt Hamill’s ex-fiance, a bartender from upstate New York, was just as hot, and of course there were those rumors of Hamill’s partner-swappin’ lifestyle with a freaky old flame. Respect the Hammer.


Afternoon Video Dump: Jon Jones’s Funkiness, Penis Cobbler + More

(Props: Cyberplex)

"Ryan’s mentioning that he thinks that I’ll cut down on my flashiness? That’s what he’s afraid of. So that’s exactly what I’ll probably give him the most, is a lot of weird, unorthodox techniques that he’s never seen, even in wrestling."

So says light-heavyweight contender Jon Jones, who’s set to face off against Ryan Bader in a high-profile matchup at UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort on Super Bowl weekend. In his most recent fights against Vladimir Matyushenko, Brandon Vera, and Matt Hamill, Jones simplified his gameplan so that he was pretty much just taking guys down with his Greco throws then smashing them with elbows and punches until the ref pulled him off. Bader will be expecting that, which may be why Jones is promising brand-new techniques. But what can he throw that he hasn’t shown us already? Is there such a thing as a spinning-flying-knee?  

After the jump: Chuck Liddell‘s guest-spot on Blue Mountain State (damn right it’s horrible!), Michael Schiavello repeats his catch-phrase over and over again, and MMA makes it onto Comedy Central’s brand-new Sportsdome series. Sort of.


Video: Chuck Liddell Talks Retirement and Reflects on His Storied Career

(Video courtesy YouTube/MMAPromo)

When Chuck Liddell isn’t looped on Nyquil and ether, or teary-eyed from announcing his retirement, he’s actually pretty well spoken and has incomparable knowledge about the sport of MMA.

In this interview with HDNet’s Mike Straka, The Iceman talked about his recently announced retirement, reflected on his career and talked about about how he can’t stand when non-fighters and reporters criticize the men who put it on the line in the ring or cage.

Well, that explains why he refused to do an interview with us last summer…that or he’s read the site.

Hopefully Chuck’s fancy new position with the UFC doesn’t entail him "having a word with" bloggers who aren’t a friend of theirs.

Part two is after the jump.


Matt Hughes is Being Kind of a Dick to Chuck Liddell, GSP, You Guys

(Quit playing it so safe, Frenchy. PicProps: SBNation)

Uh-oh! We ain’t saying no names, but it looks like at least one aging UFC superstar might be a little bit jealous about Chuck Liddell’s new “job” as the UFC’s Executive Vice President of Business Development. We’ll give you a hint … let’s see here … it’s a guy who … ah fuck it, it’s Matt Hughes. Yeah, we were conducting our bi-monthly spin by Hughes’ blog this week to make sure we filled our quota for smug, semi-coherent unchristian Christian blather when we stumbled upon this gem. Country Breakfast’s latest entry, headlined simply “Chuck’s Retirement,” is so textbook Hughes that it makes you wonder if the former welterweight champ is really even still writing these things himself or if it’s just some computerized algorithm that will continue to publish blogs in Hughes’ name long after the human race has faced the wrath of his vengeful God.

In this case, the algorithm is something like: Act like a dick, act like a dick, holiday snapshot of the kid, Bible verse, end. It’s interesting to note here that in this entry ostensibly about Chuck’s retirement, Hughes spends just a couple short paragraphs on Liddell before segueing straight into an out-of-the-blue indictment of Georges St. Pierre’s “boring” performance against Josh Koscheck at UFC 124. Shit. Now, that’s just sour grapes, plain and simple. First the Liddell stuff …


Apparently the UFC Didn’t Bother to Let Chuck Liddell Know What His New Job Description Is

(Video courtesy Vimeo/

Our Swedish friends from caught up with Chuck Liddell following the UFC’s announcement yesterday that "The Iceman" retired and effective immediately would be taking on the role of Executive Vice President of Business Development with Zuffa LLC and it seems that the former UFC light heavyweight champion is unsure about what his job will entail.

Chuck attempted to explain his role as diplomatically as he could from what little details he had been given about the job, but the iconic UFC fighter admitted he wasn’t quite sure what he would be doing from day to day.

"Well, we’re gonna get more into the details of it, but it’s business development, so I’m gonna be working with all the new projects and different things trying to help and promote the sport and the UFC. I’m gonna be doing that. I need something. I’m competitive and I need something to keep me driven. I need something to go after and do. I think this is probably the best way that I can keep continuing to grow the sport."


Chuck Liddell Calls It a Career; Takes Executive VP of Business Development Gig With UFC

("Well boys, it’s been fun, but I have some partying to do. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it." Pic props: Adam Fogarty)

It looks like Chuck Liddell’s retirement didn’t last long.

At today’s press conference for UFC 125 today, UFC president Dana White announced that Liddell was officially done with fighting and that effective immediately, the mohawked former fighter will be taking on the role of executive vice president of business development for the Vegas-based promotion.

When a fan requested a hug from and a photo with Liddell at the presser, White obliged, quipping that the embrace would be Chuck’s first official duty in his new role. Somehow, I don’t think that "The Iceman" will be doing a hell of a lot more than handshakes and photo-ops, which wouldn’t be a bad thing for the organization as he has arguably become the most recognizable fighter in the world and the face of the Zuffa-owned incarnation of the UFC similar to how Colonel Sanders did with KFC and Ronald McDonald did with McDonald’s.

White gave few details about what the role will entail and Liddell made only a brief acceptance/retirement speech in which he thanked the fans for their support and White and UFC owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta for ensuring that he has an active role in the company that he helped cross over to the mainstream.


The Tuesday Afternoon Rumor Funhouse

Chuck Liddell Tito Ortiz UFC MMA
(Ortiz and Liddell will settle their grudge once and for all on New Year’s Eve…OR WILL THEY?? / Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle)

One of my weekly MMA must-reads is the "Sunday Morning Rumor Mill" column on MiddleEasy, which features a bunch of juicy stories that just might be true. In homage to our pals, we’d like to start a similar feature on CagePotato — except ours will work a little differently. Of the eight items you see below, seven have been pulled directly out of our asses. The other one is absolutely, positively, 100% true, and has been confirmed by inside sources. Which one is it? We’d rather not say, due to legal reasons. You’ll have to figure it out yourself…

– Vinicius Quieroz wasn’t the only fighter who was caught by the UFC’s independent drug-testing at UFC 120. There was a second guy who pissed hot for the same steroid, but the company decided to let him off with a private (but very stern) warning. Hint: Main card, but not main event.

Arianny Celeste has been dating a former UFC fighter for the past year, but has kept the relationship hidden from the public, in order to protect the fantasy that she’s "available" to her fans. We can’t reveal her boyfriend’s name, but his initials are Tiki Ghosn.