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Caption Contest: Win a Signed Copy of Chuck Liddell’s ‘Iceman: My Fighting Life’!

Great news, Potato Nation: The generous and attractive people at Dutton Books are hooking us up with ten autographed copies of Chuck Liddell’s intense new memoir, Iceman: My Fighting Life, and rather than keep them all to ourselves, we’ve decided to give them away in a weekly caption contest. Check out the photo below — the two CagePotato readers who come up with the best/funniest captions will each get a book. Submit your entries in the comments section and check back on Friday to see who won. Then swing by next Monday as we do it all over again…


UPDATE: The results are in!


Week in Review: Chuck Gets a Pedicure


— Randy and Fedor finally faced off…and couldn’t have been more courteous!

— The UFC continued to announce fights like the world was about to end.

— Jason “Mayhem” Miller gave us some insight on psycho fight-groupie skanks.

— Xyience went tits-up.

— From palm-trees to cock-swords, we counted down the worst ink in MMA.

— The IFL named Bas Rutten as their new Vice President in Charge of Liver-Punches.

— Mike Goldberg reached a new level of stupidity during Ultimate Fight Night 12.

One incredible matchup was rumored, while another was officially booked.

— We talked to both sides of Bodog Fight’s upcoming welterweight championship match.

— Affliction may be starting their own MMA league. In response, the UFC has decided to go with the scorched-earth approach.

— Most importantly of all, we debuted our POWER RANKINGS!!! You can leave comments on the page now, so let us know how you feel. Remember: “These rankings suck” is not constructive criticism


Bummer of the Day: Chuck Liddell Wants Rematch With Keith Jardine


In a Seattle Post-Intelligencer profile of Chuck Liddell, the Iceman revealed who he’d like to step into the Octagon with next:

“My next fight will probably be in the summer and I am thinking about Jardine since Jackson is already scheduled to fight (Forrest Griffin),” Liddell said. “I can’t wait around (for Jackson). I love the sport and I think I have a couple years left in me.”

Jardine has been sitting on the bench since his decision victory over Liddell at UFC 76 in September, and we’re guessing that’s because the UFC doesn’t quite know what to do with him; “The Dean of Mean” isn’t enough of a big name to qualify for a title shot yet, but he’s already knocked off Chuck as well as the guy who will challenge for the light-heavyweight belt next, Forrest Griffin. Fights with Wanderlei Silva and Maurico Rua would be good options, but as the UFC’s only remaining superstar, Chuck will probably get what he wants — a chance to redeem himself. And that’s unfortunate, because a Liddell/Jardine rematch is the last thing we’d want to see.


The Masses Have Spoken: Hughes at #21

Matt Hughes in action
(Matt Hughes “taking it” from GSP.)

An entry on Matt Hughes’ official blog yesterday announced that his book “Matt Hughes – Made in America” has reached number 21 on the New York Times Best Seller List. Here’s the announcement:

We just got the NY Times bestseller list in, and MADE IN AMERICA is #21! Thanks to all the fans for making this happen.

I did in fact go to the New York Times website and did not see the former UFC welterweight champ’s book listed there. I was ready to scream bullshit, or cry wolf, or whatever else it is someone roars when they think they’ve been duped – or want to start a revolution. Then an edit popped up on Matt’s blog and it appears he may have pulled it off.

EDIT: If you go to the NY Times website, you will see a list posted there that is dated January 20th, 2008 and MADE IN AMERICA is not on that list. That list only reflects sales for the week ending January 5th. My book should be on the list for the week ending January 12th, which hasn’t been posted to their website yet; but it should be in a week or two.



Chuck Liddell: Elbow Deep in Skanks

(Above: Skanks.)

It seems that Wanderlei Silva isn’t the only one who wants to “fuck Chuck.” Post-UFC 79, the Iceman’s life has gone back to being one continuous afterparty, and as this TMZ video clearly shows, the club rats are literally hanging off of him to steal some of his man-essence. I guess this means the dude doesn’t need Anthony Robbins anymore…

Note to the Iceman: Remember when people were blaming your back-to-back losses on your hard-partying ways and loss of focus? This is kind of what they were referring to. I know it’s hard to turn down the rock star lifestyle when it presents itself as an option, but it’s not something that’s conducive to regaining the championship belt. Rampage can get away with that shit, but he has a personal relationship with God to balance it out. And as for the women? While you’re blowing out your testosterone on these party girls, dudes like Keith Jardine spend their evenings sharpening their teeth, whipping themselves with nail-studded belts, and bedding down with bitches like these. But I’m not Chuck Liddell, I’m just a blogger who’s never had the pleasure of banging more than three broads at once, so what do I know.


Guess Who’s #1 on MMA Power List?

(“I’ll tell you what I’d do, man: two chicks at the same time.”)

MMAPayout released it’s 2007 Power Rankings today, which ranks fighters by adding gross pay-per-view revenue ($40 per buy) and gross live gate revenue of the events they headlined last year. Fighters needed to headline a minimum of two events last year to be considered, and only pay-per-view shows were counted, which means that pretty much every fighter was eliminated from contention besides the six names on this list — but it’s still an interesting metric to see which fighters can put fans in seats and get them to buy events at home. And the winners are…

Chuck Liddell – $81.1 million (3 Events)
Randy Couture – $48.7 million (2)
Anderson Silva – $38.3 million (2)
Rashad Evans – $33.7 million (2)
Wanderlei Silva – $32.5 million (2)
Rich Franklin – $24.7 million (2)

Combined with last year’s results, you get:


Serra/St. Pierre Official for April; Lyoto Machida Offered Fight Against Tito Ortiz

NBCSports’ Mike Chiappetta reports that Matt Serra and Georges St. Pierre will meet again in April. The welterweight match-up will be about a year after GSP lost to the now inflated Serra. As you may recall, Serra was to defend his belt against Matt Hughes at the recent UFC 79, but had to drop out due to injury. GSP promptly jumped at the chance to take on Hughes for a third time, beating him easily for the interim (aka, bullshit) welterweight title. Serra said his back is getting better and he’ll be ready in April.

The April event – possibly to be on the 19th – will be in Montreal, the first UFC event to be held in Canada.


Top Eight Lamest Entrance Songs

8. Ed Herman We all know what the song is supposed to be about and we’re all wondering what business it has being an entrance song. It doesn’t even have a cool beat. But that didn’t stop Ed Herman from using ”In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins at UFC 72. I can feel it, coming in the…okay, that’s enough. [...]


Liddell vs. Silva: By the Numbers


MMA Madness gets all mathematical ‘n shit with UFC 79′s Liddell/Silva fight, analyzing the data from Fightmetric, the world’s first comprehensive MMA statistics system. The most interesting part is the round-by-round chart at the bottom of the page which shows how many of each type of strike the fighters landed to each section of their opponent’s body, but the breakdown is fairly insightful on its own. Some of the observations:

— “…it took Silva longer to throw his first punch (45 seconds) than it did for him to earn five of his 31 career victories.

— Although two judges scored the fight 30-27, “FightMetric clearly gives [the second] round to Silva by a score of 158-87, even after Liddell’s score is bolstered for the damage inflicted in the round that opened a cut on Silva’s right eyebrow.”

— “Silva’s jab-to-power strike ratio is absurd. Based on FightMetric’s database of statistics, the average fighter throws about 1.5 jabs for every power strike at distance, a ratio of three-to-two. Silva threw more than 2.5 power strikes for every jab thrown, a five-to-two ratio that is at odds with most fighters’ striking styles.”

Overall, Liddell wins the fight by a Fightmetric total score of 340-265. If you want to kill your productivity at work today, go to Fightmetric and start clicking around. Particularly notable is the insanely-detailed breakdown of the Michael Bisping/Matt Hamill match at UFC 75, which argues that Bisping did sneak off with rounds 2 and 3, though the first round was so lopsided that he would have lost if the fight was judged on total scoring, and not the outdated-for-MMA 10-point must system.


Liveblog: UFC 79

UFC 79

[Hey Guys and Gals, welcome to Cage Potato's liveblog for UFC 79: Nemesis.  Make sure to refresh the page every couple of minutes to get the latest updates and read my random - yet wise - thoughts throughout the night.  So kick back and enjoy after the jump!]