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New Hong Kong-Based K-1 Owner Partners With It’s Showtime; LW and HW GPs Salvaged

(See Zuffa, co-promotion can work.)

It’s Showtime announced today that it has signed a new deal with the new K-1 owners that will see both the lightweight and heavyweight tournaments continue as well as fighters contracted to the Dutch kickboxing organization participate on some of the previously Japanese-owned organization’s planned cards.

FEG sold the struggling promotion to Chinese businessman Michael Kim, who promptly attempted to distance it from the company’s spotted past by changing the name to K-1 Global (how original). Kim also atoned for the sins of his forefathers by agreeing to pay each of the It’s Showtime fighters previously owed money by FEG 50 percent of their outstanding pay as a signing bonus with his new promotion.


Scott Coker Talks Co-Promotion and Negotiations with Fedor, But is Conspicuously Mum About CBS Negotiations

("CBS? They suck. I’m not sure I want to work with them anymore.")

During today’s Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu conference call, the promotion’s CEO Scott Coker touched on some pressing questions, but was noticeably mum on others.

"You’re going to see big things," Coker teased when speaking of the California-based promotion’s plans for next year, but he didn’t say whether or not a return to CBS is in Strikeforce’s stacked deck of cards. In an interview he did earlier this month with Sherdog, Coker said that a reputable TV deal would have to be in place for him to entertain a co-promotion deal with the promotions, which could be a telling sign that CBS has taken his number off of speed dial.

He did mentione Showtime when discussing the ongoing, yet unfruitful negotiations with Fedor Emelianenko’s M-1 Global management team, but didn’t give a clue about the status of Strikeforce’s relationship with CBS, which many assume is dead in the water thanks to the Team Cesar Gracie-Jason Miller brawl that took place during their last telecast in April.

"It’s been quite a long road here with the M-1 camp trying to get this done. I agree with [M-1 director of operations] Evgeni [Kogan] that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel," Coker explained. "We would welcome Fedor to have a long term deal with Strikeforce fighting on Showtime and we’re trying to get this done. It’s not done yet, there’s nothing signed. So really there’s nothing to announce."


Joe Rogan Knows What’s Up; Says He Wishes the UFC Would Co-Promote to Make the Best Match-ups Possible

(Video courtesy YouTube/

In a segment he recorded with K-1 and HDNet commentator, Michael "The Voice" Schiavello for his podcast last week, UFC color analyst, Joe Rogan gave his thoughts on the UFC partnering with other organizations to bring fans the best fights possible.

From a business perspective, Rogan says he can’t see it happening, but from a fan perspective, he says he wishes his employer would just periodically forget about the competition and money for the sake of the sport.

"That’s a big problem to me that there’s all of these organizations. If there was just the UFC, Alistair would fight Brock. But Alistair would not have gotten to become Alistair if it wasn’t for fighting in all of these other organizations. There’s not enough fights in the UFC. There’s not enough shows. There’s only so many shows," Rogan explained. "We need other organizations. I just wish they could fucking figure out a way to work it out so they could get to fight each other. For one night. The problem is, it would have to be..The problem is the UFC is such a much bigger name and they’re worth so much more money and it would lend respectability to Strikeforce and like build up the enemy. You couldn’t really do it, unfortunately, business-wise, but FUUUCK!"


Strikeforce Also Looking Towards Co-Promotion With DREAM

Shinya Aoki Fedor Emelianenko MMA DREAM
(More oddball grappling exhibitions between fighters separated by four weight classes? Yes please! Photo courtesy of Sportsnavi)

From MMA Fanhouse:

Strikeforce and DREAM are expected to announce a partnership shortly that could see an exchange of fighters between the two promotions. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker revealed Monday night in a radio appearance on The Carmichael Dave Show that the No. 2 MMA promotion in America will enter into an "alliance" with Fighting Entertainment Group, the parent company of the No. 1 MMA promotion in Japan…
"We’ve talked about [the partnership] for a long time," Coker said. "It’s finally going to happen now so maybe [Sergei] Kharitonov could fight Fedor at some point."

Affliction Could Hook Up with Golden Boy, But HBO Prospects Look Dim

(Is Golden Boy ready to get in the game?)

The trouble with announcing that you’re about to make a big announcement is that people start chipping away at it, trying to spoil your surprise. It’s been less than twenty-four hours since Affliction “rescheduled” its October 11 event, and the rumors are flying. COO Michael Cohen told NBC Sports that he expected Fedor Emelianenko to be added to the event, now back at the Honda Center in January, but who would he face?

Reached for comment earlier today, Cohen told me he wasn’t sure yet whether Fedor would face “Andrei Arlovski or someone else.” When asked where that left Josh Barnett, he replied, “or Josh Barnett.”

In other words, Fedor will fight the always-formidable ‘TBA’ for Affliction in January, but that’s obviously not the big announcement. Rumor has it that it more likely involves a partnership of some sort with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions. You may recall that Golden Boy was said to be on board back in the beginning, but supposedly dropped out after the announcement was made prematurely before issues of control were completely ironed out.

Affliction isn’t making that mistake again. When asked about a potential Golden Boy partnership or co-promotion, Cohen said he could not “confirm or deny” those rumors. He offered the same response when asked whether this might open the door for them to land a deal with HBO, although HBO seems to be rejecting that notion outright, according to Director of Media Relations, Kevin Flaherty:

“HBO is not in discussions with any MMA organization presently. Our sports programming plate is full.”

For now Golden Boy seems like the frontrunner for this big announcement, but what will that mean for Affliction? A possible MMA/boxing venture, or just some promotional and financial aid? Affliction is tight-lipped for the moment, not wanting to ruin the surprise, but Cohen assured us, ““When we make the announcement the reasons for this will all be self-evident.”

MMA fans have heard that one before, as Cohen acknowledged.

“The difference is,” he said, “we’re not just announcing a toy line.”