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Tag: Condom Depot Loses UFC Ass-Privileges

Chris Leben Condom Depot UFC
(Luckily, Chris Leben has picked up a new sponsor:

Zuffa’s lengthy blacklist of companies who aren’t allowed to sponsor fighters just increased by one very notable name. Brace yourself, fans of responsible sex —‘s logo will no longer be gracing the backs of any UFC/WEC fighters’ shorts. From CondomDepot marketing director Jennifer Amato, via BloodyElbow:

"Dana White Took Food From The Mouths of Our Sponsored Fighters Just In Time For Christmas! Sorry Spencer, Josh, Gabe, Jake and everyone else…
We have been notified that we have been Banned From the UFC and WEC!
We have provided fighters 100′s of thousands of dollars DIRECTLY over the last 2 years but can no longer do so! Not to mention word came down during AIDS awareness month!!
UFC a Classy Organization runned by an even Classier Guy."

These sponsor-bannings usually result from either personal vendettas (see: Affliction, Dethrone, and RVCA‘s sponsorship of Fedor Emelianenko) or the UFC’s understandable desire to present their brand in the best possible light (see: Hoelzer Reich). It’s not clear if anything hostile happened behind the scenes between CondomDepot and Zuffa, but you have to admit that the phrase "Condom Depot" on a man’s ass was suggestive in a very unfortunate way. Still, fighters have to feed their families, and the UFC doesn’t always make it easy for them to do so.