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Phil Davis Trolled the Sh*t Out of Jon Jones During Yesterday’s UFC 172 Conference Call

(Via MMA H.E.A.T.)

We don’t normally listen to pre-event conference calls for a multitude of reasons, the most obvious being that we are only allowed to participate in them when using a fake name/publication (mine being Chip Chessworth of That these calls are typically chock-full of the same softball “sports journalism” questions and answers we’ve heard a thousand times over (and sound as if they were recorded on a potato) only solidifies our stance, but yesterday’s UFC 172 conference call proved to be a rare exception to the rule we established earlier in this sentence.

Jon Jones, Glover Teixeira, Phil Davis, and Anthony Johnson were on hand to answer questions ahead of their respective showdowns this weekend. Roughly five minutes into the call, the conversation shifted to the possibility of Jones moving up to heavyweight for a fight with Cain Velasquez as he had previously hinted at. When Jones stated that he was no longer interested in the fight because he had plenty of challenges left in his actual weight class, Davis used the opportunity to needle the shit out of the champion to hilarious effect.

We’ve cued you up to the first exchange above, but join us after the jump for the full transcription (via Bleacher Report) because like we said, shit was recorded on a potato.


‘TUF 17′ Media Call Quote-a-Thon: Show Moving Off Fridays (!), Jones Tears Into Sonnen, Matchup ‘Makes Sense’ + More

(Full audio from the call, via MMAFightingonSBN)

TUF 17 coaches Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, along with UFC president Dana White and FX exec Chuck Saftler, hosted a media conference call yesterday in which they promoted the upcoming season and fielded questions from baffled reporters. It was a lively affair, marked by an unusually aggressive Jon Jones — Chael tends to bring that out of people — and some interesting revelations about the future of The Ultimate Fighter. Here are some highlights…

FX is moving TUF off Friday nights, and preparing for a war with Spike: “The show is going to move off of Friday nights,” Saftler said. “I can’t confirm the day right now, but it’s definitely moving off of Friday, it’s definitely moving to a weekday. There will be an announcement on that somewhere in the next 30 to 45 days. But I will say that Spike should watch their ass. Spike clearly has been dogging us for most of this year…by trying to create viewer confusion and scheduling old episodes against ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and trying to pass them off as new content. They’ll be off of the UFC game effective in January. They’re going to try to launch a new product, there’s going to try to launch their own reality show that competes with ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ or does a very similar thing with their Bellator product. We watched how they behaved, and we’re well aware of their behavior and how they’ve acted competitively…I’m not ready to commit to (scheduling TUF directly against the Bellator show on Spike), but we’re certainly going to be watching how they schedule, what they schedule and where they schedule.”

Jones vs. Sonnen “made sense,” according to Dana White: “Basically, we got the word when Jon went out and got his elbow checked, that he was out and couldn’t come back until April,” White explained. “So it made sense* for him to do The Ultimate Fighter. Why block up [the division]? Machida can fight. Dan Henderson can fight. Gustafsson and Shogun are going to fight in December. Everything will keep right on moving…These guys will both coach The Ultimate Fighter. They’ll fight when the season’s over, and then whoever’s next in line at 205 pounds can fight Jon Jones** next for the title.”


According to Dana White, Nate Diaz and Johny Hendricks Will Receive a Title Shot With A Win Saturday

(Pictured above: Nate Diaz and a pre-beard Johny Hendricks.) 

Yesterday, the UFC and FOX held an open media conference call, which featured UFC President Dana White, middleweight contender and FOX analyst Brian Stann, and Fox Sports Media Group Co-President Eric Shanks taking questions prior to this weekend’s UFC on FOX event. Among the questions to come up was one regarding the likelihood of the Nate Diaz/Jim Miller winner receiving the next title shot at 155 pounds. True to form, Dana White did not beat around the bush, declaring that to be true for at least half of the participants involved:

Should Diaz win, Diaz is definitely getting a title shot. Should Miller win, Miller’s probably going to be a fight or two away.

White when on to state that the same applied for Johny Hendricks should he get past Josh Koscheck on Saturday, whereas our boy Fraggle would have to get a couple more wins under his belt. Considering that both Koscheck and Miller recently suffered losses to the current champions of their respective weight classes (twice over if your Koscheck), this seems to make sense.


UFC 129 Conference Call Highlights and Audio

If you’ve ever wondered what UFC conference calls are like, they’re pretty much the same as the UFC pre and post-fight press conferences, featuring the same reporters asking the same questions and typically getting the same replies.

Today’s first half of the two scheduled UFC 129 conference calls which featured Mark Hominick, Jose Aldo, Lyoto Machida and Randy Couture, was somewhat overshadowed by Couture’s retirement announcement that made the rounds this morning. Most of the questions (and a few separate congratulatory messages) were directed at Couture from writers wanting to know if he would keep his word this time, why he made the decision and what he would do next. One even asked Machida how he felt being involved in “The Natural’s” last fight. I was surprised that some of the journos on the call didn’t ask Aldo and Hominick what they thought about Randy calling it a career.

I kind of felt bad for Hominick and Aldo, who, although aren’t quitting fighting ARE fighting as the co-headliners in a championship bout on the largest scale MMA card in North American history. Priorities people. Randy will be available to answer questions about his retirement plans after the fight.

A few tidbits and the audio from the call are after the jump.


Fedor Not a Fan of UFC’s ‘Negativity’

(Fedor doesn’t ask for relentless positivity, he demands it.)

After showing up fashionably late for yesterday’s Strikeforce media conference call with upcoming foe Fabricio Werdum, Fedor Emelianenko did his usual song and dance about respect for his opponent, trust in God and love of country. You may have read about all of that in the recap provided through the Friday link dump. But aside from expounding on his own core beliefs, the world’s consensus No. 1-ranked heavyweight also slipped in a dig at the competition during an exchange not featured in the Dump’s version of events.   

According to a report from’s Mike Chiappetta, Fedor commented that he doesn’t totally approve of how our friends in Las Vegas are running their organization:

"I’m not a UFC fan," Fedor said through an interpreter.


King of San Jose: The Conference Call


JarryPark has the technical-difficulty-ridden audio to today’s EliteXC/Strikeforce conference call, where Frank Shamrock and Cung Le pumped up their battle on March 29th; Gary Shaw, Jake Shields, and Drew Fickett were also in tele-attendance. Some highlights:

— Shaw predicts the live gate to exceed $1 million.

— Frank: “Like most people, [Cung's] afraid to go to the ground with me.”

— Shaw on not pursuing the Randy/Fedor fight for EliteXC: “I do not tortiously interfere with anybody’s contract or any fighter. I respect the fighter, I respect the contract, and believe it or not I respect the UFC. I have had talks with Fedor, I don’t deny that, but I have not approached Randy Couture, and I can’t approach Randy until I know that he’s out of everything with the UFC. But I’d be thrilled to put it on…I’d sign it in less than a heartbeat.”

— Frank on a fight with Tito Ortiz: “I think it’s a great idea…there’s a lot of strength and brand value in some of these old-timers like myself, Tito, guys like Ken. I’ve been talking to Tito about it and we’re trying to work it out. Hopefully it’ll come to fruition ten years after I last whupped him. I beat him on striking last time when my striking was really terrible. Now my striking is ten years more advanced and my conditioning is even better. I just think I would destroy him, but it would still be a great money fight and a great story.”

— Shaw: “The biggest belt I wear is the one around my fat waist. On a serious note…”

— Frank: “To me it’s about how big we can make a promotion, how much attention we can draw to it…I’d rather fight a guy like Phil Baroni who can sell a match like nobody else in the world — and who can take a beating like nobody else in the world — than a champion who can’t put two sentences together and who doesn’t draw big crowds.”

— Frank on bro Ken’s last loss: “I was pretty disappointed in his performance. I don’t know if he’s still got the heart of a lion in him…I know Ken’s skill level, and I just think he’s having trouble connecting his desire with his mind and his body, and putting all that together to be an exciting fighter.”

— Shaw: “On a serious note, [Ken] was sick that night. He got some type of stomach ailment so he didn’t go into the cage 100%, but he absolutely told me he’s still got enough left to take your ass.” [Frank laughs] “Alright, you’re laughin’.”

Also: Tomorrow, EliteXC will make an announcement regarding the fights on their first CBS card. Stay tuned.


“I try to keep as behaved as I can.”


The IFL held a media conference call today with Chris Horodecki and Jay Hieron, who answered reporters’ questions about their upcoming bouts for the lightweight and welterweight titles (respectively) at the IFL World Grand Prix. Full audio from the call is available at Jarry Park. We’ll save you some time — the questions that CagePotato was able to ask are below:

Both of you fought [in the IFL] as L.A. Anacondas. What’s the best advice or fighting tip you’ve ever gotten from Bas Rutten?
Jay Hieron: When [Bas] fights, he definitely gets over-aggressive and he wants to finish fights so quick that he had to write “relax” on his arm, so I tried it in one of my fights and I believe that helped me out a little bit, to basically stay more relaxed out there. And like Chris just said before with the knockout situation [regarding a question about Horodecki's apparent lack of a knockout punch], let stuff come, don’t force anything and it will come.
Chris Horodecki: I really admire Bas, too, outside the thing, just the type of person he is. He’s got a great heart and he really stresses balance in and out of the ring, and taking your mind away from fighting when the job is done. You train hard, and then you gotta rest hard. I think that’s important too.

Chris, I know the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. Does it bother you not being able to go out for a few cocktails with the guys in L.A. because of the drinking age of 21 in the States?
Horodecki: After the fight, I’m pretty quick to go home, but I try to keep as behaved as I can while in the States. In terms of being out here [at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas], it makes it real easy to not get distracted. It’s not available to me. Back home I can go out all the time, but I’m here so it’s just business right now.

Are there any other drawbacks you see to being younger than everyone else you fight and train with?
Horodecki: Not really. I think it’s a benefit. I’m just starting out, I’m not racing the clock. A lot of fighters are starting their careers and they’re racing the clock to get in as many fights and do their thing before they hit their peak, so I think that’s an advantage to myself. I’m just real fortunate.

Unfortunately, a subsequent question about “crazy fan experiences” didn’t result in any entertaining anecdotes.

The IFL World Grand Prix goes down on December 29 and will be broadcast live from Uncasville, CT, on HDNet.