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Caption Contest: Win a Random DVD From Danga’s Vault!!

(The Greatest and The Realest, seen here discussing Russian trade policies and how to properly roll a blunt. via Martin Sano Jr.)

Can I level with you for a second, Nation? I’ve spent the last two days combatting a sickness something awful — chest congestion, stomach bug, milk leg, hot tub foot, scrotal migraines…the whole nine. It’s just been an absolute bacchanal of contamination and infection going on inside my body, the root of which I highly speculate to be the cobra whiskey I bought off a street urchin in (Boston) Chinatown earlier in the week.

But having awoken today with the internal storm mostly behind me, I feel like switching things up and passing along the positive vibes to you, the readers, with a good old fashioned caption contest. Lucky for me, this photo of Fedor Emelianenko and Nick Diaz made its way onto r/mma this morning, giving me/you the perfect opportunity to cash in on my newfound generosity.

You know the deal by now. Come up with your best captions for this photo — either in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page if said comments section isn’t working (which, let’s be honest, it probably isn’t). If you’re funny enough, you’ll win a random DVD from my extensive video library. Will it be an event DVD, like UFC 91 or 111? An unapologetically terrible movie starring an MMA fighter, like In the Blood or Scorpion King XVIII? Or maybe just highlights from my family trip to Myrtle Beach? BRING THE FUNNY AND FIND OUT!


UFC Fighters and the (Fictional) Crimes They’ve Committed: The Winners!

(Dennis Hallman — Catfishing. Photo via Esther Lin/MMAFighting.)

Last week’s “UFC Fighters and the Fictional Crimes They’ve Committed” contest, if nothing else, proved that MMA-themed comedy is not as easy as it sounds. If you don’t believe me, just ask that MMA Roasted guy (*mimes shotgun blast*). There were some mildly amusing entries among your overplayed and plain confusing attempts at humor, however, so let’s get to the honorable mentions…

Rick Gemi: Rashad Evans – Brandishing a stanky leg without a license

Brad Fowler: Ben Henderson — receiving stolen property (decisions)

Jay Smith: Brock Lesnar — Impersonating a UFC fighter

Travis Anderson: Tim Sylvia — Public Defecation

Just so you guys are aware, dropping a Tim Sylvia poop joke will earn you an honorable mention at the minimum in all future contests, as per the CagePotato mandate.

And now, the winners…


Heads Up, Taters: Now’s Your Chance to Win a (Potentially Quite Awkward) Day in the Life of Rory MacDonald!

If there’s anything we’ve learned about UFC welterweight contender Rory “Mini Rush” MacDonald over the past few years it’s that he loves to fight and he loves to shop. And now thanks to his sponsor, Ecko, you can join him for a little of both!

Cool, right? Well, yeah, but also…kinda strange. We guess it really depends on what you bring to the table.

Because if you, your buddy that you get to bring and Rory, like, totally click, you’ll be sure to have fun during this day of “private” training and shopping with “Ares.” Hell, you guys will probably all stay in touch afterwards and tell inside jokes over Skype once a week while eating popcorn. On the off chance that doesn’t happen, however, it might get a lil’ awkward for some non-athlete to have a private training session with a world class fighter and then, because this is totally something that lots of strangers do together, go clothes shopping together at an Ecko store.

Does Rory watch you shop? Do you watch him shop? Will there be a montage of one of you trying on different outfits while the other approves or disapproves? Also, R-Mac doesn’t seem that lively and verbose from interviews with strangers that we’ve seen, so is talking kind of out of the question? So many questions about this wonderful day to come.


[VIDEO] Insult Bob Sapp & Win a Chance to Corner Him at CFC 21 in Australia!

(Just don’t expect a chance to offer him advice in between rounds.) 

As you surely know by this point, Potato Nation, we are not the biggest fans of Bob Sapp. The man known as “The Beast” manages to somehow set the bar lower each time he steps into the ring, to the point that, if you don’t offer him a way out of the fight, he will simply collapse like he was hit with a stray bullet and roll around on the ground until the referee steps in. In fact, it’s safe to say that when all is said and done, Bob Sapp will probably go down as the worst fighter in the sport’s history (though from a technical standpoint, he is still leagues beyond Robert Burneika). And apparently we aren’t the only ones who share this sentiment.

But let today, May 2nd, 2012, forever be known as the day that Sapp redeemed at least part of his sham of a career, if not all of it. Fed up with all the “keyboard warrior” criticisms he has received in the past…ten years (many of which find their way to his Wikipedia page), Sapp is giving all you haters the chance to nut up or shut up. After Bob takes on Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 19 on May 12th, he will square off against UFC veteran Soa Palelei at CFC 21 in Australia just six days later. To help promote the event, Sapp is not only giving one lucky “fan” a chance to corner him for the fight, but he will also give said fan $300, a round trip ticket to Australia, hotel accommodations, and VIP access to the event.

And what do you have to enter this contest, you ask? The answer is simple: Create a video demonstrating your admiration or hatred of Bob Sapp and why you’d like to be in his corner, and post it on your Youtube account. We know, right? This contest is practically designed for you angst-ridden SOB’s.

Check out the video, along with the full contest details, after the jump. 


And the Winners of the CagePotato Kountermove Contest Are…

(“Hey Ryan, phone’s for you.”)

Thanks to everyone who entered our Kountermove contest and to everyone who signed up for our free UFC 145 Kountermove tourney last week. We had such an overwhelming response that the room is now full. Also thanks to Crooklyn for setting up the contest and Kountermove for sponsoring it.

Make sure you support the site by buying into one of the upcoming tournaments.

Check to see if you won after the jump.


Contest: Get In On CP’s Free UFC 145 Kountermove Fantasy Pool for Your Chance to Win Cash and Prizes

Like with most other major sports, fantasy games are becoming integral to the MMA fan experience.  Fantasy MMA adds to the enjoyment experienced while watching MMA events by enabling fans to compare their knowledge against others — either for bragging rights or for cash prizes.  In addition to adding more enjoyment to the fan experience, fantasy games promote the sport in general by engaging fans with fighters they may otherwise ignore.

As a coach on season one of The Ultimate Fighter, Randy Couture recognized the similar multi-faceted promotional value that the show had, which prompted him to partner with Kountermove,  the newest fantasy MMA website on the block that has grown immensely in popularity since going live four months ago.

“The great thing about The Ultimate Fighter is that it drives fan interest to lesser-known fighters,” Couture explains. “I got involved in Kountermove for that reason.”

Kountermove boasts more than 5,000 players, has paid out over $50,000 in cash prizes thus far and has steadily increased its prize pools to keep up with its membership boon. Since launching in November of last year, Kountermove has quickly become one of the most popular of the MMA fantasy sites and one of a select few that allows play for cash prizes. The site is neither a “pick ‘em game,” nor a “betting simulation,” unlike the other major fantasy sites, as it uses actual fight data, such as strikes landed and takedowns, to determine the winner.

Find out how the Kountermove is hooking up the Potato Nation after the jump.


TrauMMA Combat Apparel Presents: The Last-Minute UFC 144 ‘Sexyama’ Photoshop Contest

(“There was the time… No. Wait, I remember once in second grade… No.  I guess I have always been sexy.”)

Our friends at TrauMMA Combat Apparel have generously provided us with three autographed Yoshihiro Akiyama UFC 144 walkout shirts so we could award them to three lucky winners using whatever criteria we saw fit to use to decide.

Since we’re all fans of Photoshop goodness, we figured why not do a Sexyama-themed PS contest?


And the Winners of This Week’s Caption Contest Are….

(“I’ll be there in a minute, mom. First I need to go pwn these noobs on CagePotato.”)

After reading through the entries for this week’s caption contest, we have one thing to say: “Damn we miss our old kids. Those fuckers were funny and they didn’t bitch a quarter as much as you little bastards.”

But like any good parent, we just smile and lie through our teeth when we tell everyone how smart and great you ugly neanderthals are. We’re stuck with you, so we might as well make the best of it, right…*cough….Xeno…cough*?

Anyway, since we had to pick a winner, we chose the three that sucked the least. Seriously. We gave you guys three chances to knock it out of the park and the best you did was the equivalent LOL-wise of a Family Circus comic? Son, I am disappoint.

Check them out below, and remember that it ain’t easy to be funny, as you can tell by most of the entries we received.

*drops mic and walks away like Andrew Dice Clay*


And the Winner of the Haywire Caption Contest Is…

(“I’d like you to go in there and switch outfits with Ewan. And that’s not a suggestion if you ever want to work in Hollywood again.”)

We had some somewhat hilarious (and many, many more not so hilarious) entries in last week’s Haywire caption contest, but unfortunately for everyone else who wanted a shirt with a picture of Gina Carano choking out Michael Fassbender on it, there can only be one winner.

First, let’s take a look at our runners up, who win nothing but the satisfaction of knowing they made someone nearly laugh kinda smile with something they posted on the Internet.

Here are some of our *other* favorites in no particular order:

Kid Clam Curtains:
Steven: “…so you combine the two words and you get the term ‘gunt’.”
Gina: “Haha NOW it makes sense.”
Ewan: “Wait, I still don’t get it.”

Ewan McGregor: “Ooohhh you beat up people for a living, i thought you said beat off…. Well this is awkward.”

Soderbergh: “Seriously. That guy that just left. Paxton or Pullman? I have no idea.”

“You realize I could kill you and the chick with the scarf in the blink of any eye?”

Gina Carano and Ewan McGregor meet a young jewish boy riddled with cancer. Another wish fulfilled.

Check out the winner after the jump.


Contest: Caption This Photo for a Chance to Win a ‘Haywire’ Prize Pack

(“Avehay ouyay eensay atwhay wanehay is earingway?” “I owknay. I inkthay atthay is ymay arfscay.” “Guys, I know pig latin. And Gina, you can have your scarf back after the premiere.”)

The fine folks at Relativity Media have generously offered us a Haywire prize-pack to give away to one lucky reader who comes up with the best caption for the photo above.

The rules are simple: post your best (or worst) subtitle for the candid shot of Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor and Steven Soderbergh  above from last week’s premiere for the film in the comment section by 6:00 pm ET today for your chance to take home some swag from the movie including a Haywire t-shirt, bracelet and mini-poster. One entry per reader. The winner will be announced Monday.