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Farewell, ‘Teh GIFs’: IronForgesIron the Latest Target of UFC’s Internet Fun-Police

(We know exactly how you feel, Rich. / Props: @zprophet_mma)

By George Shunick

Over the past year, has become an integral part of the online MMA community, in no small part due to the .gifs made by current site owner Zombie Prophet. These .gifs capture moments in the sport that can represent the highlights of a fight, or epitomize the character contained in its content. These .gifs take time and effort to make, and money to host online, but that hasn’t stopped ZP from pursuing his craft and contributing to the sport in his own way. So where time, effort, and money have failed, the UFC is apparently more than happy to step in. Yesterday, the UFC threatened IronForgesIron with litigation pertaining to copyright infringement, citing Zombie Prophets’ .gifs as “unauthorized videos.”

The email, from Edward Muncey, Vice-President of New Media & Technology, reads:

“Dear representative of and,

We are absolutely confident that the web pages through the links below are participating in contributory copyright infringement by embedding unauthorized videos in the form of .gif’s from UFC 147. Below, I have provided the URLs of the web pages on your website containing the embedded .gif’s displaying unauthorized video of UFC 147. Please remove all embedded .gif’s immediately. Description of copyrighted work: UFC 147”

Since this has been made public, all of the UFC 147 .gifs have been taken down. Zombie Prophet has issued a statement on the matter, clarifying that he would be removing advertisements from the site so as not to profit off of the UFC’s copyrighted material. As a result, all the funding IronForgesIron will receive going forward will be from donations. ZP also thanked his supporters, and explained how making and hosting .gifs isn’t as easy as we might think it is: