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TUF 11 Fighter Rich Attonito’s Guest Blog: Episode 6

Rich Attonito Thiago Alves ATT UFC TUF 11 Ultimate Fighter
(Richie Two Times poses with Ol’ Glue-Head. Photo courtesy of the Rich Attonito Fan Page on Facebook.)

In the latest installment of his TUF 11 guest-blog, Team Liddell’s Rich Attonito tells you everything you need to know about hot tubs, cold pools, Chuck’s pre-dodgeball jitters, and the baffling result of last night’s fight. Enjoy.

With Team Liddell up 4-1 on Team Ortiz, we start to see some doubt arising from Tito’s squad. Kyacey felt like Kris may have been over-trained leading up to his fight. McCray seemed to gas-out in the second and third rounds, which raised some concern. Kris’s wind may have failed him, but his toughness carried him through. I haven’t seen a guy take punches like that since Vinny the Chin, the Long Island legend from YouTube.

I remember over-training being a concern in my mind going into the show. If you run your body down too much and don’t give it enough recovery time, you’ll begin to physically break down and become more susceptible to injury. I knew that both coaches would push their teams hard, which is perfectly fine because that’s what we are there for. But the lack of time in between training sessions to rest and the intensity that had to be continuously maintained, day in and day out, was definitely a cause of concern for many people. Trusting the coaches and their methodology of training and experience was critical in this setting.

To combat the effects of hard training and soreness, at night when the practices were finished for the day, everyone would jump into the pool at the house. The pool was pretty much as cold as any ice bath you could take. It was so cold it would burn when you got in. It was tougher for some guys then for others. McCray and Tavares would swim around no problem like they were in an eighty degree pool at a country club. I remember one time Kris was doing the backstroke across the pool and spitting water out of his mouth. Brad would often dive off of the hot tub and into the pool doing can-openers, suicides, and cannonballs. It wouldn’t take long before the rest of the guys starting joining in.


TUF 11.6 Recap: Don’t Go There, Sister

TUF 11 Chuck Liddell Ultimate Fighter

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m still reeling from the horrible decision on last night’s episode. Seriously, the way the judges scored Nick Ring vs. Court McGee made Garcia vs. Jung look like Brown vs. Board of Education. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning…

Kyacey Uscola is pissed that Coach Tito had Kris McCray doing intense plyometrics in the days leading up to his fight, which might have sapped his energy. McCray doesn’t feel he was overtrained, and his boy Jamie Yager appreciates that he didn’t make any excuses: "I’m proud of you that you went out there and did your dizzle. ‘Nuff said." James Hammortree thinks Tito is just pushing them to their limits, and "some of us haven’t had that before." To Nick Ring, the TUF workouts feel like a vacation compared to what he normally does.

Kyacey’s bad vibes get back to Tito, so he arranges an Airing of Grievances. Tito defends his methods to Kyacey, explaining that he’s training his guys to fight back to back to back, and points out that Kyacey’s cardio has visibly improved since he entered the house. Tito doesn’t doubt himself, despite the score, which is 4-1 in Chuck’s favor. He still feels that the fighter who gets his hand raised at the end of the show will be a Team Punishment member.