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Media Assault of the Day: Rachelle Leah’s Playboy Push

(Daniel Craig interview? This is big news!)

As you probably already know, Rachelle Leah, former Octagon girl and current host of UFC All Access, appears on the cover of November’s Playboy. This isn’t related to the sport of MMA in any real way, but it’s an excuse to plaster her picture all over the place so no one is really complaining. Except there’s something weird going on here.

Below are excerpts from a Yahoo! MMA story on Leah, a story on her, and the official press release from Playboy. Two of those organizations are expected to shamelessly push this story on us. One is…not expected to do that. See if you can tell which is which without cheating:

Excerpt A:

Rachelle was an ordinary Las Vegas girl, studying to be a paramedic while doing some modeling on the side when her photo was taken at a boxing match and posted on the web. Soon after, that photo was discovered by the UFC and she was gracefully strutting around the 8-sided cage as an official Octagon Girl.

Despite promising never to climb into The Octagon for a match herself, Rachelle admits to being attracted to the kind of raw energy and excitement found at a UFC fight. “Any extreme sport is pretty much up my alley,” explains Rachelle. “I like to dirt-bike. I wakeboard in the summer. I snowboard in the winter. I skateboard—I do it all.”

Excerpt B:

Yeah, she’s Playboy’s November cover girl, which will hit newsstands on Friday. She was the UFC’s most popular octagon girl and she just signed a deal as a spokesmodel with Anheuser-Busch. While none of those jobs require a degree from Harvard, it’s selling Leah short to believe she’s making a living solely from her looks.

She is brash and thoughtful and introspective and witty and plenty crafty. She uses her share of coarse language, her conversation invariably turns to sports and, most significantly, guys, she loves – absolutely loves – mixed martial arts.

Excerpt C:

Playboy is a big deal, and has been home to pictorials from the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson to Cindy Crawford and Kim Kardashian. So when the offer to appear in the magazine (and on the cover) was presented to the 24-year old model and actress, it was something that she took very seriously.

“The main reason I did it was because to be on the cover of Playboy is a huge honor,” she said. “And I’m open-minded; I’m not the type of girl that’s like ‘oh my God, you should never be nude.’ But I am the type of girl that says you should never be nude if it’s not done right, and I knew that it was going to be done right.”

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