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Luke Cummo Wanted by Police for Threatening Ex-Wife, Releases New Vlogs While in Hiding [WTF, DUDE]

(Man, even Luke’s selfies are weird. / Photo via Luke’s Instagram.)

Former UFC fighter/current schizophrenic video-blogger Luke Cummo is wanted by the police, reports the New York Post.

Their report claims that Cummo sent threatening emails to his ex-wife, which prompted the police to visit Cummo’s home in Valley Stream, NY.

However, videos on Luke Cummo’s YouTube channel tell a slightly different story, specifically a video he posted yesterday. First of all, he seems to believe that his ex-wife was threatened by his videos rather than any email he sent her. He made this claim on a phone call with a friend, after the New York Post broke the news. (Cummo asked his friend what the headline said, presumably referring to the Post article.) He also referenced the amount of cops that showed up to his house. In this same video, he offered to sell medicinal pot.

On November 4th, Cummo posted a more depressing video. He telephoned a deputy sheriff who informed Cummo that a warrant was out for his arrest and that he missed a court date (judging from his other videos, this wasn’t the first time he missed court). The video took a heart-wrenching turn when Cummo called his father, who tried to talk some sense into his son but to no avail.


‘WTF?’ of the Day: Kimo Leopoldo is Alive and Well and Belly-Flopping Three Stories Into Motel Pools

(Props: THEkimoleopoldo via HammerFisted)

Kimo Leopoldo — everybody’s favorite officer-impersonating, meth-possessing death-hoax victim — may be long out of the MMA game, but he hasn’t stopped living, you dig? dug up the above video, taken this summer, which shows Kimo ascending a staircase at some sort of motel or apartment complex or assisted living facility, then diving into a pool from three stories up. Well, "diving" might be an overstatement. He basically falls into the water in the most painful-looking way possible.

But as we’ve learned in the past, Kimo Leopoldo is indestructible. He will remain above-ground even after War Machine dies of syphilis, even after Dan Quinn drives into an oncoming semi while shouting down Fred Reeva in his final video blog. Kimo gets out of the water, shouts "Awright," demands to know how the splash was, and explains "I hadda like, not let my second-guess guess me on that one." We’d say that’s good advice for anybody…


Don’t Tell Anybody, You Guys, But Antonio McKee is About to Sign with the UFC

(Antonio McKee: Good at fighting, terrible at keeping secrets. PicProps: Sherdog)

Antonio McKee went on Sherdog’s The Savage Dog Show this week in the wake of his victory over Luciano Azevedo and pretty much screamed into his phone for 40 minutes. The effect was dizzying actually, and hosts Greg Savage and Jeff Sherwood could really do nothing about it but sit back and laugh while McKee ranted. There is frankly no way to do it all justice in blog form, but some of McKee’s major bullet points included: He still suspects a vast conspiracy against him and his gym; that he knew he would stop Azevedo in the first round at MFC 26 because he saw it in a vision; that he thinks elbows should be outlawed in MMA because he’s too dangerous when he can use them; and also, that he cried and had to go to church to seek forgiveness after beating Azevedo so badly during their bout.

In midst of these ramblings McKee let slip that, although he hasn’t signed anything yet, he’s currently in contract talks for a four-fight deal with the UFC. Apparently not understanding that he was on a live radio show at the time – and hey, who has time for details when there’s so much shouting to be done? — McKee asked Sherdog not to tell anybody about that until after the deal was finalized. A very short transcript is after the jump.


Matt Horwich is the New Middleweight Champion of the Multiverse

(“Matt Horwich’s ‘Infinitely Accelerating Current Of Creativity’ is a searing literary masterpiece … an engrossing epic about the triumph of the human spirit.” – New York Times Book Review. VidProps: YouTube/KarynBryant)

Lost in the shuffle of our despair over Jens Pulver’s sixth straight defeat and the tedium of Tim Sylvia slouching all over Paul Buentello at PWP’s War on the Mainland show this weekend was that longtime MMA journeyman and noted insane-iac Matt Horwich won the promotion’s middleweight title with a fourth-round submission over Thales Leites. Long a practitioner of Nogueira-style Zombie Fighting – wherein you take as many punches to the face necessary to get the fight to the ground – Horwich weathered some early bluster from Leites before locking on a rear naked choke with less than a minute left in the first championship round. That’s just how the undead do, playboy.

Also true to form, shit didn’t really start to get weird until the post-fight interview, when MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant caught up with Horwich to get his thoughts on life, the universe and everything. Horwich was only too happy to oblige, talking about his poetry, the relativity of subatomic particles, string theory and submission grappling. If you want to see a textbook example of a reporter doing the “smile and nod” check out Bryant at the 58-second mark, when Horwich mentions for the first time what a “beautiful multiverse” we live in. Cuz she’s a straight-up pro, Bryant immediately marshals the troops and asks Horwich if he’s “going to write a song” about this win. I mean, of course he is. Later, Bryant says something about a fight being a “unity of two bodies.” Dude, Karyn, inappropriate.


Well-Informed Fight Expert Explains How He Would Beat the Inbred ‘Feedor Emelenkio’

(Props: DementedRants via adrenochrome)

Dan Quinn, you have competition. The new up-and-comer in the YouTube Crackpot division is a 51-year-old dude calling himself Damian Demento, who releases talk-radio-style blowhard rants on MMA, pro-wrestling, and marijuana. He’s a very angry person, and his latest hostility-target is Fedor Emelianenko. Despite the fact that Demento didn’t watch the fight on Saturday, he wasn’t too impressed by Fedor’s performance, or the predictable head-hunting style of Brett Rogers. For the benefit of all us stupid MMA fans, he explains how he’d be able to defeat the fighter that he knows as "Feedor Emelenkio." Basically, generations of Soviet inbreeding have produced Fedor’s trademark dwarfed head and thick skull, and what you really need to do is put the boots to his belly. And Fedor would fall for it, because he’s no smarter than Brock Leznahr or Chuck Little. If you enjoyed this rant, please check out "HOW I CAN BEAT BROCK LESNAR and "PROOF UFC IS FAKE." I tell you, after a few hits of PCP, this guy begins to make a lot of sense.

Speaking of shit that makes me laugh…