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Fight of the Day: Croatian Dude Gets Rocked, Responds With Flying Armbar

We honestly have no idea who Sasa Drobac is. A quick Google search of his name led us to a Croatian MMA League website which goes by — we shit you not — “Only Men Stuff.” If you didn’t click on that link, we wouldn’t blame you is all we’re saying. But the fact of the matter is, we don’t really need to know anything about Drobac to know that the dude is a badass in the truest sense of the word. Just check out the above video of his fight last weekend and try to tell us otherwise.

After getting caught with a front kick to the chest and eating a flurry of punches that would have made a sans-steroids Alistair Overeem crumble to the mat in agony (RELEVANCE), Drobac proceeds to leap into a counter flying armbar so beautifully timed that I think it gave me an STD. Hopefully it’s one of the fun ones, because chlamydia hasn’t exactly been the 24/7 laughfest that the mainstream media would have you believe it is.

If you have any information on this mysterious Drobac fellow (MMA record, age, list of known superpowers), feel free to give us a shout in the comments section.

-J. Jones


Goran Reljic is Aquaman

(Does Aquaman get laid? You better believe it.)

Yesterday MMA Fanhouse located a story from a Croatian newspaper that detailed undefeated UFC middleweight Goran Reljic‘s heroic rescue of two men who had accidentally driven their car into the Adriatic Sea (it happens, okay?). Apparently Reljic had been asleep when he heard the crash, then jumped in the ocean, smashed the car window with his fist, and pulled the two men out. Oh yeah, and he did it despite the back injury that caused him to pull out of a bout with Thales Leites at UFC 90. Just to make things more interesting.

This, it seemed, was an uncommonly brave act. Except that it wasn’t so uncommon. At least not for Reljic. According to a story on today, it wasn’t the first time he had saved someone from the death trap that is the Adriatic:

“Actually this is second time that I know Goran saved a life in the water,” [Reljic’s manager, Zoran Saric] recalled. “Two years ago, he jumped into a wild storm near the cliffs in the Adriatic Sea, where a person was swimming and trying to get out the water, but the waves and current were so strong that they were pulling the person back in. I have no idea how Goran managed to pull that person out of the sea, but he did it.”

The section of that quote I’d like to highlight is “this is the second time that I know.” That’s fairly open-ended. For all we know, Reljic does this all the time.

In fact, I did a little research, and on nights when Reljic has a fight, statistics show that drowning deaths in the Adriatic Sea increase by 175%. Okay, that’s not true at all. Like I’m about to do any research. Come on. But the point is, if you’re planning on dicking around anywhere in or around the Adriatic Sea, it’s best to check the UFC schedule to see if Goran Reljic will be free that day, just as a precaution.