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‘UFC Live 5′ Booking Alert: Jim Miller vs. Ben Henderson, Dan Hardy vs. Chris Lytle

Jim Miller Mac Danzig UFC 100 MMA photos
(Jim Miller viciously gnaws on Mac Danzig’s nipple at UFC 100.)

Following his seventh-straight Octagon victory — a third-round TKO over Kamal Shalorus at UFC 128 — Jim Miller will continue his arduous climb up the lightweight ladder at UFC on Versus 5 (August 14th, Milwaukee), where he’ll meet former WEC champ Ben Henderson. Henderson had his Octagon debut last month at UFC 129, scoring a unanimous decision victory over Mark Bocek, which helped wash away some of the shame from being one of MMA’s all-time greatest highlight-reel victims.

Fun fact: No fighter in the UFC has ever won eight fights in a row without earning a title shot. That would be an encouraging statistic for Miller, but the lightweight division is so clogged at the top right now — especially considering the delayed rematch between Edgar and Maynard, and Anthony Pettis being set up for a title shot if he beats Clay Guida in June — that Miller might have to keep winning for another full year before he gets the call.


Strategic Call-Outs Alert: Hardy Wants Lytle; Johnson, Hendricks Would Also Like to Pick Their Next Opponents

(If only he put as much time and energy into choosing a barber. Hi-yo! Pic: Dan Wait, Dan Hardy is an org?)

Well, this is getting pretty goddamned transparent. First everybody and their dog wants a coin-flip fight against Wanderlei Silva, then Ryan Bader responds to the first loss of his career by calling out Tito Ortiz and now – fresh off his own third consecutive defeat in the Octagon — Dan Hardy is suddenly very interested in fighting Chris Lytle. You know, just for the purposes of putting on “an old school shootout with a guy that wants to throw down” and stuff like that. We’re sure it has nothing to do with Hardy desperately needing a win.

“Screw the rankings, records are for DJs,” Hardy tweeted on Sunday, as part of a Twitter barrage expressing his frustration with losing a “boring” fight to Anthony Johnson at UFN 24. Once again the whole “mixed” part of mixed martial arts bit another standup-oriented fighter in the ass as Johnson first toppled Hardy with a head kick, then dominated him with his wrestling skills en route to a unanimous decision. After the trio of losses, Hardy’s job was saved only by the fact Dana White “fucking loves that kid” (his words) and now Hardy just so happens to fancy a matchup with one of the throw-downiest guys who ever threw down, yet doesn’t have a ton of knockout power. Must be coincidence.

Anyhow, after the jump we took the liberty of condensing Hardy’s irritation into one easily-digestible quote. Plus, find out what fights Johnson and Johny Hendricks also envision for themselves …


‘UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis’ Aftermath Part 2: Tactics make a guest appearance.

“What’s wrong? You’re not upset about that whole ‘stand and bang’ thing, are you?”

Odds are good that last night’s fights didn’t play out exactly as you’d envisioned them. Whereas many thought the headliner would be decided by a strict adherence to fundamentals like boxing and wrestling, the allure of the card’s other fights was their potential for wild, unrestrained fisticuffs . Whether we simply expected a couple of slugfests based on previous fights or due to outright lies, last night’s competitors exercised some unexpected caution and took a more thoughtful approach to victory.


‘UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis’ Live Results + Commentary

Leonard Garcia UFC Fight Night 24 weigh-in MMA photos Zombie headDan Hardy Charlie Sheen UFC Fight Night 24 weigh-in MMA photos
(Leonard Garcia [left] paid Tim Burton $3,250 for that custom-made zombie-head. And still, the crowd cheered harder for Dan Hardy’s ironic Charlie Sheen t-shirt. There’s just no accounting for taste. / Photos courtesy of the UFC Fight Night 24 Weigh In Pics gallery on

Just think: If not for a completely unexpected injury, you’d all be watching Tito Ortiz‘s big comeback tonight — or not watching it, depending on your current interest level in Tito Ortiz. Instead, Phil Davis gets a shot at the big time, and Tito’s retirement fight is delayed until July. Anyway, we’ve got a solid lineup of free fights on Spike TV, kicking off at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT with Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung 2, Revenge of the Zombie. We’re excited, and we hope you are as well. Round-by-round results can be found after the jump; refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest. Thanks for coming.


“UFC Fight Night 24- Nogueira vs. Davis” Preview: Blueprints For Success?

The weigh-in official found Davis’s ticklish spot. Pic: MMA Junkie

Heading into tonight’s bouts, it feels strangely like we’ve been here before… we’ve got drama surrounding Anthony Johnson’s weight, fighters promising to eschew their full range of talent in favor of standing and banging, and of course the redo of Garcia and Jung’s epic battle. With all of the variables that unfold in a fight it’s practically impossible to predict how a fight will go down, but that doesn’t mean we won’t irresponsibly try. Here’s a look at some of tonight’s fights and how history may play a role in their outcome.


Dan Hardy vs. Anthony Johnson in the Works For March

("What in the bloody hell? That’s my victory pose, you wanker.")

A welterweight bout between Dan Hardy and Anthony Johnson has been verbally agreed to for March, however it isn’t clear which of the four events that month the fight will happen at. learned of the bout from a source close to one of the fighters Sunday afternoon, but was the first to report the story.

An erroneous report surfaced earlier in the day yesterday that stated that the bout would happen at UFC 129 in Toronto, but according to our source, the Canadian date was not offered, but it could happen on one of the three other planned cards. UFC on Versus 3 is penciled in for March 3 in Louisville, Kentucky, an event is reportedly being planned for an undisclosed location for March 19 and Ultimate Fight Night 24 is slated for March 26 in Seattle.


Robert Downey Jr. Was Kind of Excited About Condit’s Win on Saturday

(Hey guv’nah. Yer boy’s gonnna be drinkin’ his bangers and mash through a straw for a while.)

If you watched UFC 120 on Saturday, you may have noticed a brief shot of Robert Downey Jr. sitting alongside his Sherlock Holmes 2 director Guy Ritchie and co-star Jude Law.

For those of you who don’t know, RDJ is an avid martial artist who attributes his 180-degree life turnaround from drug addict to box office juggernaut to his study of the Chinese art of Win Chun, which he began training in a few years ago, so it’s no surprise that he’s a UFC fan.

What is surprising is that he’s apparently a huge Carlos Condit fan…either that or he was rubbing it in his British mates faces that their homeboy, Dan Hardy got KTFO. I’m thinking a few pounds might have been on the line.

MMACagedoor pictorially broke down a frame-by-frame series of events that took place outside the Octagon as Condit connected with Hardy’s jaw.

Check out the freeze-frame grabs and a video clip of Downey’s exuberant celebration after the jump.


UFC 120 Post-Fight Interviews: Michael Bisping, Dan Hardy, Dana White

Some more on-the-scene videos from our good friends at First up, Michael Bisping promises that Yoshihiro "Ironhead" Akiyama would have eventually gone down if it were a five-round fight, but says there’s no shame in not being able to put him away. He calls Mark Kinney the best boxing coach he’s ever worked with, and feels that he’s finally putting Mark’s lessons into practice. As for his future, the Count still has his eyes on the prize. "I’ve been around for a long time now, I’m not getting any younger," Bisping says. "Now it’s time to do it, it’s time to put in a run for a title and hopefully get the gold."

After the jump, Dan Hardy reflects on his knockout loss against Carlos Condit, and our BFF Dana White discusses educating new markets on MMA, the question of "morality" that jackass politicians bring up around the world, and the new "GSP is bigger than Gretzky" talking point he’s been testing out recently. For lots more UFC 120 interviews, check out


UFC 120 Aftermath: Bisping Outlasts Akiyama; Condit Proves Far Less ‘Foolish’ than Hardy Anticipated

(“Free porridge for everyone!” PicProps: UFC)

We hope Dana White didn’t have to make any profane and vaguely threatening phone calls on Saturday night after several of his athletes ignored his well articulated desire for them not to let their fights go to the judges at UFC 120. Michael Bisping was among the offenders, claiming a clear-cut (and fairly compelling) unanimous decision over Yoshihiro Akiyama. Mike Pyle’s grinding upset win over John Hathaway also went the distance, as did wins for undercarders Claude Patrick and Spencer Fisher. Oh, and Cheick Kongo and Travis Browne fought to a frickin’ draw (which Big DW actually joked about on yesterday’s video blog) after Kongo got a little grabby with Browne’s shorts.

Only Carlos Condit and Alexander Gustafsson were good for televised stoppages and Zuffa even fudged that by adding Gustafsson’s choke out of Cyrille Diabate by the magic of tape delay. On the whole – and despite its overly judgy nature – UFC 120 was the kind of card that proved a bit better in practice than on paper. Still, we’re sure glad we didn’t have to pay for it.


UFC 120 (Somewhat) Liveblog: Isn’t ‘Cocky Brit’ Redundant?

(Confidence is believing in yourself, cockiness is believing everyone else sucks)

Fair disclosure: if you’ve forgotten that the replay for UFC 120 is on tonight starting at 8:00 pm ET and you make a few wagers at the bar tonight and lose, don’t say we didn’t try to help you out.

For everyone else who is on the up-and-up and managed to avoid all of the spoilers today, we’re going to be liveblogging the replay after the jump.

Get your beverages and snacks ready and let’s get down to business.