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All Fighters on Weight for UFC 120; Cantwell Out With Knee Injury

Michael Bisping Yoshihiro Akiyama UFC 120 weigh-ins face off photos
Dan Hardy Carlos Condit UFC 120 weigh-in photos face off MMA
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In case you missed it, all fighters made weight for tomorrow’s UFC 120 event; the numbers are after the jump. Remember to come back to tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET for our tape-delayed "live"-blog of the Spike TV broadcast.

One notable absence from today’s weigh-ins was light-heavyweight Steve Cantwell, who ripped a knee ligament in training yesterday and was forced to withdraw from his fight. The general consensus on this week’s installment of The Bum Rush Radio Show was that Cantwell — on a two-fight losing skid and slated to face scary Bulgarian Stanislav Nedkov — was in serious danger of getting fired after Saturday. So maybe this is for the best…


Reminder: UFC 120 Weigh-ins Live Right Here at 11:00 AM ET, Old Chaps

We just remembered that the weigh-ins for UFC 120 start in a couple minutes, so please excuse the lack of humorous anecdotes on this post.

Check out Akiyama, Bisping, Hardy, Condit and a bunch of other dudes hugging and mean-mugging in their underwear  after the jump.


MMA FightPicker Update: Your UFC 120 Picks, Give Them to Us


We know that times are tough. So when you have a chance to bet fake money on an event that’s being broadcast for free on basic cable, you have to jump on it. This week, MMA Fightpicker presents questions related to Saturday’s UFC 120 event in London (Spike TV, 8 p.m. ET/PT). Will Bisping vs. Akiyama go the distance? Will the main card’s heavyweight feature end with a dude getting his ass KTFO? Out of the seven British fighters in the lineup, how many will actually win? Check out the full list of pool questions after the jump, and throw down your predictions at or


Dan Hardy Clarifies Statements On Wrestling, Admits (Gasp!) Strikers Can be Boring Too

(VidProps: UK Telegraph)

The UK Telegraph posted part two of its video interview with Dan Hardy this week, leading up to Hardy’s clash with Carlos Condit on Saturday night at UFC 120. Though the video is titled “My secret weapon after losing to Georges St. Pierre,” Hardy doesn’t mention anything about GSP or his secret weapon here. Hopefully, that’s coming in part three. What Hardy does do in the above video is a bit of clarification about what he meant to say while he was ripping into wrestlers in a recent column he penned for his hometown newspaper. Once again – as we’ve already discussed –  Hardy seems far more sensible when you hear the words come out of his mouth than when your read them on paper.

The five-time UFC vet explains that even though he actually wrote the words, “the problem is there’s beginning to be too much wrestling in UFC Octagon,” he didn’t mean it as an insult to wrestlers, per se. Like, what would give you that idea?


Exclusive: Carlos Condit Discusses Dan Hardy’s Trash Talk, Training With Greg Jackson Interviews Carlos Condit – Watch more Funny Videos

Five days before his UFC 120 showdown with Dan Hardy, welterweight contender Carlos Condit swung through New York yesterday for a media tour, which ended with an evening workout session at The Wat. After Kru Phil Nurse put him through a few grueling rounds of pad work, Carlos was kind enough to give us a brief interview, in which he discussed his matchup with the Outlaw this weekend, his dramatic win over Rory MacDonald at UFC 115, and why he’s become a loyal follower of Greg Jackson. Some highlights…


What’s in Dan Hardy’s Bag?

(Video courtesy Amoeba Records)

Dan Hardy always comes off as a dude I’d like to hang out with, and not just because we’re both 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu guys and have a penchant for mohawks and punk music.

As Ben pointed out earlier, he can pretty much make anything sound cool by saying it with a slick Nottingham accent that makes him sound like a cross between James Bond and Johnny Rotten.

Hardy stopped by Amoeba Music in L.A. recently and revealed what he had purchased for a segment of their "What’s in my bag?" series and some of his buys were a bit surprising.


Conclusive Proof that Everyone (Even Dan Hardy) Sounds Smarter with an English Accent

(VidProps: UK Telegraph)

Just a tip, P-Nation: Next time you need to make an important first impression – whether on a first date or a job interview or that guest spot on The Bum Rush you’ve been hoping for — give some serious consideration to affecting an English accent. Essentially, sounding like you’re from across the pond is guaranteed to add a few points to your IQ and hey, it’s working for Dan Hardy. I know this sounds shallow, but something about listening to Hardy break down his upcoming UFC 120 opponent Carlos Condit in his lilting, Nottingham-art-school accent makes me think: “I’d definitely hire this guy.”

Now, we already know this is an illusion. We know that Hardy’s thin veil of smarts falls away in short order when he has to commit his thoughts to pen and paper. In fact, if I had to throw out a blind guess (and you know I will) I’d say Condit would probably best Hardy in most any battle of wits. Unfortunately, the battle of sounding cool when you say shit is already a totally one-sided slaughter in favor of the Englishman.


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Dan Hardy: ‘Condit is Foolish for Calling Me Out’

(Video courtesy caught up with Dan Hardy recently to talk about his upcoming October 16 showdown with former WEC welterweight champ Carlos Condit and to get his thoughts on his Team Jackson-trained opponent.

"I think he’s a gamer; I think he’s tough. I enjoyed watching his fights in the WEC. Obviously, I’ve been keeping an eye on him since he came to the UFC. Just watching his fights, paying attention, making sure I’m aware of who’s in the division. He’s had a couple of tough fights but you know, he’s shown a lot of heart. I think he’s a good opponent. He comes to finish and that’s what I want. He’s not gonna be the kind of guy that’s gonna try and grind out a decision; he wants to either get a submission or a stoppage. Perfect  opponent for me because we can have a tear-up and entertain the fans."


MMA’s Weird-Stomach-Tattoo Hall of Fame Picks Up a New Member [GALLERY]

Travis Reddinger Bellator tattoo stomach mma
(Photo courtesy of

Bellator announced yesterday that they have signed 14-2 prospect Travis "The Hurricane" Reddinger for their upcoming bantamweight tournament. You can’t miss him — he’s the guy with the enormous "BELLATOR" tattoo on his stomach. So did Reddinger get the piece done in a fit of excitement after he learned of his signing? Nope. It turns out it was just a strange coincidence. As Travis explained, he got the tat four-and-a-half years ago, long before Bellator Fighting Championships even existed: 

"For me it just symbolizes perseverance and the never-say-die mentality that I strive for. I know that Bellator stands for the warrior mentality as well, so it’s a great honor for me to be a part of the organization.”

Makes sense to us, though it’s still going to to look strange when he gets picked up by the WEC. Reddinger’s Bellator-ink earns him a spot in MMA’s Weird-Stomach-Tattoo Hall of Fame. You can check out the other members after the jump…