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Dan Severn Is Back At It Again This Weekend


Dan Severn
, the fifty-one year-old MMA pioneer and owner of one of the two sweetest mustaches in the sport’s history, is back in action at this Saturday’s Gladiator Challenge in Konocti, California.  It will be Severn’s fourth bout this year and the 113th of his fifteen-year career.  That, my friends, is what we call ‘prolific.’ 

Sure, it’s impressive that Randy Couture is still competing at the highest level of the sport at 46 years-old.  But it’s impressive in a completely different way that “The Beast” is still getting in there against whoever you got.  Want him to fight some dude with zero pro fights to his credit?  No problem.  Need him to be at some show known only as “Independent Event” in Alabama?  Just tell him what time he needs to be at Hooter’s for weigh-ins.  Severn will fight a clown at your kid’s birthday party if the money is right, and dammit, we can appreciate that.