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Finally, Things Are Getting Back to Normal Around Here

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(Sometimes in life, all you want is somebody you can hate.)

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, hasn’t it Potato Nation?  But now that Fedor Emelianenko has signed with Strikeforce, UFC president Dana White can stop courting him and resume bashing him in the same familiar terms.  And you already know exactly how this tune goes:

"I’m in Abu Dhabi right now and my reaction is Fedor is a [expletive] joke.  [He] turns down a huge deal and the opportunity to face the best in the world to fight nobodies, for no money. Fedor is [expletive]."

Comforting in a strange, unhealthy way, isn’t it?  Like reuniting with an ex-girlfriend who you never really liked all that much to begin with.  Sure she’s got problems, but at least you already know what they are.  And when she starts a fight over nothing on the ride home from dinner, it almost feels like home.


Yep, That About Sums It Up

(Props: Juijitsuboxer on the UG)

You know public opinion has turned against you when, after a quarrel with someone, they’re the Nate Quarry to your Kalib Starnes.  In the great Romoshop of life, that’s about as low as you can get.  Rarely in this sport has anyone, without the benefit of a positive drug test or particularly heinous crime, gone from hero to zero in the eys of the fans as fast as Fedor Emelianenko has.  But that’s M-1 Global for you.  Breaking new ground even while doing absolutely nothing. 


Still Wondering Why Fedor Won’t Sign with the UFC?

Last week we posted a video interview with Fedor Emelianenko where he said he didn’t see himself signing with the UFC as long as the contract, and the way in which that contract is offered, remains unacceptable to him.  Now here’s Dana White on Steve Cofield’s radio show to remind us exactly what Fedor was talking about. 

According to DW, Fedor isn’t any good, hasn’t beaten anyone worth a damn in years, and is a fraud because he refuses to sign with the UFC.  There, that should solve that perceived lack of respect issue, though it kind of makes you wonder why Dana would have ever offered a guy like that a bunch of money to come fight for him.