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[VIDEO] Dana White Bashes Soccer, Retired MLS Defender Jimmy Conrad Issues Open Challenge in Response

(A rose for every bridge you have burned, Mr. White.) 

It looks like soccer players and fans alike have joined the growing legion of people that loathe, or at least don’t take kindly to Dana White’s opinion. For those keeping track, the list includes women, homosexuals, Fedor Emelianenko fanshardcore PRIDE and WEC fans, SpikeTV, the Internet, and the state of Oklahoma, among others. It’s like they say: to make an omelet, you have to break enough eggs to make that same omelet five times over.

Before we get to the challenge issued by former MLS Defender of the Year Jimmy Conrad, let’s do a little backtracking. It all started when White, in his infinite wisdom, stated at the Calgary press conference that the sport of soccer was basically a talentless bunch of nonsense that anyone with basic motor skills could perform. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then declared that he had beaten David Beckham in a game of horse soccer and that Pele was a fraud before farting into the microphone and storming off. Surely this wouldn’t piss off any fans of the biggest sport on the mother effing planet, right?


After hearing these comments, Conrad emerged with the fire of a thousand suns in his eyes and challenged DW to put his foot somewhere else than his mouth for once. The following ultimatum was made while Conrad masked a rage that would turn a lump of coal into a blood diamond between his buttcheeks:

Why would a tough guy like you feel so threatened by soccer that you needed to go off on it unprovoked? Is it maybe because you know the one thing any three-year-old can do is fight? Hell, mine spent a whole year fighting me. But that shouldn’t threaten you. I’m pretty you could hype a fight between two three-year-olds and make it the biggest thing since the “Thrilla in Manilla.” But you wouldn’t do that, would you? Because you know that three-year-olds don’t understand the techniques, or tactics, or subtleties of your sport. Well, same goes for ours…. Here’s what I’m going to do. Because I like you, I’m going to give you the opportunity to join me and a few friends for a game of soccer. Since you believe playing soccer requires no talent, I’m sure you’ll be the star. Unless you’re scared.

Check out a video of the challenge after the jump.


Video: Dana White Talks UFC 104, “Rampage” Jackson, Fedor + More on Jim Rome


Yesterday we told you about Dana White’s attempt to liken Fedor Emelianenko’s management to local shakedown operation, and while that was all good fun, there was definitely more to his appearance on ESPN’s "Jim Rome Is Burning."  Say what you will about Jim Rome’s douchey used-car-salesman-meets-strip-club-owner persona, he’s more knowledgeable about MMA than most mainstream sports commentators, and he takes the sport seriously rather than treating it as a fad that will be gone as soon as the kids today discover this new roller derby craze. 

Again, though, DW can’t help but insist that a fight between bros-for-life Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida is a very real possibility at light heavyweight.  No matter how many times they say they won’t do it, Dana can’t let it go.  You know what?  I think those two should break down and do the fight.  On one condition: Dana White must fight Herschel Walker.  And yeah, I know Walker has a Strikeforce contract, but that hasn’t stopped Alistair Overeem from doing whatever the hell he wants.


Video: A Little Taste of Dana White on ESPN “E:60″

Here’s a preview of the segment ESPN’s "E:60" program put together on UFC president Dana White.  DW told Steve Cofield he expected it to be a hatchet job that portrays him as "a foul-mouthed lunatic," and judging from this clip he decided to battle that perception by swearing and talking about what an idiot Tito Ortiz is.  ESPN’s Tom Farrey tells MMA Fanhouse that it’s not intended as a Dana White takedown, even calling the UFC prez "fascinating."  Of course, they also interviewed Ortiz, Pat Miletich, and Loretta Hunt for this story, so it’s not going to be all positive.  As long as he gets out of there without calling the interviewer a pussy or questioning his sexual orientation, I’d say this has to be considered a success.  The show is scheduled to air on Tuesday, May 12.