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Videos: UFC 97 Weigh-Ins, Friday Danavlog

CageWriter brings us this video of UFC 97‘s headliners weighing in yesterday in Montreal. Anderson Silva established his dominance during the face-off, coming so close to Thales Leites that the challenger had to take a step backwards (3:45 mark); he’s lucky the Spider didn’t give him two for flinching. Don’t forget to come back to tonight as we liveblog the action beginning at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT.

Below: Yesterday’s edition of Dana White’s video blog, in which DW finally loses his UFC Undisputed championship title to Georges St. Pierre ("I think there was Vaseline on the controller"), hangs some more with his Army vet buddy, and gives his fighters the traditional F-bomb-laced pep talk.


Videos: This Is Not a Video Blog; The Gays Are Still Upset

We’ve already told you that Dana White will be giving the video blogs a rest after that faggot-thing blew up in his face (no homo), and now there’s this new video that basically confirms it…OR DOES IT?!? Give it a look, and get ready for the most stunning shock ending since The Happening. (Are you fucking serious? The trees did it?) Basically, Dana White is the new Lenny Bruce now, or something. It is he who is persecuted. Props for the Bob Dylan-reference, I guess.

Below: Street-gays respond to Dana White’s recent hate-speech. We had no idea Greg Jackson was gay, but there he is, on the left, at the 1:14 mark. Audio very NSFW. +1 for the cameo by the HotForWords chick @ 0:39.

(Props: RicoRado)