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Affliction Has Even More Competition This Saturday

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It’s bad enough that Affliction’s "Day of Reckoning" show has to compete with the Antonio Margarito/Shane Mosley boxing match that’s happening a half-hour away. Also vying for your entertainment dollar this Saturday night — live at the Ice Works Skating Complex in Aston, PA, and available on pay-per-view for $12.99 — is a Celebrity Boxing Federation match between former child star/radio personality Danny Bonaduce and former baseball star/’roid snitch Jose Canseco. While Canseco is 0-1 in CBF matches, having gotten his ass kicked by Vai Sikahema last July, Bonaduce has whipped a string of D-list stars in boxing events, including Donny Osmond, Barry Williams, and Bob Levy. Regarding the matchup, Bonaduce had this to say:

"I have beaten drugs, I have beaten alcohol, and I believe I have beaten being a man of bad character. I’m 5’6," 165 lbs. He is 6’6," 265 lbs. It’s the only thing left for me. I will beat the giant."

According to this profile of the Celebrity Boxing operation, CBF put on an event in November headlined by Phil "Bam’s Dad" Margera and John Wayne "Dude Who Got His Dick Cut Off" Bobbitt. What can you say — they know what the people want. Sorry, Fedor, but I have a feeling you’ll be beating Andrei Arlovski’s ass in an empty arena. A laughably low-budget promo video for Bonaduce vs. Conseco is after the jump; props to CP reader Danny-Eyal for the tip. 


“Mayhem” Slaps Danny Bona-douche

(Yeah, I’d slap this dude, too.)

So there’s a completely unconfirmed rumor floating around painting a mental picture that makes me smile. A few forums are saying that yesterday, Jason “Mayhem” Miller darted out of Legends in Hollywood to chase down former child star Danny Bonaduce — who happened to be walking by. The red-headed douche apparently lives nearby, in case you’re curious.

Anyway, the eyewitness claims that “Mayhem” confronted Danny about stealing a bit from the fighter’s radio show which Bona-douche then used on his own show. For the finale, Miller simply slapped Bonduce in the face and walked calmly back into Legends. Just normal afternoon conversation between two super classy guys.

While this may be total crap, it certainly would be awesome if it were true. The fact that “Mayhem” slapped him instead of punched him just adds the cherry on top, so even if proven false, I’m still telling myself this is a true story. We’re not sure exactly how the real thing went down, but luckily we have a reenactment of the event.


Dana White Stops by the Adam Carolla Show


Adam Carolla, who we’ve idolized since his Loveline days, had Dana White as a guest on his radio show this morning to plug UFC 78 (you can listen to the audio here). We were particularly surprised by the following:

— Dana White and the Fertitta brothers bought the UFC for $2 million in 2001 and then proceeded to lose $44 million over the next three years.

— Though he didn’t say anything during the segment, Danny Bonaduce is apparently Adam’s sidekick on the show. Good for you, Danny!