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Bisping Believes He’ll Knock Sonnen Out Saturday Night… No, There’s No Punch Line [VIDEO]

(Video courtesy of YouTube/FightHubTV)

Our friend Marcos Villegas over at FightHubTV caught up with Michael Bisping ahead of his UFC on Fox 1 middleweight contender match-up this weekend and the brash Brit is not surprisingly confident of his chances Saturday night against Chael Sonnen, who he has been preparing to fight his whole life apparently.

“Well, you know…um… it’s a difficult match-up. There’s no two ways about it. Chael Sonnen is widely regarded as the number one contender and he’s closing in on a match with Anderson Silva. I was training for Demian Maia, who himself is a very, very dangerous opponent. He actually holds a very good win over Chael Sonnen. Demian Maia submitted Chael Sonnen. I’ve been training hard — as hard as humanly possible, to be honest, for my fight with Demian Maia. A fight with Chael Sonnen, there’s a lot of people out there who don’t want to take that fight,” he explained. “I didn’t think about it for a second. I jumped at the opportunity. I’m a fighter. This is what I do and I want to have the title. A lot of people said, ‘Oh, you’ve only got a week to prepare.’ I disagree. I’ve been preparing for this my whole life. I’ve been training in martial arts since I was about nine years old; I’ve been training hard for this fight. It doesn’t mean anything. At the end of the day, I don’t care about the style, we’re gonna get in there and fight and it’s gonna be who’s the better fighter. I believe I’m the better fighter, but we’ll see what happens…I believe this is my destiny to be world champion and Chael Sonnen’s in my way.”


At 39 Jeff Monson Has Had Enough of Fighting for Numerous Organizations and as a Heavyweight

("I can’t touch my head, see.")

Jeff Monson is getting too old for this shit and is ready to settle down.

"The Snowman," who turns 40 in January, tells the Miami Herald that at just 5′ 9" his chances of being a heavyweight champion weren’t great, so the Olympia, Washington native made the decision to drop down to light heavyweight for the remainder of his career.

Following his final heavyweight fight last weekend — a win over Travis Fulton Saturday night at Fight Time Promotion’s event in Pompano Beach, Florida — Monson (38-11), who walks around at just over 230 pounds, will now drop down to fight at 205 where he says he will have a distinct size and strength advantage over his opponents.

"Losing the weight is difficult, but I used to lose a lot of weight when I wrestled in college,” he said. "Instead of me being the small guy at heavyweight, fighting the 265 guys, maybe I won’t be taller, but I’ll be one of the biggest 205-pounders out there. When I climb into the cage I’ll be 230 again with all my power behind me. This will be a new bonus for me.”

4-0 in his last four outings, Monson’s first fight in his new weight class will come tonight when he takes on 3-4 Sergey Shemetov at Israel FC: Genesis in Tel Aviv. A win over a sub .500 fighter like Shemetov likely won’t earn him an invite from Strikeforce or the UFC, but it will prove if the weight cut will affect Monson’s conditioning, which has been questionable in some of his recent fights.


Manny Gamburyan Might Be a Bit Delusional

(Don’t you know who my cousin is, bro?)

Now, I know fighters sometimes say ludicrous things in the heat of the moment when hyping upcoming fights, like Mir saying he wanted Brock to suffer the first Octagon-related death and Mike Tyson saying he wanted to eat Lennox Lewis’ children, but for some reason none of those remarks seem as asinine to me as something Manny Gamburyan said during an interview with MMAWeekly radio yesterday.

When asked about his upcoming WEC 51 fight Thursday night with featherweight champion Jose Aldo, who has drawn comparisons to Anderson Silva for his dangerous and flashy muay thai skills, Gamburyan had the following to say:

“If they’re comparing him to Anderson Silva, they should compare me with Fedor," Gamburyan said without cracking up. "If he’s Anderson Silva, most definitely, I’m Fedor.”

Sure you’re Fedor, Manny — if Fedor wasn’t as good as he is, if he dropped a decision to Thiago Tavares and if he got KTFO by Rob Emerson.


Tito’s Got a Big Head

(Video courtesy YouTube/SenseiSPORTV)

Tito Ortiz recently appeared on Brazilian television show Sensei SPORTV and proclaimed himself the "Muhammad Ali of mixed martial arts." If by that he means he’s past his prime and is suffering from the effects of too many shots to the head, then we agree wholeheartedly.