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Demian Maia Talks Marquardt, Silva, and Giving Fans the Submission Finishes They Paid to See

Demian Maia UFC
(Yep, that’s about where most of those guys who said they were going to keep it standing usually end up.)

When I spoke to Demian Maia for an feature on his fight with Nate Marquardt at UFC 102 this weekend, he seemed resigned to the knowledge that everyone, including his opponent, knows exactly what he wants to do when he steps in the Octagon.  He also doesn’t really care, why should he?  It’s worked perfectly so far, and if he can extend his record to a perfect 11-0 in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night, he just might earn himself a title shot.  At least, he thinks so.

We haven’t seen you in the Octagon since your victory over Chael Sonnen back in February.  How has your training progressed since then and how has the preparation for this bout gone?

Training was perfect.  Can’t be better.  I’m working with the same guys I always work with.  Wanderlei Silva, my boxing coach, my wrestling coach, and all the guys who support me and help me for every fight.

Do you think Nate Marquardt will try to avoid going to the ground with you at all costs, or do you think he believes in his ground game enough to match up with you there?