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Knockout of the Day: Dude Gets Head-Kicked Into Outer Space at Jordanian MMA Event

(Props: TheCombatSystem)

When MiddleEasy posted the above video¬†earlier this week, they described the knockout victim as “kicked so hard that he actually levitates before his body crashes to the mat.” I would disagree with that description. “Levitation” suggests that the guy slowly floated upward before hanging out for a while in mid-air. That’s not exactly what happens here. It’s more like he immediately goes horizontal while flying backwards, like when you knock down a bad guy in Final Fight.

This happened on January 27th at the “Desert Force Finale” event put on by Desert Force Championship in Amman, Jordan. The guy you hear in the video is Dan “The Wolfman” Theodore, and yes, it is weird just to hear one guy doing play-by-play for an MMA fight will all other sounds stripped out. Kind of lonely, I guess.

Fun fact: This is not the first time we’ve featured a brutal head-kick knockout from a Desert Force Championship event. Click here to see a three-second dinger from all the way back in December 2010. Trust us, it’s worth your time.


Video of the Day: Three-Second Head Kick K.O. at Jordanian MMA Event

EMBED-3 seconds head kick knockout – Watch more free videos

Usually we only see knockouts this fast when one of the competitors fakes the glove tap or rushes in like an animal/moron. During a bout at last week’s Desert Force Championship 1 — the first MMA event held in Amman, Jordan — the fighters come out normally, touch gloves, and then the knockout victim just kind of hangs out in concussion-range with his hands down. The sound of the impact is just ridiculous. Great show of respect from the winning fighter, who comes back to…kiss the loser’s ankle? Hmm. Well, it’s a different culture and we must not judge.