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Photo of the Year Candidate: Mike Tyson Writes ‘Dick’ on Dana White’s Forehead

(Props: danawhiteufc on Instagram)

There are only two men in the world who could get away with this: Mike Tyson, and Lorenzo “The Hulk” Fertitta.


Josh Koscheck Asshole Quote of the Day: “I Hope AKA Burns to the Ground”

Josh Koscheck Georges St. Pierre UFC 124
(When Mendez refused to kiss Koscheck’s boo-boo and make it all better, a rivalry had officially been started.) 

There are few things that are simply a given in the MMA world, and they are:

1. The ref cam is fucking awesome.

2. People will always hate Jon Jones, regardless of how great a fighter he is.

3. Bruce Buffer is fucking awesome.

4. Octagon > Ring (THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE.)

5. Pat Barry and everyone he knows or comes into contact with is fucking awesome.

6. Knees to the head of a downed opponent and soccer kicks should be allowed.

7. Michael Bisping and Josh Koscheck are *not* awesome.

With that in mind, take a look at this video, in which Kos has a casual conversation with friend and former training partner Jon Fitch, and discusses the beef with former camp American Kickboxing Academy (specifically, coach Javier Mendez) that he apparently just can’t let go of. In the video, he admits that he hopes AKA “burns to the ground” with “maybe one person” in it. Hint: Mendez is the person he’s hoping for. To be fair, Koscheck also openly admits to being a D-I-C-K dick, so at least he’s willing to man up about that whole issue.

See Javier’s response, courtesy of MMAFighting, after the jump.


Forrest Griffin is Kind of a Dick to Reporters

(Video courtesy YouTube/MMAInterviews)

Forrest Griffin interviews make me feel good. Not because Forrest is a funny dude, but rather because they make me realize that not only was he a dick to me when I interviewed him for the first time last summer; he’s a dick to every reporter that interviews him.

Don’t believe me? 

Check out the recent clip above of Forrest telling an interviewer that his hair is terrible and calling him racist for assuming Griffin was referring to Alistair Overeem when he referenced Cro Cop giving up during a fight in which he got kneed in the groin repeatedly. The reporter was right. Overeem did foul Mirko during a DREAM bout, but Forrest assumed he thought our boy Cheick Kongo looked like "The Demolition Man" and he called him on it.

When I interviewed him after he spent four hours signing autographs at the Toronto MMA Expo, I assumed he was simply being ornery because of the long day he had.

Just before we began the interview, which I waited to conduct after a one-hour delay in which Griffin signed a few extra autographs, he tossed aside the Cage Potato t-shirt I gave him to a girl working the booth, told me he had no idea what CP was and then proceeded to "X" out the devil horns symbol on my shirt, informing me that I now had his autograph. Needless to say, I wasn’t overly keen on doing the interview after the way things got started. 

That seems to be Forrest’s MO: insult the reporter at the beginning of the Q&A session and make him feel uncomfortable for the whole interview. The end result is usually an awkward and strange exchange that ends with Griffin smirking and the reporter red-faced and wishing they hadn’t wasted their time talking to him.