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Gross Video of The Night: Joe Rogan Supportively Shouts at Chicks Swallowing Donkey Semen

(Props: BitchCombo via MRuss)

When our favorite UFC commentator (and stand-up comedian/actor/television show host) Joe Rogan came back with a re-launch of his long-running NBC extreme game show Fear Factor, critics wondered what the point was. We should have known better than to doubt Joe and the Factor producers because they had a sure-fire ratings ace up their sleeves — pairs of pretty twin girls in bikinis gulping down gallons and gallons of donkey jizz and piss.

Unfortunately the suits at NBC decided not to air the episode in America and shortly after, Fear Factor was cancelled. Coincidence? We think not. The pornographic segment* has finally seen the light of day, on Danish Television. We’ll go ahead and assume that Martin Kampmann may have already watched and enjoyed the clip.


Disgusting Video of the Day: Wrestler Breaks Leg in THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE

(This will teach that animal shelter to let Rousimar Palhares adopt one of their strays.) 

Remember the video of that horrifying leg injury we posted earlier this month? Meet the complete opposite of that. In fact, this injury maiming is easily more traumatizing, because the poor bastard, who we will now refer to as…Timmy, had his leg bent in the opposite direction of that other chap.

Ninety degrees in the opposite direction. 

You see, Timmy partook in a wrestling tournament a few days ago, and mere seconds into the match, his opponent shot in for a double leg, utterly destroying Tim’s leg in the process. We were told that Timmy’s cries of pain, like the mighty conch that signals the KVWN-TV Channel 4 Evening News team, resonated all the way Williamsburg, Virginia, where Lawrence Taylor, as if under some form of mind control, immediately stood up and applauded in the dirty, empty alleyway he had fallen asleep in.

Check out the video after the jump. Just have your therapist on hold while you do so. 


Disgusting Vid of the Day: Watch Our Favorite MMA Murse Phillippe Nover Drain the ‘Little Titty’ On His Elbow

(“Is it wrong that I held the specimen cup up to Brock’s chest when he came in to give his sample?”)

We can always count on our bros over at FightLinker to steer us in the direction of disgusting videos and today is no exception.

The FL crew tipped us off to this vid of our favorite fainting MMA male nurse, Philippe Nover, doing a little outpatient procedure on himself to drain some liquid out of a swollen elbow he sustained in his Bellator 59 split decision loss to Marcin Held a few weeks ago.
If you faint easily like Philipe, you might want to skip this one.