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Rumor: Junior Dos Santos’ Pre-UFC 155 Personal Problems Involved Split With Wife

When Junior Dos Santos attempted to write off his lopsided defeat to Cain Velasquez at UFC 155 as the result of “personal” issues, most of us just assumed that he was having a difficult time facing the fact that he was bested by a man he had previously destroyed. “Excuses are like assholes,” commented at least one of you. “JDS was way to overconfident and paid for it,” said a few others.

However, if the rumors currently circulating the MMA blogosphere have any truth to them, it was actually Armfarmer who provided the most astute observation of JDS when he declared that “Maybe he finally realized that he’s married to a 2 when he could be pulling 10′s left and right. That realization would sure cause me some distracting personal problems..” A bit harsh? Surely, but according to Tatame’s Guilherme Cruz, Dos Santos was in fact in the process of separating from his wife of ten years in the lead-up to UFC 155:

If you were wondering what JDS meant when said he has personal issues prior to Cain’s rematch, he ended his 10-year marriage w/ Vilsana. 


Randy Couture Totally Serves Kim Couture (With Divorce Papers)

Randy Couture and Kim Couture
(We were middle-aged and so in love once.)

Former UFC champ Randy Couture really is now headed down the path toward divorce number three, according to a Raw Vegas report that claims Couture has served his wife with the official papers to end their union.  We heard rumors that the couple’s marital strife was responsible for Kim “Sugar Free” Couture pulling out of her bout with Miesha Tate.  Guess Randy is single again.  Somebody go tell this girl.  She’s at the tanning salon.


Kim Couture’s Misfortune May Be Sarah Kaufman’s Gain

Sarah Kaufman
(Guess who isn’t in this sport to just screw around?)

Strikeforce may have found their replacement for Kim “Future Ex Mrs.” Couture, and it’s an undefeated fighter who made her willingness to scrap known on the UG.  8-0 Sarah Kaufman said in a forum post that she’d step in to face Miesha Tate while Couture sorted out her personal issues, and Strikeforce may be taking her up on the offer.  They acquired her contract in the Pro Elite sale, and though the fight’s right around the corner on May 15 Kaufman has a real opportunity to turn the Couture family’s rumored marital strife into a big payoff for herself so why not?  Unlike Kim Couture, she may not have a recognizable name, but she does have more than two fights, so automatically this becomes more of a serious fight with her in it.  Those of you wondering what she can do should take a look after the jump.


Kim Couture Pulls Out of Strikeforce Bout Against Miesha Tate; Marital Problems to Blame?

Kim Couture Miesha Tate Strikeforce MMA
(Well, at least now they’ll have to make a new poster where Miesha’s name is spelled correctly. Image courtesy of

Friends and fans of Miesha Tate were in for a shock yesterday when this bulletin notice was sent out from Tate’s Myspace page:

Date: Apr 28, 2009 7:32 PM
Subject: Kim pulls out…..
Body: So Kim "SugarFree" Couture is pulling out of the fight supposedly cuz her and Randy are getting a divorce………..I’m so pissed right now……Sugar Free my ass!!

Though Tate’s camp confirmed to PRO MMA that her May 15th Strikeforce Challengers bout against Couture had been scrapped, Miesha later took to Sherdog to back off her claim that Randy was headed for his third epic marriage fail: